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I hope /ccg/ isn't taken already.

My credit score as of today, finally got over 750 after about two years.

Age: 21
Score: 786

Pretty happy with that.

Score: 615 (was 745)

Got laid off, employer lied to unemployment, missed a house payment while I fought it. Yeah yeah, emergency fund, but I was criminally underpaid until I fell for a grass-is-greener trap. Most of my cards jacked from 10% to 30% because of it and I've never recovered.

I cannot get a balance transfer and all these debt relief offers are scams so. I guess the only way out is to buy more money or something.

Could you maybe cut up your existing cards, then apply for a secured card to start bringing the credit up?

I'm moving out of my parents and getting an apartment, before I was living in the dorms at uni. I'm estranged from my mom and my dad and step mom both have shit credit that would never pass as a guarantor.

I haven't had a credit card before this so is there any specific card I should get to start building a good credit record before I start apartment hunting?

If you get Credit Card offers by mail.
Apply for one of them, make sure they have no annual fee.
Once you start building credit you will be able to apply for more. Just don't miss a payment.
I started with a Capital One mail offer, later apply for Discover IT and QuickSilver; all from mail offers.

FICO at 750

any retail store card. They usually have low barriers to entry. You could get one, buy some socks, pay it off, and just hold onto it so that it increases length of accounts.

Tried. My credit union has a card that has to be backed by savings. Had $5K in there from my business, couldn't borrow any amount.

Try Capital One, that's where I started my journey into credit cards. I got a secured card from them without much of an issue (especially with a 615 score currently) and take care of it properly.

liar or trust fund brat - either way, time to do the world a favor and end yourself

>someone has a better credit score than me so they must be lying

ive only had a score since march
at 23 i have 775
total available credit $16.5k

How do you get it over 800?
I started 2.5 years ago.

Score: 536

Still haven't found a lawyer to handle the case of my parents hiding a delinquent loan in my name from me.

You have to own your house and only carry a car loan for debt. At least that's how my parents did it.


apparently being late on payments is bad

Too lazy to screenshot.

TU: 766
Equifax: 767

Both are Excellent.

Also unemployed for over a year now, have 13k credit limit on 2 cards.

age: 21
score: 760
I don't use any credit other than credit cards, and I never pay interest. I don't really care about my credit score as long as it is good enough to get me high rewards credit cards, which I already have. I doubt I will ever put down a loan for a car or home.

you literally cannot have a 780 at age 21 unless you were handed something like a house lmao

it's impossible due to age of accounts

I'm 20 with 750 (a little low now because I recently applied for 2 new cards). Then again I was handed like 400 grand from dead relatives

Age: 24
FICO: 746

Credit cards I own
>Sallie Mae World MasterCard: 5% cash back on the first $250 in groceries per month, 5% cash back on the first $250 in gas per month, and 5% cash back on the first $750 in bookstores (Amazon) per month
>Chase AARP Visa: 3% cash back on restaurants and 3% cash back on gas, both unlimited (theoretically)
>Citi Double Cash: 2% cash back on all purchases, unlimited
>Chase Ink Cash: 5% cash back on office supply stores, cable, internet, landline, and cellular telephone services, and 2% on restaurants and gas, for the first $25,000 spent in the above categories each anniversary year

I'm thinking about getting a rotating 5% category card like the Chase Freedom or Discover It, but I don't know if they'll be worth it since the only category my current cards don't seem to cover is 5% on restaurants

I really wish a company would come out with a 5% restaurant card, it would obviously have to have a cap on it, but it'd be insanely useful

amex bce
amex gold
boa bbr

Right. That's not a 780. I had a 750 at 22 despite being a poorfag. My point was that unless you have a special circumstance, it's actually impossible to have a 780 at 21 because age of accounts is a huge factor.

If your parents make you an authorized user on their cards when you're like 5, won't that factor into your average age of accounts and give you a good score when you're older?

Never considered that. Still requires help from mommy or daddy though.

My score was 756 last month

Now it's 723

I applied for a mortgage on an investment property I was interested in, but the deal fell through.

I'm 20.


The category doesn't rotate. It's always groceries and travel.

>he doesn't know about based authorized user status.

What website are you using to get credit scores? Also, I have never had a credit card or loan, but I would like to start building credit. My mother has an 815 credit score, how can I leverage this to my benefit?

> only carry a car loan for debt
well, guess i wont be over 800 for the foreseeable future

>based authorized user status

I wasn't aware that authorized user status builds credit. I am authorized user on one of my mother's cards, I guess I'll use that more often.

it depends in the fancy FiCO 09+ models it doesn't but most companies don't pay for those.

still given a handout from a parent. stay dumb

Which card doesn't have rotating categories? Both the Chase Freedom and Discover It on their websites say they do

You dont have to use the card at all, it still counts for you. As long as you utilize a 1% balance on any one of your credit cards, all of your cards are presumed active.

