Why is Hedi Slimane the greatest designer of all time?

It is absolutely proven. He will claim victory over all Rick fuccbois, "Minimalism" incels, r/MFA soybois, ugly people, people who wear curtains as clothes (Yohjicels and similar piss) and epic "dark-fashion" fagbois. There is no stopping him, Hedi is God.

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Heidi's cum taste soo good
BTW Celine boots look sick
Belive anons


my gf wears full slp every day and sucks my cock in public;)) jealous fuccbois? it's fine


hedi's female collections are terribly boring

This, I only watch it for 3 reasons: music, kiki and Grace

>Complaining about dark fashion
Hedi low key did some of the coolest dark fashion shit. Just watch his Yves/Dior era, you can get pretty dark with those.

Harry Styles is 34w
Never forget effay, never forget.


Yeah I was just trying to get replies, I have lots of Dior inspo




>One-trick Hedi
>greatest designer
I really like that one time, in a moment of pure genius, when he decided to pair jodhpurs with skinny jeans instead of chelseas. What will he think of next? Beatly boots with zips???

If only we knew how he dreams up this stuff...

Keith richards is a fucking legend, always was badass as fuck

it's almost as if you completely disregarded his Dior days! wow! lurk more fucking incel

No. Hedi is the one who's disregarded his Dior days. I hope he proves me wrong with Celine.

he doesn't have to prove random fackubois who browse /v/ and hack on fortnite anything

I'm sorry I called out Daddy Hedi, peace be upon him. I hope he continues defying expectations and breaking barriers.

You are forgiven




>that shirt

This has to be a joke
OP tell me it was all a joke



Learn English you fucking faggot

My post was pure sarcasm. () Can't speak to the rest though.

I am a linguistic God.


join the Veeky Forums hedi slimane/slp discord pham discord.gg/qCHM5Zz




What shoes are those

Skinny jeans heals band buttons scarves zebra print cool guy smoke cliche model poses. Lol

Saint Laurent Paris SL/37s from SS16
You're probably skinnyfat and wear Uniqlo



hedi is good designer because you can copy fits in H&M for $40. Try knock-off Yohji and see how that looks

Can I post nudes there?

I'm already busting a nut.

I think it's other the way round... It just tells his designs aren't special in anyway imo

How ironic that slim mane makes clothes than only look good on skeletons. Seriously though, he's obnoxiously pretentious and doesn't do anything new or worthwhile.

This, if your waist size starts with a 3 just forget Hedi Slimane. His clothes only works on thin people.
I don't mind that, but when you see the buyers of slp wearing his clothes, not the models, most of them are cringe worthy.

>doesn't do anything new or worthwhile
This is my biggest gripe with him.

I am skinny as fuck and dark slp is my best core. Is it acceptable to keep wearing skinny as fuck black jeans and boots or am I no longer fa for doing so?

If you are really that skinny, there's no problem wearing that full slp/Dior homme. Will always compliment your body regardless of what is the latest fashion meme

yeah bro

I was always embarrassed about how skinny I was and would lie about my waist size, now I wear SLP and get to brag about being size 28, I don't know what I'd wear without Hedi.


Celine boots where?

ur gay lol

YSL & Dior is essence of Veeky Forums. No discuss.

Did he design SL01s?

Thank you based user this is the reassurance I needed. I have super skinny legs tiny waist and broad shoulders so high rise and wide cuts just look retarded on me but low rises and skinnys get so bashed now days I don't want to look like a normal fag

soooo overrated

How fucking tall is he

He's an ugly skinny fat manlet.

He's a 5'9" manlet.

Is he in LA or in Paris?
I don't know how free he is since he went to Beline

oh you were only pretending to be retarded, ok

He never had them on the runway so idk, but he took pictures of them







Hedi's a fuckin joke. What has he done but rehash 70's heroin chicness over and over and over... i feel bad for celine desu. He's a fraud.

>spoiled children who wear high heels and skin tight jeans calling anyone "fags"
LMAO keep thinking you're a rebel because you snort coke and wear thrift store garbage for 50x times of it's original price.

> angry fat manlet who trying tj look like 15yo hypebeast.

>sucks in cheeks

He aged really badly.
He looks like shit now.
But when he was a slp boy he was perfect.
I think that the last time he ran was on ss14, after Hedi was done with him.

same goes for every single brand

i was talking about the cringe worthy buyers

My bad, I seen a reply and I thought that was about other post that I made later.
I agree with you, everything looks better in smaller sizes.

I deleted my post and then replied to myself, Im retarded...

i'm just retarded...

lol only girls and homosexuals are under 30 waist. are you for real?

>t. W32 L34, 6'1, 180lb fit chad

Hedi is GOAT
What does he look like now

cool people wear SLP, fat ugly incels wear anything else, this is the truth


This. Hedi is basically how me and my friends dressed at 18 or 19, except we thrifted/sewed everything ourselves. Only thing that want thrifted was shoes and boots. We were just ripping off the same looks as Hedi did with SLP.

You will look like shit wearing slp. Try to pull of those jeans...
His name is Valter, search Valter on insta or search Valter slp and you will find. I'm a lazy ass to send a link or pic related.

they're literally just skinny jeans... and i dont wear skinny jeans. it's 2018 and i'm not a highschool emo kid.

this looks bad.

Imagine thinking skinny jeans (something that has been around since the 70s) are out of style because some redditors on 4chin told you so, you are a fat balding incel

proof of my claims btw in pic rel


is size 28 skinny enough if you're only 6 foot? Been feeling like I'm fat recently

thats easily skinny enough senpai unless u got thicc thighs, its just about having skinny legs that aren't short and stocky




the greatest designer of all time would definitely wear this