Robinhood General Thread - /rgt/

Robinhood General Thread - /rgt/

Friday Gainz Edition

Visit the website first -

Candlestick charting guideline:

> How is it free?
They invest your unsettled funds after a trade.
It's also pretty basic software.

> When is it coming to my country?
Probably never. They only have plans on an Australian beta (

> It's been X days, why isn't my account isn't verified yet?
If it takes more than 3 days, try emailing their support. They are very good.

> Is this the right place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
No, please go to Stocktwits, Plebbit, or one of our many chat groups.

> What's a good penny stock to invest in?
Don't buy penny stocks you cum guzzling mouth breathing retard.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
No, that would actually be illegal. Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
thinkorswim is bretty gud if you want to go open a second account with real broker.
Otherwise you should be using Yahoo/Google finance or even Stocktwits for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.

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Thoughts on EYES, lads?


PTX and MNKD are long holds
Sell now for profit or wait for success

Only posting once


Its too static bb

How do you guys make money off of literal memes? I'm new to Robin Hood

Invest in VMEM (Virtual meme)

By investing in them.

I mean like specifically what are the tells?

Hype which you usually find here.
High volume also helps.
Elliot wave theory also helps knowing when to sell.

Also remember:
Buy Low, Sell High.

Market Cap, Trading Volume, Hype.

etc GEVO.

They had a test flight with biofuel, we capitalized on the hype.

Should I just buy what ever meme you guys post here? I'm not very good at this :)

Buy in at 1.00 wait till September (when production begins I believe)

Read up on investing and day trading senpai. Don't always follow the crowd, though Veeky Forums has good hits from time to time.

>Should I just buy what ever meme you guys post here?

yes and no, I say watch the thread for a few days, don't throw all your money on one stock...

I just started with $100, now I am doing $1,000 at a time.

Don't do that you'll end up buying GEVO: the dead stock

What are your gains so far?

And where do you guys read up on the news for these companies?

$500 of $3,000

TTNP took me -$700 in the red, GEVO got me $500 in the green

Been here for 7 days.

Seeking alpha, Google, random stock news etc.

So you're down 200? I'm not really sure what 500 of 3000 means






What makes you say that?

High AH and PM price fluctutations. Good reports last night. Hype is way up. Wait for more bizrealis to confirm b4 you buy in famm.

You threw $3000 at RH on your first week? You got balls man

At what buy in?

>At what buy in?
Depends on the dip. 2.2-2.3 is well i'd assume depending on if it launches or not

Dont trust me 100% though

But it's way up AH already. Is it expected to hit $3-$4 or crash and burn after open?

I think the moon rocket has long left on that one, might be a few bucks to be made tho.

LPCN, do it

except there has been no lift off during market hours.
don't you think the idiots at stockwits won't gobble this up like crazy once the market opens?

What about TPLM? Sell at open or hold on and prepare for the moon?!

why would they? its already jumped 1.17 to 2.5, its not going to get cheaper.

it peaked at ~2.75 AH and over 3 pre market.
why wouldn't it go up? news were dropped yesterday afer closing.
day traders know this, and they will pump and dump.

not all stocks are hold the bag get the rich dum dum

Why is PTX PM volume so low? Can we expect dip at open?

Why did TPLM just tank pre-market?!

bag holders holding bags

some PTX holders are in it for the longterm senpai

meme rockets never have much fuel
low volume pre market tho, might rise during market hours

f*a*m automatically becomes senpai

t b h = desu
f a m = senpai

used to all be word filtered, bot sure if they still all

should I buy PTX, ARRY, or KMPH today? help pls

Buy PTX at .60

PTX seems pretty safe.

MCZ is always a good pick boys. Steady increase.

Keep an eye out on it

What's the story on PTX again? Holding for 2nd quarter results?


I see people keep saying that there's a strong chance of a buyout that could happen any time. Otherwise, all I know about are the price fluctuations, and PTX keeps steadily rising day after day.