24 yrs old
775 credit score
Citicard cbna
wells fargo card
Chase sapphire

I charge everything to my credit card and pay full balance at the end of the month. Would love to break 800 but I've been stuck here for awhile. In three months according to my credit plan I need to apply for another credit card. You should try to pick up two cards a year, but space them out (6 months apart) so you don't seem desperate for immediate credit.

>Age 20 no credit history
>get arrested for drunken disorderly
>it wasn't that serious I just punched my roommate in the face at a stadium and blew a .07
>credit score 581

>Just turned 22
>pay off credit card debt in full every month
>been at job for a half year making 64k
>student loans vanishing, only 8k left
>make every payment on time to my car, rent and internet
>no loans of any kind except for my subsidized student loans that are still in grace
>apparently they just changed the way they calculate credit score or some crap
>credit score 577

Seriously what the fuck, this is the stupidest fucking cocksucker system ever. I've done literally nothing that would flag me as high risk for 2 years and my score still sucks. Am I just not seeing an updated version of it? Even so this is still %100 bonafide bull-duke

Arrest does not affect credit score. Your 20, no history is better because at that point you didnt have all these loans

It'll take time for your good behavior to reflect on your credit score. Just keep doing what your doing and watch it sky rocket. Double check your 'active credit lines' or whatever on credit karma, make sure theres no open accounts that you don't know about. Remember your credit history is only 2 years old. If you have a good relationship with your family and they have good credit, ask to be an authorized user on a card they have that they've had for a long time. You don't even need to use it, when the card comes in the mail you can cut it up. It'll take a few months for the impact to reflect on your credit score but it will help. Patience

>Arrest does not affect credit score
Are you sure? I've been told it does.

Yea I might as well go to credit karma and see. At least I don't plan on possibly buying a car or house for another 2 years at least, so I guess my score will be better by then.

I am not sure. Googling

Couldn't find a 'hard source' but the consensus seems to be no. Some sites said 'Yes, arrests can affect your credit' But they went on to explain that being arrested means fines and court costs which means you may end up going into debt or applying for a loan..

I'm pretty sure the arrest/conviction itself will have no immediate impact.

This whole circle jerk on scores and limits is ridiculous. A credit card is a financial instrument which is not indicative of wealth, but rather on your financial discipline. A big mistake is transferring your cash flow, revolving around a credit card with the purpose of accumulating frivolous points tailored to your preference, locked in reward silos. The greatest power of money is to enable freedom; instead of liquidity and formlessness, the expression of credit within a card is constrained within a defined product which you do not own. It's an immensely useful financial instrument when used properly, with this understanding. Strategic debt can be beneficial. It just needs to be paid in full each month. Now there's a mental element behind the card, besides marketing behavior pattern trends, in other words traceable identity, purchasing power revolves on a vehicle instead of a preferably fat funded account under your name.
It's known fact that you should avoid credit cards at all costs, even warren buffet has constantly hammerred this, because of inherent risk relative to benefit. It's an artificial ceiling to your personal growth that you accept fully, limiting yourseld unconsciously. Who the hell can tell you how much you're worth? Oh you asked for it.
Even with dedication to apply your best, credit cards reduce your conscious awareness of value within a constraining financial platform. I don't mean to spout this psychobabble as gospel as this is my opinion, but I just want to highlight how extremely easy one can be deluded with credit cards. I had a job, I had a credit card with an insane ceiling in the "elite" category. Inheritance. Left job, maxed card, miles. Ask upgrade. They want my current financials, refuse because of banking secrecy. Now I'll say gtfo and already have a card under secrecy jurisdictions. If I need a loan, then I have the collateral. [...]

[...] A credit card is akin to equalizing a hardworking 115 IQ vs a lazy 135 IQ on levels of applied intelligence, but the 135 IQ has higher versatile bankability because his metric aka net worth is higher. Credibility is given to track record contingent to bank approvals; it doesn't flow from the source. Therefore there is a mater servant relationship when in fact, a charge card and bank account with visa/MC has the same functionality and you're in control.
Just as an example, the credit card athlete is performing for the banking institution instead of his generalized activity in the economy as a whole, it's ludicrous; but always fun nevertheless. I like credit cards but damn, it's such a circle jerk. Focus on what matters more

>It's known fact that you should avoid credit cards at all costs
Huh? The is the dumbest part of your blog post, which was pretty retarded on the whole. You started with a cogent point -- that credit scores are not an indicator of wealth or financial success -- and then devolved into some diatribe with delusions of grandeur and /x/-level conspiracies.

But to my point, having and properly utilizing a credit card is part of being an adult in any first-world country. There are no "inherent risks" of a credit card. It's a credit device that can be used or misused, plain and simple.

