TrumpCoin Guide

Alright Veeky Forums the Trump train seems to be doing alright at a 200 percent growth in the pas two weeks. I need to get in ASAP, I am sitting with $2200 in my bank account and am a complete newbie to any type of crypto. I have no type of wallet so I need to know the process from the begging. Get me on the Trump train ASAP user

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Dear fucking Christ god fuck sake bump this thread

Fuck off shills

Stay in your containment thread

PSA to newfriends: this shit is a scam. You are going to be a bagholder

2 weeks ago: .000038
today: .000056

hemmm. Could it be that someone is misrepresenting something?

Well I'm hoping that knowing how to get into Trump coin will help me out when trying to get into the other pump and dumps where i can make some quick gains. things like ETH shot up pretty quick before it's first big crash. made a 70 percent gain on a paper trail stock game on my phone and ever since then I've been interested in hoping into the bandwagon and simply hopping off as soon as I made a a bit of money off it

Right, except the people hopping on to the bandwagon are often the ones losing money. Every gain that's made is some fools loss. Now which do you think you are, the winner or the loser?

easy son

buy bitcoin on, coinbase, whatever

set up an account on yobit or c-cex

withdraw from your btc wallet into yobit or c-cex

buy trumps

download the wallet and send gained trumps to said wallet

check for the specifics

given how cheap it is now, basically anyone getting on here from Veeky Forums rather than when (if) it gets media attention will be a "winner"

Guaranteed, right? No chance that it's going to go nowhere but down from here, right? No chance at all.

>Trump Supporters Helping Fund Donald Trumps Presidential Campaign


>What is TrumpCoin?

TRUMP WALLETv2!1YR2yQCC!2t-70D9_gF_-FbkhBZ_HSb1UvVTP0CHmVTsZ6K3__v0


>Lets Make Crypto Great Again!

This. Wish I bought ETH when I first heard about it, I woulda made 10x my money. I figure a bet on Trump is worth it if it takes off im rich if not i only lose a small amount of btc.

Skilled shill. Take some due credit. Not enough to convince me but almost.

This is a joke right? These are literally worth nothing.

Not sure this is even relevant, but on the trump coins site in their example, they used the wrong "your/you're". Might be a grammar nazi here, but I'm not paying someone who can't correctly use 3rd grade English mechanics.

Didn't notice the wrong "too/to" until now either

Thats the idea dickhead. They are (currently) worth nothing.

OP, why is trump"coin" not on any good exchanges?

If your trump coin is to rise in value you need to get serious about this. What is the ideology behind trump coin? Why is it better than bitcoin? why should i buy your trumpcoins?


OP here replying from my phone. My idea behind why I'm putting money in for trump is that as far as publicity goes, "Trump" is huge. All it takes is someone to bring it into mainstream media and we got typical tech savvy Trump supporters buying some Trump coins. So my hopes for going into Trump coins is to capitalize off Trump's name and his very strong possibility of becoming president

>Fuck off shills
Says a shill.

There's but one guarantee in life you shill. Death. Now stop being salty b/c you wont be on the moon.

You can buy them here when you're ready.

how these glorified ponzi-schemes (think about it, it's purely a ponzi scheme, you get in hoping that by the time you get out more other people would have paid in than cashed out) keep on growing amazes me.

yeah, i agree with this. there may be arguments that it is a meme coin, but the public love memes. Trump is the brand of 2016 and will only increase in popularity in the next 6 months, after the election is a different story.

it's a gamble on whether it can get publicity and if it does get sufficient publicity then the public will buy into it and buy Trump Coins.

it will go through big rises, small dips and short periods of sideways movement, but come November, Trump Coin will easily be over $1 each.

Trump is the Craze of 2016, Trump Coin is one of the products that will carry his name and reap the rewards of association. Republican Convention, July 21st is lift of day for all things Trump.

You have a month to get on board with cheap tickets.

Confirmed for scam and everyone is already jumping ship. Best time to buy if you want it low but people are just dropping out like flies.

nice analysis of the coin mate. last weekend saw a good jump and this week has been sideways. 10 minutes of low energy selling doesn't equal jumping ship, especially when only 1 sale was of decent size.

no-Trumpers on suicide watch

>no-Trumpers on suicide watch
That's all these posters are. Shills. Notice how only when the price doubled the shills came out? Before this latest video release, no one was trying to fear monger people away.

Now? Shills every where. Saying that Trump coin is bad and to get back into FIAT.


have to admit that TRUMP is bullish

are you new to trading? It is only profit if you can sell it again.

Nice trips, what is the current market cap of trump?

I'm thinking about buying every trump coin in existence

Wait its about 340 BTC

Daily reminder that Donald Trump's name is copyrighted from here to sunday.

You obviously don't understand what a shill is, so let me clarify it for you: the shill is the one trying to convince people to buy. End of story.

oops meant for this guy:

Buy into what?
The donating to the Trump campaign?

Are exchanges legally allowed to even have the name trump on them as a currency?

How can I buy 1 million dollars worth ot TrumpCoin?

You can't the market cap is $200k

Question here. Is there a significant difference between C-Cex and YoBit? It seems here like C-Cex is recommended in favor of YoBit, but why is that?

yobit is newer and untested

I was thinking yobit looks bit sketch. Been thinking about getting in on this thing actually but I didn't like yobit. ETH and LISK treated me well, makes sense TRUMP will too. I would use c-cex though I heard of people having trouble withdrawing from yobit.

I actually like the layout of yobit a lot more. I wish TRUMP was able to get on more exchanges.

I wish trump would just go one way or another on this thing. I've got 200 in and I don't mind losing it. The uncertainty is annoying.

buy more and stir up the fish bowl so we can watch it move.

i had to wait a few hours for the Lisk iou tokens to become actual Lisk, but apart from that i've been using yobit with no problems, withdrawals have happened as they should.

i sent some trumps over to c-cex to try and look for arbitrage opportunities, but there was literally no volume some days.

Invest in hashocean. You'll see ROI in 2-3 months and you'll get btc back which is currently going to the moon. It's a win win

I look forward to seeing the drop in value after Trump loses the election.

>Invest in a ponzi scheme
No thx m8

Why do you think he will lose? I'm neither a Trump or Hillary supporter since i liked Kasich, Cruz, Rubio and Carson better than Trump for the sole fact that these guys (Aside from Carson) have real experience in politics and understand limits unlike Trump. I'm simply saying fuck it and trying to capitalize off of the potential that Trump has to win

Your a gay cunt, these are the same ole shit that brought us here, trump id our wildcard and im were all in

Hillary is running such a shitty campaign. Trump would have to fuck up pretty bad to lose.

No brakes on the Trump Train