How to sell software to your boss??


I am working in a phone repair shop during the summer, I will stop after summer however I would like to think that I could work there in the future again and use my boss as a reference.

I have made minimal mistakes probably costing up to €35.
I am currently being paid under the table and below minimum wage.

I have made a piece of automation software that would reduce time spent on an integral part of the business, dramatically.

When I first mentioned creating the software I didnt talk about money, So I reckon he expects it to be free.

How do I bring up selling my software to him without damaging relations.


uhm.. very carefully??


I was thinking of pricing the software based on man hours saved.

E.g If this software wasnt used the owner would spend approx. 5hrs using it.

Should I cost it at €50 .

€10 per hour saved.

The owner is kinda jewing me out, €6.50 an hour and I am fixing phones for him which he prices at >€60


Sell it for whatever because he prob won't pay anything serious for it since you are doing a job that requires a bit of information that needs to be taught. You should prob be getting paid like 10hr since it's under the table anyway. You should focus on getting a better job.

Although to be fair I'm pretty sure there is a torrent to learn everything about phone repair in like 2 hours that I've seen out there. Try doing this shit on your own for side income.

Then use that money on meme stocks and crypto currency.



Ya he should probably be paying me €10 an hour.

I will say that watching Youtube videos will teach you almost everything you need to know. There isnt quite anything as good as first hand knowledge being passed onto you.

The small tips, putting electric tape in certain areas of the screen for getting increased leverage for raising screens.

I am going to post some things that I have created that I will not ""give"" to my employer.


If it's worth anything at all and not just 10 lines of bash or something, then don't fucking sell it. You license it to him and whoever else you can, for the largest possible fraction of the human labor costs that it replaces. If you sell it to him and he's a semi-competant businessman, that's exactly what he'll do, right after he fires you.


Oh shit nah 10usd an hour not euros. I guess like 8-9 euros. Your skill isn't that worthwhile since anyone can do it and the time it takes to begin is very short.

Side business I'm telling you. Mr pajeet isn't going to pay shit for your code.



Ideas: Create a CRM system.

Creating tickets. Simple HTML forms, that you enter data into. Phone, model, problem, possible diagnosis. Customers phone number.

This data entered into a database on my server.
Server side script prints three barcodes.
1. For the customer, put it on a business card, looks professional.
2. For the back of the phone keep track of it in workshop.
3. For a takaway lunchbox, put barcode label on lid, allows you to keep track of the customers device easier.

I have added a script to allow barcode scanning to input into a search bar into my website.
You can scan a lunchbox, phone, customers ticket. And all info pops up.

I have also added the option that you can scan a barcode while working and add updates to the Database so that when It comes to checkout you are easily reminded of what you did.

This shit is worth a lot of money.


Its not a Pajeet, thats one selling point of my owners business.

I live in Ireland, there is another phone shop operated by some eastern europeans in my town.

People prefer coming and doing business with an Irish local businesses than an unknown face.

Idea: There are a couple of phone network provider companies in my hometown, three, lyca mobile, Vodafone, meteor.

The shops seem to refer an awful lot of customers to our phone repair shop.

I have created a scraping tool that gets best price from various marketplaces

If a customer pops in we show them the screen. Show them our marketplace with our shops logo. Prices are all original price and our 'high' markup.

They are happy buying from a shop face to face, if a customer wants a case that isnt already in stock we simply say that its coming from an irish supplier and should be here in a few days.

They are always happy with our arrangement.

At the moment we simply go to ebay and find cases and add markup I believe this idea could be used in store and for online selling if people come from the facebook links.


Stock control: At the moment stock names are collected into a mothafucking huge excel file.

I could script a tool to create product codes, abbreviation of the product name.

Using the product name and code, upload all into my previously mentioned CRM database.

Then create the barcode for all stock server side print them out en masse and tag them everywhere.

If repairing a phone scan barcode of the new screen part.
The Job detail cost would increases by value of the part. Afterwards the stock control Database, "iphone 5 lcd digitiser" depleted by one.

Have triggers, if parts of "object1" get low. Send notification to "Jewish Boss"


Does anyone here know anything about how to unlock phones from major networks.

Scrape the web for unlocking websites,
After you have a website test its validity.

Run it through rings of trust websites.
Scam or Not websites.

Once I have a list of valid websites, create a scraping database to get prices from each website and only buy unlock codes from the best priced ones.

If you want to be extra jewy, most of these sites provide affiliate networks. Run them and buy off our own affiliate links.

Or start our own using the scraped prices and add markup and market in our own online marketplace


If selling cases, add your own packaging.

On the cases packaging have your own logo some bullshit about supporting local and the quality.

By adding your own packaging to cases , you can add xbox huag markup to what you sell.

Apple sell a $200 phone for $800.

we could sell .30c cases for €20


automate data transfer.

Bash scripts to transfer data from phones to another.

Connect both an iphone and a Samsung together and send all the data from the iphone to samsung.

This is a major time drain. Manually having to drag and drop and mess with settings.

Automating the shit saves time and gets customers their plasticy shit back allowing you to charge more for a "Quick" service.

Anons dont just lurk, give advice. How DO I sell my beautiful code to him for money because he MIGHT expect it to be free.

Plus small town, dont wanna get a bad reputation when im only 18.




Research seo, isnt that hard and market the shit out a few certain key words they should be quite obvious.

iphone repair "x" x your location
phone repair x
screen repair x

market keywords above and others and mention your area a lot

then when someone types into google, foogle gets their ip and location.

THen who's fucking website pops up guarenteeing you a load of work.

I should quit and market myself as a contractor and sell my unique services.


Obviously isnt that easy but you get the idea guys.

When someone types "Where to get an iphone fixed"

Google has your ip and your location.

If your SEO is up to scratch, you should be in the game


Perhaps some of you guys are good at maths.

How do you feel about programming brute force unlockers.

Some old phones, nokias, bluetooth, old sammmies, old huaweis, lg's and older sonys.

You can unlock the phone if you canget certain information.

Then with your gathered information bruteforce an unlock code, This shouldnt be too difficult as phone providers security isn't as secure as it is now.

Market the cost of unlocking the old phones for dirt cheap.
Then when they're in the shop sweet talk them with our charming bullshit, ask what new phones they have or their daughters wife brother /other.

Establish a name for being the best or giving a fair deal.

Return Customers will make us gold, Word of Mouth is King. Getting a good reliable name that people can trust giving their €700 phones to is important.


Which torrent site/tracker do you think I could find it on?


Any thoughts/criticism on anything mention it and i'll try answer you and if not ill answer tomorrow morning.

Any ideas on how I can sell the software without necessarily losing my job.


what the fuck is going on in this thread? These are all the same poster according to ID


crazy shit happens on the chans m8


I have created an app that is similar to ios9's battery monitor.

The app, which needs to be on a device for atleast a week for a sufficient amount of data to be collected.

App sends data collected to server

The program then compares the results of the old battery to a new battery,

It gives statistics on theorethical improvements
/couple other nifty features that im not giving away.

Many phones need new batteries therefore this app could help in deciding whether you need a new battery


making under minimum wage
how do I not damage relations

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