Thoughts on joint bank accounts?

Thoughts on joint bank accounts?

I'm not one of those "all women are whores" /r9k/ morons, but I will never get a joint bank account. Just to risky, you might love and trust eachother right now, but who knows what's in the future. I'd rather play it safe.

If you don't trust her enough to share one with her, you don't trust her enough to be in a long term relationship. If you're in a short term one than that thought should never cross your mind.

you must be broke

My girlfriend and I have a joint credit card (She is the primary account holder) and it is very convenient for joint purchases like groceries, food, etc.

We are thinking of a joint bank account to save for trips. I don't think we will ever 100% merge finances though- We both like keeping our accounts separate. Ymmv but don't be stupid.

You must be dating a dumb whore who has never had a job in their life or lived alone because that's what men are for.

your type of guy to get married to a 21yr old when your 45 and lose half your net worth after a year of marriage when the bitch divorces your ass

If you're getting married, you shouldn't anticipate divorce. If you anticipate divorce there's no point in getting married in the first place. Which is just like I was saying, if you anticipate her squandering your finances and her stealing all your money, then you shouldn't be in a long term relationship with said person in the first place. And no, I shouldn't be scared of a woman I'm in a long term relationship squandering all my money, because as I said, if she's not a bimbo, she'll have a basic understanding of finance and budgeting.

Bad idea

1. Why not just have 2 accounts and even if the other account is empty, you can write a check to have equal access to the same funds

2. The only reasons to ever get married are so that your spouse doesn't have to testify against you in court, or for lower tax. If you make enough money to where the tax implications from marriage are significant, you probably don't need that extra tax money

Don't get cucked by a woman.

Sharing finances to manage the household makes for a healthy and accountable relationship.

When you get married you need to see yourselves as a single unit. If youre not ready to do that, just date. Save yourself the stress. Marriage isnt for everyone.

bad idea man


>you shouldn't plan for bad things or you'll make them happen!

>don't plan
Not at all. Look at it this way.
I'm thinking about investing in a stock. Let's call it $PEPE. $PEPE is a bit of a gamble. Because of that, I should have a plan just in case I lose money on it, so that my finances aren't devastated. I shouldn't however anticipate losing money on $PEPE. If I bought $PEPE thinking I'll lose money, then why even buy it at all?

No one gets married anticipating divorce, yet 50% of them do. All your shouldn't wouldn't statements don't mean a thing.

>Not setting stop losses with every position no matter what
How's the kiddie pool?

See Did you read the post?

The worst thing ever. I worked at a bank and heard a story where two idiot parents put their daughter as a joint owner of their bank account.
Their "little angel" went off to university, got mixed with the wrong crowd, got addicted to drugs and emptied their account and disappeared.

Don't know if they ever found her. She's probably dead.

isn't it illegal to clean out a joint account anyway? like you can be sued in civil court or something?

>he enjoys the statistically high change of realizing a loss by setting up a stop order

Yes, one big pile of money is easier to manage than two little piles of money. Marriage is a financial partnership and you both should be working to make the family wealth grow. A joint bank account makes that easier.

I have joint checking and saving with my gf, all our money goes into both. Been like this for 4-5 years now. She handles paying all the bills. I pay my credit cards. Our savings situation could be better but I have irregular income.


don't marry someone unless you love them and trust them 100%. No doubt whatsoever.

If this is a problem, then don't get married and just date indefinitely. If she gives you an ultimatum, then it's on to the next one.

I really don't understand why this is so complicated for people.

What about a joint account in addition to each of the spouses personal accounts.

There is nobody that can you trust 100%.


You have to ask what's more profitable, are you avoiding fees or making a better return by combining accounts? Much like should you file taxes separately or jointly. But you know you aren't restricted to only 1 account.

I have a joint bank account with my gf. We both have our private accounts aswell but a joint one makes it easy to split the bills since we both contribute with the same amount of money each month.

Its actually pretty nice bc now we split everything compared to the time we dated

>Sharing finances to manage the household makes for a healthy and accountable relationship.
dunno about that, if both parties earn roughly the same and save the same it doesn't matter either way. i earn more than gf and she saves more nevertheless. sharing finances would really be shit for her. and i don't mind the current setup either. any expense we have together we just split.

>My girlfriend and I have a joint credit card
that's cool, we can't get a free joint card and we shop together anyways.

>isn't it illegal to clean out a joint account anyway?

Would also like to know this.

>after having your bank account cleaned you can institute expensive and drawn out legal proceeding.

Wow, that's it. I'm getting a joint account right now.

Only after you're married. Short of that it's a stupid idea 100% of the time and you're going to end up regretting it.

Why would it be illegal to withdraw your own money?

This, from bitter personal experience!!!

My wife and I have a joint account that I put money in monthly for her, other than that I have $50k in my own accounts, the joint hovers around $600

The expenses for my wife and her son are put into that shared account and I have one investing account as well.

This. Combined accounts with wife after marriage. She's a very aggressive saver and makes slightly more money than me. I couldn't marry someone who is financially irresponsible.

This sort of Descartean logic would lead you to all sorts of conclusions.
Do you currently own a good saw for dismembering and disposing of a body? You might think murder is reprenhensible and that you'll never murder anyone, but plenty of people think the same, and still end up murdering people in a fit of passion, and then have no where left to turn. It's too risky not to be prepared.

what having a shared account you both send your share of the expenses with a pair of cards is merely a technical thing. you don't have to go balls deep and throw in everything together.


>her son


One joint account. Both deposit an agreed upon sum, usually a % is what i did. I make more so naturally i deposit more. From here we use this money to pay
>joint purchases such as furniture/fridge

You each retain your own private bank accounts and use this to finance your own shit. I want a new part on my car? I pay for it, not us. She wants some expensive shoes? She pays for it, not us. Gifts we naturally pay out of our own accounts.

We've had no issues with this so far and desu i cant really see any flaws. Come divorce time, sell the house and split it by %, keep whatever was mine because it was just that.

>le my wifes son meme

then don't take that logic to extremes lol

Never give anyone access to your money. They will fuck you if they can.

Why do you pay more just bc you earn more? Might be fair but i dont see the point. My gf and i do split the food bill 60%/40% because i eat way more than she do so i think thats fair

is he not your son?

because you didn't earn it (in those cases)