As trump coin nears the 8k sats mark we need to collaborate and combine our efforts into fuelling the rocket ship.

Great job with the video, GET IT EVERYWHERE. We just need exposure, spam it with the Hillary crowd etc.

Next is the Reddit, to have our post go to the front page we need a couple hundred up votes and a decent discussion. Everyone go up vote it and then create a second account and up vote it again!

We also need to get Trump listed on other exchanges so If anyone has any know how on that please post below.

Nontrumpers on suicide watch, MAGA

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>trump is dead they said
>it's all over sell out now they said

Pic related, mfw


I'm ready to get Trump to a $1 before this election.

Either this coin ends my problems or my .45 will

Trump will be $1 by the end of the month at this rate! Just make sure you're playing your part in getting it coverage and it'll be $1 before you can loudly proclaim 'It's gonna be yuuuuuuuuuuggggggeeeeeee'

Thanks man. I've convinced my friends and family to go all in. Even grandma, suprisingly.

Great attempt at a troll, seriously no one is actually this retarded to tell their families to invest in a virtual currency more so one that is probably the most useless of them all, hell even DBIC has a store and that coin sucks. Trump literally has ZERO.

My dad's going in

MAGA father

Yes make sure to spam CNN, ABC whatever your local news stations are.
spam the shnitzels out of

It's a good buying opportunity for anyone who wants to buy! The price down from it's highs, but I doubt it will last long!

>I'll be buying in the next couple hours.


Spare a coin or two for this poorfag?

How to buy? Someone please tell me. I'm new to this stuff but want to MAGA.

Open an account with Circle or Coinbase and buy some BitCoin. Once you have your BTC make an account with Transfer your BTC to wallet and then buy your TRUMP! MAGA

Localbitcoins is good too, and you don't need to show ID unlike the big exchanges.

Thanks, user. I will spend tomorrow trying to figure out how to do these things.

Can I use paypal for this?

BTC exchanges don't like paypal because transactions can be reversed while btc transactions can't. People still do it but they normally charge a premium because of that risk. Just bear that in mind.

How else can you buy it? Credit card?

I'm not about to hand over bank account information for a process a scarcely understand.

Can someone put the bare minimum to make sure I set it all up properly. Fucking coinbase takes forever to buy BTC

Any method, CC is fine if you're using a big exchange, if you don't like that just use Localbitcoins and then you don't need to give any information at all. Just make sure you buy from a trustworthy seller with 10000+ feedback if you go that route.


thanks user

Thank yah kindly

I was just about to send after I posted... but it says invalid address.

Can you just post your address here?

Np 19aJF5VA48A3wdCdQMNd1tK81m8ijuiUZ5


also need to check if my TRUMP wallet is up and running. Please send bare minimum here: TAZnXd8bfGvErj9qW91zwgWqo1k2tGP4CJ

Also, the wallet is taking forever to sync up. How long did it take for you guys?

How long does it take to transfer from ccex to yobit? I like the yobit layout a lot better.

like 5 mins for me. i have half my trumps in each so i can trade for optimal price

Sent some Trumps. They won't appear until it's all synced up though.

Might take a couple hours to sync up initially depending on your connection, but once it's finished it only take a couple seconds to sync the next time you run the wallet.

So should I even withdraw TRUMPS from yobit? Is it dumb to keep coins in exchanges and not in wallets?

Is it worth mining trumpcoin?

if your plan is to hold for months, may as well send to wallet.

if you're trying to ride waves, then keep in exchange obviously


Exchanges have swiped or been stolen from in the past. That's why I keep my 10.5k TRUMP in my desktop wallet. That way I get sweet sweet proof of stake interest TRUMPS.

pic related. literally no effort done for free money.

How many do you get per day with 10k trumps?

May I ask how exactly you mined it? What software did you use, did you collaborate with others, etc. Much appreciated :)

Seems like roughly every 10 mins I get roughly 0.01 trump
It's proof of stake, not like bitcoin which uses proof of work. just leave trumps in your wallet and the network uses some of your trumps to help the network run smoothly. it's kinda like interest i guess.

How much have you gained so far from POS?

You aren't going to mine many trumps from proof of stake unless you have a lot of Trumps and leave them a long while, sorta like interest in a bank account. But it's fun to leave them there and watch yourself earning free Trumps.

>Seems like roughly every 10 mins I get roughly 0.01 trump
I get about the same every 20 minutes with ~6700 Trump
Make Crypto Great!


Plz send bare minimum just to check if wallet is up and running.


Sent. They won't appear until you're all synced up though.

ITT: 9 y.o. and under. Literally.

Upset the rocket is leaving without you? You still have a little bit of time. Good buying opportunity.

Nah, I'm just sayin.

just ignore him I just made $300 in 2 days with Trumpcoin, he thinks it's childish because of the platform and name.

But that would be against the rules user.

I just started with trumpcoin. Can I get some trumpseeds to see if its working?


Sent some your way bro.

>all that computer hacking

ITT : neckbeards thinking a shitcoin with a negligible volume which only goal is to go up is actually going to go up

I don't get it, why don't you buy serious coins with an actual future instead of this shitcoin with no liquidity? Why would your put your money into a Veeky Forums meme instead of bitcoin, lisk, ethereum, or waves ?


I really advise that if you didn't buy it yet, buy now that the coin is in the dip. If the volume increase 1BTC it will skyrocket again.

>mfw I am at 80% profit with Trump in the dip

Let's make crypto great again!

