Uhhh... when is this going to take off? I'm getting scared guys

Uhhh... when is this going to take off? I'm getting scared guys.

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It won't ever take off, the people who made money out of this coin have been and gone. This will teach you not to believe idiots on a thread without doing your research in future.

Closer to the election. Also when the two remaining marketing videos come out

You're too impatient. We've all told you from the start that this is a buy and hold coin. Either stake that shit out, or play the waves.

They tricked you user.

>It won't ever take off, the people who made money out of this coin have been and gone.
Really? Pretty sure I'm still in it and winning.
You should try to cut your lying habits, Hillary.

Sell then weakling, no one is stopping you. Sell for a mere dollar or two profit. Then cry yourself to sleep in two months when TRUMPCOIN is worth $1 a piece

what is the plan?
why will this rise?

It's risen over 200% in the past 15 days. Now has a stable support at around the 6k sats mark. Volume increasing everyday. This isn't a 24 hour pump n dump, if you want serious gains then hold for a month or two. Also be PROACTIVE, spam the video everywhere, get the word out



$1 a piece in 1 month. MAGA.
No trumpers on suicide watch.

Pretty much this. It was shilled hard and the people that bought at 600 sold to you at 6000.

Selling at 6k is a mistake. It'll be 10k by the end o the week.


And you will be saying the same thing about those who bought at 6000 when they sell at 60,000.

Stop your salty fear mongering now and buy before it really becomes expensive. The market for Trumps is very bullish

Found the bag holders.

Found the salty non trumper

Dumped my coins last night. Thanks for buying them.

I bought at a bretty low price. Sold out some about a month ago, but held all the rest during this rally.

This thing has tremendous potential. The key will be getting people interested. There are 100 million Trump fans out there, it has more name recognition than ETH. We translate that to demand and 60,000 will look like peanuts.

If you own them you can sit around posting on a Tibetian basket weaving forum asking if it will go up, or get out there an make it happen yourself.

I bought at 1.5k. If you dump at 1.5k you're a retard

No, thank you. Now I can buy more while they are just that much cheaper. Just think, all that money you could make from those coins will now be in my pocket.
It's going to be YUUGEE

>This thing has tremendous potential.


It's a memecoin. It has no function other than to make some quick cash which I've done already. 0.1btc worth bought @600 and sold @ just over 6000.

What purpose did the Ron Paul coin serve? What price did that go to?

Best of luck. Keep holding dem bags.

You might want to google unrealised gains as well.

Congrats on your profit. For your sake don't check the price the next few months. When it goes to 60,000 you'll be kicking yourself.

People were saying similar things about Dogecoin as well:
>It's just a memecoin
>Completely useless
>I cashed out my doges it's going nowhere

Then it went to $77m market cap. Bet they weren't too happy then.

You just don't want to miss out on gains now that you've closed your position, but yeah keep shit posting. You're bumping the thread.


Bro, you owned 1btc worth of this coin before you sold out and you're acting like you're the font of all knowledge on the subject. Believe me, you're not.

It's going to take off, you were just dumb enough to sell your moon tickets because of a small gain. But hey, your trades are your business.

>small gain

Anyway, best of luck guys I'm out to buy some pizza and weed.

Enjoy your memecoin.

>t-t-to the moon? Right guys? Guys???

Wanna answer my Ron Paul coin questions? Or just continue to shitpost and mourn your lost gains. Trump is going to the moon and you've sold your ticket just before blast off

>could only afford 0.1btc of the coin

Confirmed degenerate. We don't want you in the Trumpcoin Project, you sound low energy.

Good riddance I say.

Just partisan shill upset that they didn't have the influence on the price of trump coin to send it down after a day of Trump pounding Hillary, Obama and the rest of them.

>buy some pizza and weed.

CNN was reporting on a website called TrumpSingles today that is a Trump dating site

You don't realize how ridiculously easy it is to get 24 hour news cycles to report on stupid shit!!

TrumpCoin WILL receive media attention if you fags get your ass to twitter and get VISIBILITY like pic-related

Small steps. Every thousand followers adds up

No matter which way you look at it, TRUMP is bullish

Most trump supporters are not going to be able to figure how how to even buy bitcoin, even with a guide. Not a political diss, it's demographics

It'll fail, just like his presidential campaign.

i ignored Dogecoin because i thought it was stupid, then it got to 2cents and i thought it was crazy, then it got to 20c and i just ignored it from then on whenever i saw it mentioned because i could have had millions of them and made sweet bucks. but i had nothing.

Trump Coin is better than any other coin. it's down around 6k, but it will be above 7k in 24 hours, then 7k will be the new support. you have to buy it now for best bang for your buck. $0.04 today for $1 in a couple of months.

Video 2/3 is being released soon that will explain exactly how to buy Trumpcoins.

And in a way it's a good thing the majority wouldn't know about crypto yet, so there is a yuge target market. This could bring a whole new generation of people into crypto.

Bern victim detected.

>And in a way it's a good thing the majority wouldn't know about crypto yet, so there is a yuge target market. This could bring a whole new generation of people into crypto.

yeah, when it appears in the media, moms will ask their kids about it and their sons will be able to buy bitcoins and trade them for Trumps. computers being too technical for some middle aged people doesn't stop them from doing things, they just get someone to help them.


Debating putting in another 200-400 in. Have 5000 trumps right now.

I would, in fact I will be very soon! Already have 8k Trumps

I have like 13k - keep building my position by riding the waves

Could somebody explain what Trumpcoin actually derives value from? The website gives no good explanation.

If someone will buy it for a price, it is now valued at that price

i saw facebook posts done with more confection

Using the name Trump and hoping the media mentions it which would cause the price to increase. Probably by a lot.

Its not unlikely, they already flipped out over trump singles.



sold all my coin today. we had a good run lads

Literally Ponzi scheme cult the post


most people who see this are just reminded to invest in more popular cryptos like etherium btc and lisk chances are you should just hurry up and invest in those

>Look at all these shills.
They've noticed TRUMPS potential is turning kinetic and have begun to come out of the shadows.

This is how you know the coin is going somewhere.

Trump coin is money. How do you know the value of money ? The value comes from people investing holding using etc. The thing that gives trumcoin edge is that at some point in near future Trump coin will be donated to Trump for his campaign. So its like bitcoin with a spin on supporting trump. The more people buy the more they support trump.
If you ask me trumpcoin > bitcoin. It's just like the regular currency but it has word trump in it. therefore it's more.
I don't think it will last on a long run. Its a ponzi. But people in Veeky Forums won't be the one holding bag. but rather general population.