Does the sneakerboot has the potential to be the next normie trend ?

does the sneakerboot has the potential to be the next normie trend ?

How do they differ from high tops

> Made by Nike
> "Not normie"

meant for the winter, usually waterproof or at least tougher materials. More rugged sole for grip.

Casual combat boots was a trend back in 2015.

Just because a normie brand makes it doesn't make it inherently normie. Hell, Nike made Komyuters and you never saw every other person walking around with paper bag looking shoes.
I don't think so. As long as the general idea of normie fits is comfy, athletic clothes they'll be hard to work in.

>meant for the winter

T. Never worn sfbs

Nope. Less so in Australia cause they don't even retail here xD have to order from overseas. Always get mired in mine, never seen someone else wit em.

OP here, actually in Australia rn exchange , started doing small hikes with them, pretty comfy so far. Glad to see I bringed something that I thought would be worn by the Asian fuccbois but actually isn't

Nice dude, yep, sure feels great wearing them knowing azn hype nubs aren't dooshing them up. They are still riding the yeezy dick hard. Enjoy the exchange!

Ive been thinking about copping these but idk what would be a good fit with them for an everyday look

techwear basically. what is your style like?

>not calling them snoots or beakers

>rugged sole for grip
>nike sfbs


>t. never hiked before
How warm a boot can be is largely dependent on how big of a sock you can fit in for warmth.
I use the same boots for summer / winter hiking and I have no problems

Kinda want to get these but in black. Are these really going to be normiefied? I think I saw one of those sneakerhead type of guys at my uni wearing a nike duckboot but thats it

Those look fucking great, if I ever wear down the pair I have I'll probably one like that, at least with a white sole

I have the black lowcut. They are winter shoes. Extremely good in snow and ice. Too warm for anything other than below freezing temp. Not an everyday shoe

I am a delicatessen and I use these for work and casual wear. Now I'm Veeky Forums af Jej

Is there something like this in all black? I'm looking for lighter boots (desert mali and similar) and these got me interested

if people adopt the style. They're my new fetish, I like techwear and grunge and not all normies pull that off + they only look good with loose jeans