Forgot the Lord and Savior of the Crypto.

what are the other two programs you have open, user?

>Veeky Forums meme

I don't think you understand what is happening here.

Not sure where you see anyone getting hacked there. Stop scaremongering newbies. Either buy and have no regrets or just stay salty in your own corner. Don't blame your loss on our YUUUGGEEEE gains.

((facebook address)) /TrumpCoin-1261248230554491/

official trumpcoin facebook launched

shill like crazy boys


If you guys actually wanna be rich, learn to trade bitcoin futures with turbo trade on You'll literally get x5 your investment if you're right, then buy more trump. I'm one of the top holders of trump because of this.

TIP: Literally just look up orderbooks for btc on major btc/usd exchanges and you can easily guess if the price is going down or up within 5 minutes.

>posting your referral link

you can't be that rich if your trying to jew people with a referal link, get out of here you fake fuck, your knowledge of bitcoins is my level of hacking to this picture


i understand how to read an order book and have played about with binary options using play money, which is what that turbo trade is (by the looks of it). isn't the reward just 45%? so if you lose you get nothing and lose your money, if you win you get your money back plus less than half?

if you write a proper explanation of how to read the btc market and how to get a decent winning % (>60), i'll use your link and sign up.


Watched video. Lot's of unanswered questions. >How is this viable if we cant trade or exchange Trumpcoin on any market?
>If there are, what markets can you exchange for BTC or USD?
>Who is the author, and how do you know this shit isn't a botnet
>Who controls the trump fund and decides what a "substantial" amount is to donate?

this article needs to be rewritten or used as is to share on social media (even saying a joke), its normie status but not as convincing as shit the creator has made

>>If there are, what markets can you exchange for BTC or USD?



>If there are, what markets can you exchange for BTC or USD?

It's on or You can buy Trumps in BTC and then when the time comes you can sell them for BTC.

>Who is the author, and how do you know this shit isn't a botnet

Chicken65. All of the information is out there, and the blockchain and source code are as well. Very transparent.

Ya hey boys just got started care to donate to the poor?


Go onto the youtube video, It gives you ALL the links you need to buy trump coin,

You're welcome,



Way to kill off all momentum a person has I'm the coin with that tld

>Trump needs your piss ant donations

Found the flaw in you plan, geniuses.

And I found the Liberal Arts grad.

Trump will be accepting outside financing for the general. Read a periodical ffs

Could go with the opposite plan and trick the media into thinking that
>Wolf Blitzer here. Recent discoveries have shown that the Trump campaign is not self-funded but in fact is receiving its funding from cryptocurrency TrumpCoin!!

Judging off of the past few days 6k sats is pretty much the new floor. Small dip happening on yobit right now, get in while you can!

This. All aboard the Trump train!

>Coinye, formerly Coinye West, is an abandoned scrypt-based cryptocurrency that became embroiled in a trademark infringement lawsuit for using the American hip hop artist Kanye West as its mascot, despite West having no affiliation with the project. The project was abandoned by the original developers following West's filing of a trademark infringement lawsuit against them.

Do you have Trump's approval to use his name and his brand? If not, do you honestly think this coin will do anything other than flop?

Does Trump sue the media for using his brand to entice viewer-ship or sell papers and there for earn profits? No. Why? Because it benefits him greatly, just as this will.

On a side note, the moon is next.

Holding 120 TRUMP coins right now... match me. MAGA.




who would he sue? Kanye sued the group/organisation behind Coinye, but who is Chicken65? He is a Brit, so would trumps lawyers have jurisdiction for C&Ds? i don't know.
it's a decentralized currency system, it just exists on the internet. where is the blockchain located for it to get shut down?
is it any different than a Veterans for Trump group, or Texan Housewives for Trump?

Point is exchanges would dump it pretty quickly if they thought they would get sued.

No exchanges wanted to touch Coinye to the point one was knocked up quickly to try and sell it.

fair enough, i hadn't considered that. go after the stockists, not the producers.
i think it needs major exposure to get to that point though. coinye was in the mainstream press for a couple of weeks before the lawyers got into it. i think it is free publicity for trump, and it would be a tough call what to do.

Isn't the potential for Trumps share enough to get him on board? If it reaches as much as $10 itll be millions toward his campaign. Why would he turn down free money?

How do we advertise this harder? What barriers are keeping us back?

People need to spread the Facebook page for one. Only 6 likes and 18 video views all day :'(

He likely doesn't want to run the risk of random normies getting mad that they lost value on their currency.

That said, there's no reason why this can't explode past the likes of RonPaulCoin

>normies getting mad that they lost value on their currency.
But user, this happens everyday with their fiat based currency.
At least this would be a free-market.

Be on the look out for any involvement from Ron Paul in the campaign or any other politician that has talked about bitcoin before.



Good job. We need to get some Twitter bots going

a) Trump wouldn't sue. The project is raising money for his campaign.
b) If he wanted to sue, who would he sue?
c) If he did sue, the story would find its way to the media and would mean a yuge amount of exposure for the coin. Price would enter the stratosphere.

This. Come on people, even RonPaulCoins were successful. You're telling me Trumpcoins can't be?

Hope notrumpers have suicide hotline on speed dial. They'll be needing the number when they see where this thing goes.

I'm trying to get my brother to join in before he misses the rocket. He's being tight fisted with his shekels.

>mfw he says he has to ask his wife.

Ask him what his wife's son says about it too

You overestimate the intelligence of normies

Indeed I may, but Trump Coin may bring in a whole new era of enlightenment!