Can you wear vintage windbreakers anymore?

Can you wear vintage windbreakers anymore?



You can
But it will always look like shit
Never looked good
Will never look good
Keep falling for the Mac demarco/thrift meme while Im laughing

not this kind of vintage windbreaker


Do you think that looks good?

i think it looks nice, but simple. So valeverga

This is 18 + board
I hope that you're underage
Jokes aside, don't be 18+ dressing like that


>dfw copped this before it stopped being sold
>dfw it looks and fits like shit on me

there's no need to get frustrated man

reddit spacing

>gets properly ass gublasted
>reddit spacing
autism at its finest

>t. soyboy reddit user

>t. autist

>t. soyboy

>reddit spacer calling others autists

>t. kike

>t. soyboy

thanks for destroying the thread.

that maroon one looks nice. w2c

Reddit spacing is two line breaks, homie

Don't get too confident there, buddy. I don't think you "gublasted" anyone.

You white people have the worst sense of style. I'm embarrassed for you

I like them a lot.

I have a buzz and only wear them when i go to raves

reddit spacing is 2 spaces at the end of a line, is it not?


thats your opinion

Only if you have matching sweatpants or a full nylon set.
And footwear to go with it

>david foster wallace copped this before it stopped being sold
must have been the reason he killed himself

most vintage windbreakers do not work because a lot of them are a product of their time with the bold colors and shit

people can pull off some vintage windbreakers and thats mostly just when they have basic colors and basic patterns


$5 you own camo pattern sweatpants with elastics around the ankles.

you can wear em but it's basic fuckboy/ played out mac demarco vintage core at this point. You won't look like anything special.