So bitcoin just keeps rising, never gets dumped, cuck boys are trying to shill eth which will get dumped soon...

So bitcoin just keeps rising, never gets dumped, cuck boys are trying to shill eth which will get dumped soon, and I can't even bother finding a btc pic

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>never gets dumped

Many tears have been drank thanks to bitcoin.

Eth shills and people too dumb to own bitcoins are posting their usual bitter gibberish

People who have been holding their coins for yrs are happier than ever

Buy ethereum

>tfw you will never be buying a thousand bitcoins in january 2010.
dammit, is it too late?
is $1000 reachable still?

Can't wait until the TRUMP rally and the non-trumpholder tears.

It's interesting how this board was swamped with eth threads and posts but as soon as it launched they all dissapeared,they were paid shills for an elaborate pump and dump.

Im still here you fucktard

>is $1000 reachable still?
Wayyyy past that is still reachable, but it requires the block size issue being solved. (Either functioning lightning network(s) or a size increase).

Watch those developments closely.

That we are having this increase *despite* those issues not being resolved, is a very positive sign.

the chinese are the ones jacking the price up

in the past they have proven themselves capable of going complete FOMO retard mode. i wouldnt be suprised if the price hits 10,000 to be honest, but expect it to come crashing down when they panic

This is already solved with segwit, sidechains on the way too.

1,000 is absolutely shit nothing in the long term.

BTC will crash near the halving. It'll be $200 at the end of the year.


good time to buy more.

Here's a relevant image

Perfect. Then, within a couple months, it should stabilize at around ~$400 just as planned.

not a bad idea to sell before the crash and rebuy more.
dunno about where it can go. if the blockchain fills my harddive i cash out and delete the fucking thing.

So how do you sell BTC when you have it?

I seem to recall people waiting forever with Mt Gox to sell and most sell orders never went through.

Bitcucks excited with their one time 20% gain, while Eth gets these every other week

I use Coinbase, but if you have enough BTC and are a patient person you could try LocalBitcoins which would actually net you a profit margin on top of the market price.

Of course, there are a bunch of hoops to jump through to becoming a (hobbyist) LBC seller, but it's the best way to maximize your return if you're willing to hustle a little and have a bunch of BTC to sell.

try again

I'm sitting here begging for btc to take a break and level out for a while, but i'm not so sure it'll happen.

Entered some margin long positions for ltc/btc and fct/btc yesterday. Both will skyrocket the second btc levels out/dips, problem is worst case scenario it might be weeks before that happens.

pray for me Veeky Forums

I can see LTC pumping since it has the network effect of "the original alt", but fct?

I would even rather gamble on ETH going up

But overall just be on BTC and hold long term.

fct will be rising to old resistance levels around 24ksatoshi soon. after that it's a toss up if it'll rally and test old highs or flatten. Depends on future outlook and the market at that particular time.

Only reason fct hasn't rallied yet is it's lagging behind the bitcoin boom.

It's actually a pretty nice way to make some small profits on the side.

Sell your BTC at 10% or more above market price, then buy back in plus profit at a lower price if you can.

Well, that's great if you're willing to meet in person, but most margins for merchants (for cash deposit/interac) on LBC are around 1.5%

The key is to buy low. Reaaaaaaal low. In large amounts.

So it's basically the same idea as regular BTC trading, except you're tossing on a couple extra bucks in exchange for some light legwork.

Bump it

>get stopped out of ltc
>at least trump is rallying

>nocoiners didn't buy the dip
they just can't learn

>suicide watch
>it's just money
Top kek!

Buy ethereum,

don't listen to those omni coin shills op.

Buy btc, eth, maid, sia, sys and fct.

you wouldn't buy just throw your money at one stock, would you.

what about Xaurum, the only gold-backed crypto-coin?
i've got about 142 of these.

God, all biz wants to shills are fiat replacements.

Eth isn't a fiat replacement, it started just 2 years ago and now it's the second highest valued coin out.

Bitcoin, dash and ltc already saturate the fiat replacement market.

Ripple is going to make bank transactions seamless.

Not saying what you invested in doesn't make sense but if btc is the replacement to gold then you should look in another direction or sell some and diversify your portfolio.

The some of ones I listed there started a the lowest denomination of btc and are growing exponentially well. I left out Lisk but it's actually better in the short term than all I listed.

shameful plug: pic is a good way to gain interest on low (min of 58 cents) btc deposits.

never heard of it.

it's traded on c-cex.
fully backed by gold.
$512 today for 1 coin.

Fair play, heard it was doing well. I admit I'm salty about newer fiat replacements because it's ALL Veeky Forums wants to shill but this is def the most valued one besides btc and ltc.
when did you get in?

464 satoshi
still have those 142 coins.
i wonder how much more should i buy.

BTC will make ETH irrelevant soon

how? Smart contracts is one aspect of eth.

Op here, not many people selling btc these days

600 in less than a week

700 in a month

holding on till halving, duh

Even if the price decreases, I think it will spring back up fairly quickly. People aren't going to sell when there's a decrease in supply; there may be an initial panic, but it shouldn't be widespread unless everyone starts selling. Mining may not be as lucrative as it once was, but it can still be worth it—especially if prices are around 600 USD—and the effects of halving rewards will not be catastrophic.

You may be right about a crash, but I highly doubt the price will reach $200.