Tell me Veeky Forums, why haven't you gone Real Human Bean core yet?

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If it didn't have the scorpion on it I would definitely cop.

I did it for a costume party once and I still have it.

So technically yes, I do have the kino jacket racked in my closet.

Was it a fun costume or did you feel like a robot?

Because only Gosling or a dog could pull it off and I'm netiher

I actually didn't even like this jacket in the movie, much, and I'm usually pretty autistic for a good movie costume.

I still want Rick's coat from Blade Runner but know I must never cop.

It's a fun costume. Got compliments on it because people enjoyed the movie, but most normies forgot it existed and were pleasantly reminded. The group theme among my friends was favourite movie characters. I managed to pull a girl so I'd say that was a win.

You gotta keep up with the new hotness. Oops! You can't pull this off either.



Those fits are perfect

What movie is this from again

I want this in black with a white or silver scorpion

proof that body type means everything in fashion


Jesus christ

>I'm Drive...
>Let me kick in your teeth...
>*tips toothpick*

Fucking love this kek

>revisit the sticky
>read screencaps from Veeky Forums circa 2011 on young Stalin
>read the infographics on Veeky Forums approved clothing
>mfw it's reddit as fuck
Wew lad the sticky aged like fine milk.

You can buy a version without the scorpion, in any colour you want.

More like proof that bad replicas look bad on any body type.

That colourway was available from the official merchandise line if I remember correctly. Don't cop it though as that line (Steady Jackets) is terrible.

I bet he ordered the Magnoli version.

You can also get that at Magnoli.