I'm a Muslim girl and I want some hijab inspo

I'm a Muslim girl and I want some hijab inspo.

Any tips?

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I put in an FBI tip to your home address. Fucking terrorist.

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Imagine choosing to live as a Muslim woman HAHAHAHAHAH do you know how unattractive that is? Who would want to even sit next to you on a bus let alone love you? hahahHAHAAH

Start with normal fashion
Cover up more until your husband stops beating the shit out of you
Stick with that

If you're wearing a hijab, at the very least wear it like the Iranians do. Show hair. A hijab can be cute, but for the love of god show hair. Otherwise it just makes you look bald and your face look fat.

The muslims girls at my uni look like a bunch of wrapped pigs because they wrap their hijabs so tight that they are literally popping out. So ugly.


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I can dig a middle eastern honey. Hijabs/muslims just seem instantly off limits to me, unfortunately. Oh well.

U don’t need hijab Inspo
Use regular femme inspo, pick the modest shit and put a hijab on. Japanese/Korean stuff is usually pretty modest.
But if ur middle eastern ur probably thicc so idk guess ur fucked


Just buy a silk one with the lv monogram.

This unironically


>Muchachas árabes.jpg

Son Palestinas, no Árabes...

I probably will start wearing it like that. I do honestly like that look.

I love this.

I might. I have a few nice ones


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I would tell you to kill yourself but I don't want any more dead Europeans.

do this, I've seen hijabi girls wear it like this and it reminds me of pic related. 10/10 would miscegenate with a qt Persian girl

Post your hijabs. I love how they drape, depending on how they're worn. Could be an accessory to cool fits.

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I would respect her even more than a thot whore.



browse thru

I'm a national socialist Jew and I want some judenstern inspo.

Any tips?

(This is what you sound like, OP)

no one "chooses" to live as a muslim bro, its not really an option otherwise if your born into it (unless you feel like being fully exiled by your community/family). have some respect.

Westerners do. To some extent.

>no one "chooses" to live as a muslim bro
besides all the people who come to the west, abandon their family by doing so and do choose the be muslim. Presumably, also all those who are willing to die for Islam or evangelise it also like Islam.

I thought the entire point of the letterbox uniform was that it didnt make you look nice so pakis dont rape you. I see them buying makeup and I cant even fathom why because nobody is going to see it. Youve been given a free pass in life to look like shit but the flipside is youll never look good (I doubt you could with an arab face anyway)

your mommy got raped by mehmed in the bus yesterday? why are you so upset?

Don't listen to them, they're liberals.
>implying women are humans and not cattle

yes she did

>implying this is not a legitimate reason to be upset.


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>Muslim girl who needs advice
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Are you implying the underage mutts from /pol/ are white?

Good point
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Western countries and those who want to make it (worse)great again are the biggest terrorist, rapist on the world.

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I mean wearing a hijab is to cover your hair? Idk

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The duality of Veeky Forums

sandniggers stink and are ugly. no one cares what these fat cunts wear. just cover up and stay home taking care of ur stinky muslim husbands lol

What duality?
National Socialism, and Mohammedanism/Islam, are mutually compatible, unlike what Jews want people to believe...

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Jew, or “white” gentile scum? Which one are you?

Salaam sister,

Veeky Forums is a bad place for this kind of post.
I suggest you visit Reddit, as much of a hivemind as it is they wouldn't dare disrespect you.
Respect for wearing your hijab, many sisters these days don't and it is a shame.

Learn English retard

dont mind the white cucks

No, since it's not my first language. Idiot.

Veeky Forums isn't good for you, everyone's a salty virgin with no real social skills much less international awareness

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Truly a multicultural board

Are Muslim women allowed to dress in 'stylish' burhkas or whatever they call those dresses? Drapegame could be strong as fuck if it's allowed

>has never read a history book
Those two are literally the same thing.

>Respect for wearing your hijab

i'm from a "muslim" family myself, but fortunately nobody's really religious and believes in some stupid ass fairy tales. if you were my sister i would never let you leave the house with your head covered.
but for real tho why do people still believe in religions? monotheism is btw even worse than polytheism