Is paying $2000 to dress like a 9 year old whose mommy buys him clothes at Sears cool...

is paying $2000 to dress like a 9 year old whose mommy buys him clothes at Sears cool? or is this just ironic meme fashion

fire theo fit, iconic

This is like the Lamborghini version of a Mac Demarco fag

As always looks like shit, but if he can afford it who cares?
Get a life op
Or waste it shit posting it like I do

i am asking if you think this is cool. this is not your faggot blog

>always looks like shit
I've got your answer

>Mac Demarco fag
Nigger how? Do you even know who Mac DeMarco is? If anything this is the evolution of the 2010-2012 era swagfags.

wearing a cap does not make you mac demarco

>do you know how Mac Demarco is?
Yes I saw him live in 2012

>5 panel
>Varsity looking/thrift looking jacket (I know that is cave meme empty)
>croped/rolled trousers
Can't see the similarities with Mac fags?

I wonder if he gets nice haven discounts for wearing their shit

Such a boring fit. Don’t know how anyone can think this looks good

i wore this shit when i was like 8 LAMO

no you are shitposting some random image board on the internet because you've developed enough negative emotion towards a certain individual or style to exert it in a negative fashion onto others

not really a shitpost. do you think this looks cool? look at it


As fashion is highly subjective, creating posts/shitposts like these is meaningless. Go be bitter somewhere else.

this is certainly a shitpost by all other boards standards

damn he is ugly, no wonder he blurs his face

>not really a shitpost
is paying $2000 to dress like a 9 year old whose mommy buys him clothes


So do you think he looks cool, or not? Not OP btw.

Funny you won't answer that. IMHO, I think he looks like doo doo. Apparently, he also raped his ex-gf and is a terrible person.

whats yours? you sure seem mad about this simple qstn

pretty lame to make a thread making fun of theo when you’re clearly either his mate or roll in a similar circle.

ok, what is yours?

my insta? 1i1i1ii1

This it the type of person who makes these threads
>tfw all your friends make fun of you for dressing like this irl

That’s actually really a rly cool lük idk what you’re on about

Kai don’t you have more designer clothing to rip off and call original designs? Pls go

Not him lol wait is this the same guy

>9 year old whose mommy buys him clothes