Alright. Fuck it

Alright. Fuck it.

How do I fix myself, Veeky Forums?


I know. I might.

Post feet
I can't suck you off if you want

That's... interesting, senpai.

Honestly I'm just wanting some advice on what the fuck to do. I really like fashion but I'm a bit clueless. Any suggestions for me?

Nose job.
White skin.

Na I don't want to be full white.

I like my nose tho

Your lips and nose are too big and your eyes are too small.
That's what you get for being mixed race


/pol/ is a containment board, y'know

Full rick

>Full rick
Seems legit

Firstly, dont pose right in front of statues like you're going to grind on its bronze dick

This is probably some advice I should follow.

What happened to your mustache, OP?


You resemble Pete Davidson from SNL so you got that going for you. Contacts would definitely help

I would suggest grow you hair longer get some nicer glasses and maybe grow a little facial hair? Then go to a thrift store (one in a black or hispanic neighborhood prefered, i have found they have the most interesting/effay clothes) and purchase the leasted stained/soiled clothes you can find.

Nothing short of a full personality change will fix you, you look feminine in your gay little coat and scarf, totally innoffensive no personality lookin guy.

I recommend you get a buzz cut cause your hair texture looks bad and hit the gym and stop dressing like you're wondering if your girlfriend is cheating on you.


damn... I couldn't quite put it into words but you did. Well done user. Edge on OP is non-existent

you look alright, like a nice guy but kinda bland. you have a nice smile. if you want to improve, get more exercise, a better haircut (don't buzz, just go shorter on sides and longer on top), and contact lenses. your clothes are too loose as well; your pants should be tighter and more tapered, and your jacket is too loose and kinda long. overall you actually have a lot of potential to be charming if not conventionally attractive.

Tuck in scarf. Also, don't let it be so bunched up. Just fold it in half length-wise once or twice, do a simple loop around, then tuck.

Looks much neater and actually makes you look a bit taller.

Alright OP, if you're serious then lets go:

Lets start from the top and work down, from these two pictures I think your facial type is round. Which is very important for a couple of things.

Hair (Round Head Type) - Try to go from something short on sides with longer on top, although you want to avoid making any volume on the top. Just look it up on google and have a look around till you find someone with similar soft features (yes you've got a larger and softer looking nose than most, get over it and start using it)

Also invest in product, it can make a world of difference, depending on which style you're going for of course.

Glasses - Here's a big one, see you're going in the right direction with the ones you have at the moment. But they need to be far more angular, straight geometrical objects that counteract the fact you have softer features. Again look it up and get a feel.

Clothes - Its hard to tell from the two pictures, it doesn't make me want to vomit so I would say from the two its just your normal average everyday guy. Which is fine. One thing I would look for is you've got a very definitive male body type so I'd stay away from any clothes with a feminine aspect.

Lifestyle - Hard to tell again from two pictures but when your in public stand with your fucking back straight, Jesus Christ at marketplace its the most simplest thing to make you look better, more confident, more well adjusted and people fucking don't do it

Stop being brown
Correct facial asymmetry
Nose job
Small twink
Poor frame
Shit taste in clothing and glasses
So on


idk get new glasses, they really aren't flattering - at least from those angles

Shave your hair off, work out, grow facial hair, change you body language. Can't grow facial hair? That's okay, you can still do the first two.

Your body language is your biggest problem. Focus on these, and you can worry about clothing afterwards.


Kill yourself

Spic nose and ears. Sorry, you're unfixable. Next time don't have shit genes.

buzzcut, grow a beard

you look like the defenition of an amerimutt. I'm sorry but nothing short of a LOT of surgery is going to fix you. Your lips and nose are just too fucking native

also, I didn't mention this, but your skin is not at all what's detracting from your look. No girl/guy will give a shit what skin color you are, but they WILL give a shit about what features you have. I'm sorry my friend but your parents' genetics have betrayed you. Your best bet is to make a lot of money in IT or crypto or make a game, and then pay for expensive surgeries when you're like 28 or 30 and then maybe bang some used on broads.


now you see the dangers of racemixing. I'm very sorry OP. You seem like a nice person. I have brown eyes and brown hair, even though I have very pale skin and am not mixed, and even I feel like an outsider sometimes. You would have a place in the US in 60 years once we get mixed into oblivion, but for the moment I don't know how you would fit in outside of hispanic communities. Stay strong.


it's not bad really

maybe get new glasses (clubmasters could work on you)
haircut (unironically undercut, you're going for a normie style apparently so undercut would fit)
sports, you don't need to lose weight but you appear to be skinnyfat. fixing that would also make your face more attractive
get fitting jeans aswell that aren't in an awful colour

or (protip) don't give a fuck and move on with your life. not much will change just because you change your appearance, and chances are if you fall into the fashion meme hole you'll never be satisfied and always want to buy some obscure item next because it'll finally make you satisfied with your wardrobe, even though you already know it won't


EFFAY never let me down
Kekd user.

audibly laughed desu

hit puberty, workout, and listen to
, , and

Damn man, I'm sorry. Maybe consult some plastic surgeon if it's even possible to fix that 52% face?

serious post, u look like an average suburban american between 18-30

don't do it fampi

Go with the protip on Regarding Find out a fix for your hair, based on the pictures looks like isn't your "natural" hair, stop doing siisy crap, grow it natural or get a decent cut.
Regarding body language, you need a better framing, workout.

This Helps "A-LOT" get to know shapes and see what fits in ya.

And this guy is right... You look feminine AF... and this i don't know how to fix.

dios mio... el goblino...

Typical northern Brazilian.

LMAO you sound like jk Simmons in whiplash

look at this crazy refraction effect. you need much BETTER LENSES. you have a cheap thick high diopter spheric lens. you look like a point-dexter to anyone looking at you from the front.

Go to the glasses shop and ask for high index aspheric or double aspheric and your eyes will look MUCH better behind the lens. It will only cost you 300 dollaroos. Go for Zeiss or Nikon, dont fall for meme coatings.

or just get contacts.

you are an amerimutt, aren't you? tell me you are

Your face looks like the fucking Boston Bomber.

Cut your hair off, grow it naturally

Post a pic without your glasses. Lose the gay ass smile and the gay ass head tilt.

u kinda have the jewy young dov charney look, id smash

dont flatter him like that, OP barely looks human. no joke.