>Also, you faggots need to stop invoking Warren Buffett in every fucking thread. It just makes you look stupid.

Only credit I ever used was a $3000 student loan and have a single credit card. Do you not pay your bills user?

Credit scores are like grades. Get 1 F and 1000 As won't make half the difference.


28, no credit, never had debt.

30k + in the bank

I want a card where I will never pay a penny for using it (assuming im never late) and can actually gain rewards
cash or airline miles would be great


I have four cards from different issuers with reward schemes. They're all always groceries and travel. Some of them pay 1% across the board but I never bother activating the 5% because I don't travel.

nah ah ah gotta say the magic word
nah ah ah


If you want the best cash back cards with no annual fees, see what I posted in But you'll probably have to get an Amex Blue Cash everyday or Blue Cash Preferred (BCP has an annual fee) for groceries since the Sallie Mae was discontinued for new applications. There are a couple of cards with slightly better rewards, but they come from smaller no name banks, and I personally don't like dealing with smaller no name banks unless I actually bank with them and they have physical locations in my area

If you want travel cards and points, you'll have to do more research yourself because getting the right travel cards for your needs depends on a lot of factors

thank you m8

figure never having a credit card, not a credit score will stop me from getting the best possible card so early

OP here

Cards I got

Capital One Quicksilver (1.5% cashback on everything)
Discover IT (good rewards on certain things)
Amex Everyday Blue (3% on groceries and gas)

I'm thinking of getting a Chase Sapphire, but I've had all of my cards for only about two years now, so I think they may be impacted by the age if I get another card - and that I don't really travel that much, so the benefits of the Sapphire aren't as good for me.

Anyone got any advice?

No, your criminal history has nothing to do with your credit score. Your credit score is based strictly on your documented financial history and nothing else.

I've heard some insurance company internal scoring systems take an individuals overall level of degeneracy into account though

Pasta? If not it should be.. pretty cringe to be quite honest family

Chase Sapphire Preferred is pretty overrated unless you travel frequently in my opinion

I wouldn't recommend it unless you'd like to just cash out the $500 sign up bonus and cancel the card before they charge you the fee next year or actually start traveling

The inherent risk is the card holder, an idiot can wreck his future much more considerably with a credit card than without one. Your premise implies that everyone is like you. If a product is deemed universally good and useful, then banks wouldn't make money off interest.

You don't need to be condescending or judge me. I may be wrong and its my opinion, do you think you can be wrong? I dont think so. Do we really need to argue?

Yeah if you care what the establishment thinks, then you are the estsblishment..unless you want to live in a totalitarian indoctrinated state with political correctness. Zero fucks and personal moral responsbility. Yet again, I dont judge you

Nah, I'm not interested in churning it.

Thanks for the advice.

I love how somehow certain types of people see themselves as independent of the completely interconnected society we ALL live in.

At a certain point - what the establishment thinks matters unfortunately. You don't have to like but it's a reality and that's how it is.

Refusing to participate for whatever reason doesn't change this fact. Spouting it to others makes you look immature at best and arrogant at worst.

For that I don't judge you either though, just an observation

>an idiot can wreck his future much more considerably with a credit card than without one
That's like saying forks are "inherently dangerous" because some retard might poke themselves with one. There's lots of ways to ruin your credit that have nothing to do with credit cards. There's also lots of ways to make your financial life easier, more efficient, and even cheaper, with them. Stop trying to draw black-and-white conclusions.

>You don't need to be condescending
I was being condescending. I was outright insulting you. If you continue to post nonsensical diatribes, you will continue to be insulted, by me and by others.

If you don't like it, then stop shitposting.


Pay it off in full every month (except one time and only because my ISP a shit and left me without internet for 2 weeks)

I said I like credit cards chill out. I just prefer direct charge. I'm your devils advocate, why do you love credit so much? No downsides? There's always a balance to everything. Feelin the CC love yo haha

The root cause was "cringe" relative to my post, the cringe stems from a diversion of what's normal or an expression of digust. Hence my reply on the establishment. So, a mutation can either be beneficial (evolution) or detrimental (cancer). A quote from Nietzsche: the surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct them to hold in higher esteem those who think alike, instead of those who think differently.

We have souls interconnected in the world as one, in this context the harmony of this world was never in doubt, but its the dogma and the instiutionalized thought stemmed from a commercial product (if it were science then its a different story). Therefore my claim was misconstrued. You're painting me the way you want to see me, I'm humble and an "anonymous" aka traceable Veeky Forums poster. All is not white and black as you say but sometimes we see only what we want to see. K this convo derailed. You can have the honor of closing statements. Peace

I'm Well that's good that my credit score isn't actually effected by that I guess. I can confirm though that Insurance companies do in fact look at any potential risk like that. I actually work for one now. Rates are high for young males in their 20s with criminal records.

