Has anyone tried saying they're Black on a job application?

While not being obviously not Black? People have said it works but google isn't coming up with any conclusive results.

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Statistically applicants with 'black sounding names' are less likely to be called back for an interview.


I've tried and I never got called back.

Put White and gotten interviews quite frequently. No other variables changed

>tfw foreign name and not white

Feels bad man.

I'm half beaner half white. I have a white person's first and last name and very pale skin so most people just think I'm white. I used to mark myself as Latino on job applications but I quit because I think employers thought I was lying.

Also, I put black on two job applications and was never called back, lel.

use a nom de guerre idiot.

Hip Hop Anonymous vs Hank Anthony


Source: my ass

It's just common sense bro.

If I have any white collar business, then there is no way in fuck I'm calling someone with the name "Dontaveus" in for an interview.


I'm actually a spic and I always check white non hispanic when applying to any job and I still never had problems getting a job. Literally had 3 people contact me before I even graduated or applied anywhere.

If you need a crutch to find a job you're absolutely retarded or its your own fault for going into a stale meme field.

ever seen a difference between latino and white when it comes to call backs

This 100%
Anyone who says they failed to get a job because of a diversity quota is a failure and looking for excuses.

honestly I probably got more call backs when putting Latino, but only one gave me an offer after the interview. After that I quit listing mysrlf as latino.

my family is Métis, just not status Indian. Can get the card. Just dont really give a fuck.

job application asked if I was status and or non status. Got emails for interviews for my airport every week.

They used a bunch of low-status black names that correlate with low-education, i.e. Tyrone, Latonya, Aisha. No ricky, bobby, in the white group. The few higher status names that correlated with high-education had decent callbacks, i.e. Jermaine.

Injun is the best one. You're a real, real minority, and you can really take advantage of your culture. You should get in on that man, seriously. Be a cynical bastard underneath but trumpet the 'muh cultur' history on your face.

Doesn't mean everyone isn't blue-pilled when it comes to the proper role of government, or that the way the government currently functions works against the interests of the 99% while recruiting socialists to continue to push power into the system that oppresses them.

"Socialists" here means simply, "one who is in the position of advocacy for this system."

The statistics you cite may be true, but the common response to that data or the common use to which it is put is to generate socialism. Again, refer to my definition of the word.

The 99% are the ones who misunderstand the implications of improper government, and who don't understand the proper role of government.

The 1% are not defined by their wealth, here; rather, they are the ones that understand the proper role of government and act on their knowledge. They consist of "Batman" types and "Two Face" types.

What makes a name black or even low status? I get there's stupid ass names like Lamontay and Precious and further variants where they add -tay and -iqua suffixes, but those still aren't that common and people with unique names are statistically more likely to become fuckups regardless of ethnicity (According to Cracked).

To fix some grammar:

>Doesn't mean everyone isn't blue-pilled when it comes to the proper role of government.
>The way the government currently functions works against the interests of the 99% ...

>say your Black
>Get hired
>everything good

>Say your black
>user, why does it say your black
>oops, must have filled in the wrong box