SPHS seems too risky. can't see it holding up these gains

it's not gonna hold up gains, you buy the dip, it'll rise during the day, then you sell
neither PTX, KMPH or ARRY are going to hold up either

we're looking at meme stocks here, not investments
keep it real senpai

maybe, unlike PTX tho, there is some substance/reason for SPHS gains beyond hype

news was released yesterday on market close about good results on a ball cancer treatment
it's actually got results
that's why it's been spiking on AH and premarket


that's what I mean, PTX has nothing similar driving it beyond analyst reports and speculation

not that you can't make a buck from that too

First for ARRY a shit

Damn PTX PM volume is damn high. Hype for market open, there is very high demand.

ARRY @ 3.45 premarket, good buying opportunity today?

you're right, I need more faith!

So is selling TPLM at opening the move?

yeah 180k on PTX. damn high for a penny stock
only 1.5m on SPHS.

wonder which one is in demand. since PTX is falling slightly, and stagnant at best

so SPHS buy right out of the gate or wait 30mins?

I'm kinda a new to rocket memes

ARRY has a weeks worth of bag holders. don't expect gains
as always, wait for the dip

I bought it at 3.54 didn't expect it to actually go lower. I would say go for it, but remember it isn't expected to spike until the end of the month. If you aren't patient get it the week before.

Strap on your helmets and lace up your moonboots, boys, we're going in HARD!!!

>as always, wait for the dip
that's what i figured - just wasn't sure there was going to be a dip with the news being broken after hours

amen brufa! start your engines!

pre market locking in gains bruh


gotta be careful with SPHS bros. it looks like GEVO lite.

except GEVO exploded during the day.
if you bought GEVO at closing thinking it would rise during night and next day, you deserved it

GEVO was incredible for making money during the day.

don't be a bag holder, that's where it's at


Anybody know why skln is up 70% in premarket????

As a newbie at this, what does it mean when a company has insider selling happening?

20 mins before open what's the plan here?


means someone 'inside' the company (CEO or president for example) is selling some shares

if youre an insider you have to declare trades of your own stock to the SEC so everyone can see it

Ptx or sphs

All in to SKLN and SPHS so we inflate the price and I can GTFO

No, I know that, I meant what does that mean for outsiders like us. Does that go in or stay away.

PTX looking like better play here

Yall think i should hold skln or get out now any reason for this shoot up

I've 1000 PTX I bought at.56, sell that if it jumps a healthy amount - buying 500 bongbucks of SPHS if it dips

sometimes it means shits gonna hit the fan and the CEO is trying to hold his gains

sometimes it means the CEO is just getting some cash to buy his daughter a birthday present

who fuckin knows m8

put it all into BLIAQ

Yeah im in 500 for PTX might sell if it peaks and buy in at dip
Idk if I want to get in on sphs

Okay, thanks. Its just weird a major shareholder plus two executives...
HEAR btw is what I'm talking about.

if you get gains, set up a stop loss locking in those gains. keep the stop loss following the highs and get out by the end of the day

Hold steady on SPHS boys. Wait for a dip, do not market buy at the open.

Why wait for the dip? Just started this week

There is always a dip after AH romance explosion.

The opening minutes will give you a good indication of where it's going for the day. You don't want to buy at open just to have Everyone else sell and now you're stuck bag holding. But if you buy the dip you can get sweet gains

Isn't it a little late for that?

>buy low sell high

the dip is where the price dips. and you buy in at a lower price. jesus man, this isn't physics

how so?
nobody in the regular market has had a chance to buy in yet.
news were announced right after closing

It's already doubled, and the mood for the market in general looks sour. If it goes much higher, that would be surprising. But I'm buying in anyways so if it does blow up more I don't miss out.


just buy the dip already

SKLN up 42% in premarket, bagholders rejoice! This is our chance to get out even!

No news forthcoming yet, but I'll be holding at open just to see if there's a reason for the jump.

Bad move. If you get lucky you get OUT


aaaaand PTX already looking like shit