>the cringe stems from a diversion of what's normal or an expression of digust

Oh you're a mind reader now too? Amazing. Hey, can you tell me why God doesn't exist in a paragraph or less?

We live in a system of debt where your worth is defined by how much you owe others. Scoring models assess these things and that's what this thread is about. I don't agree with it but I can't deny it's a reality we all live in, including you.

The cringe doesn't stem from the fact that you think differently, it stems from your obvious belief that you are in fact different when you're not.

Debt is arguably the most aggressively marketed product in human history, I'll give you that. Thinking you are somehow enlightened or a unique and beautiful snowflake for noticing is when you started tipping your fedora.

>I'm humble
Your post started out with 'This whole circle jerk seems ridiculous' ...

You're a douchebag. But yeah, back to credit scores and whatnot.

Credit is a racket but you gotta play the game.

I'm 31. Hard pull in the last year (mortgage preapproval). Small student loans, paid off.

Citi Doublecash
Cap1 Quicksilver
Fidelity Retirement Rewards
HSBC nothin special MC

It only helps if your mother has good credit

>locked in reward silos

>go to citi
>set rewards to auto apply to statement balance

Suppose I had the money to buy a new car up front, in cash. Would it be worthwhile to finance just for my credit score?

Are there any free credit score sites for Canadians? I asked the teller at the bank when I was opening an account and she wouldn't tell me.

In my defence, I've never done anything that would cause any change in my credit score until I got myself a credit card last year, solely for the purpose of increasing it.

>Suppose I had the money to buy a new car up front, in cash. Would it be worthwhile to finance just for my credit score?
Car loans are expensive, and while sometimes necessary, should be avoided. So the answer is "maybe," but only if you can pay off the loan if full early with no penalty (typical, at least in the U.S.). Keep the loan for 4-6 months so that you get some payment history, and then pay it off in full.

I'm from the UK btw. I haven't used the card a whole lot, which might be why it hasn't increased much, not to mention I have a low paying job.

How should I increase my credit score? I've never had to get into any form of debt, barring the occasional use of the credit card, so proving that I'm reliable enough to increase my score is difficult.

I don't have a credit score. I win, losers. I've never got anything in credit ever.

full score is 7 years long man 5 more to go

pretty much all cards do this beyond the 620 score level


EX:unknown wells fargo online banking is down atm possibly 660-70

Citi Double Cash
Wells Fargo Student Card

Never had credit before March of last year.
Oldest account:1 Y 3 M

oh i'm actually 22 not that it matters tho.

FICO from Transunion, Experian, Equifax from top to bottom.

CreditKarma rates a bit higher in the 800s for both Transunion and Equifax FAKO scores.

It would probably take longer to break 750 with that utilization, average age of accounts, etc... unless you got added to a very old account of your parents as an authorized user, FICO '98 and FICO '04 models treat these as equals to accounts that you hold repayment responsibility on.

Sapphire is overrated. Citi Doublecash is a solid 2% on everything card, Chase Freedom is a good alternative to the discover that usually has different cashback categories.

What do you find yourself spending money on user?

>credit card since age 21
>mortgage since age 25
>never missed a payment
>pay off credit card bills every month
>very low credit utilization %
>only negatives are one credit inquiry a few months ago because i was going to refinance my mortgage and my short (10 years isn't long enough?) credit history

Most recent Fico 756, peaked at 780 back in February and I just wonder why.

Ehhhhh, 20+ years is generally when you can get closer to 850.

If you didn't get any lines of credit, apply for any, close any accounts, it's probably your utilization.

Well, I was at about 740, and just dropped to 710.

Not really sure why, I suspect credit card utilization. I made a big purchase and immediately paid it off, but I guess they recorded within that 24 hours.


23, have bought and paid off one car, now I'm leasing. No house, decent-paying job.

Ehhh, 720 is average, a 30 point swing like that is unlikely to give you any grief unless you need to renew an auto insurance policy or apply for new credit right now. Most credit cards report the balance of the statement cut, so if you make sure that you remain (ideally) 13% or less, or minimally less than 50%, then it's better for your credit score.

35, 764 reporting in

CapitalOne Quicksilver
CFNA Firestone credit card

How legit is Creditwise, btw?

So what's the ideal amount of cards to have?

as many as you can keep track of.
5 is a nice number.

>So what's the ideal amount of cards to have?
For smart management of your personal finances: 2.

For maximizing your credit score regardless of the potential risks should you fail to exercise disciplined judgment: 6.

>chapter 7 bankruptcy a year and a half ago
>already have a $14k credit line again

my good friend has an 815 score
his sister put a credit card in his name when he was 12
i used to have 740 then i got my car and have since maxed out my credit card so my current score is 660