JEWlery on men?

Opinions on chains, bracelets, anklets whatever... styles and thickness.

Whats /homo/ and non-homo?

I dig a thick chain bracelet or anything worth its weight

Its all about taste, I can imagine a very androgynous guy pulling off an earring in an endearing way but itd be very rare. I think accessories like that barely ever work and just make you look like an insufferable faggot.

You have to pick the right shit, but it can be done. I have a few pairs of earrings and one necklace that look good on me. I tried to rock a bracelet, but I looked like a complete shitbrick. My best friend, however, wears bracelets and it looks very effay.

Just rings are acceptable.

this, signets are cool as fuck, pinky ring that's chunky but it depends on age and how you look, if you're more mature or weathered the more it suits and less girly it looks.

If you want non-homo guide

>Signet ring pinky only if mature or have a status
>wedding ring

>Thick gold curbs or cubans if you're darker but don't mix a thick chain with a bracelet.
>Rope or something smaller like box, with religious motif in gold is acceptable tier as long as they're small.

>Thick chains, has to be thicker then your necklace suits for smaller wrists customize get it custom but any style is acceptable as long as it isn't a girl pattern that's to open also has to be loose and only in gold or if you're ghetto tier diamond cut.

Gay but acceptable tier

>Hair tie if you have kids and are married
>Bangle if its cultural but even then better are the thick ones with thin ends (NEVER DO IT)
>Leather or stringy, once again culturally or if you're are some pagan with occult symbols on it but outside of that GAY

>Very hard to pull of, you either have to be very manly and new age to pull it off outside of that they can be pretty gay

Anything else is gay.

One things for sure, every man who wears jewelry needs a rope necklace.

I want to get my ears pieces and wear hoops like this, but unfortunately this I'm not very androgynous and I doubt it would look good on me. Oh well.

Im growing my hair out then Im going to wear earrings like pic related

George michael

what about a black ring? I think they look cool

Is Trailer Park Boys effay?
I think Julian is

Imagine being this insecure

It really depends heavily on the person and their style, but in all honesty, there's really nothing that's off limits, however there is a limit on how much you can wear at one time.

I understand not wanting to spend a lot of money on pieces at the start, but just buy some cheap pieces and experiment to see what works out for you. Personally, I wear bracelets daily, necklaces with certain fits, anklets occasionally (usually only in the summer), and although I like rings, haven't found one that suits me yet.

This is very boring in my opinion, don't be afraid to try things outside of the box that is "generic men's jewelry".


Isn't there a rule to only wear two at a time?

do it bro, if you dont like it just get it off also get a smaller earing because at first you are going to feel weird because you are not used to it like not talking about pain or something like that im just talking about how you see yourself.. anyways just do it

just wear what you fucking want, sheesh. have you seen what 99% of the people on this board look like? they're definitely not the most attractive or confident. their opinions are made from pure insecurity.

that being said, a basic article of fashion like an earring is not much to worry about, people rarely care unless youre living in deep, DEEP south hick-ville. its not like wearing an anime shirt, its a small piece of metal/plastic on your ears.

That's Julian for you, he doesn't give a fuck.

>two at a time meme
If you can pull it off, I think having a lot of accessories can look good. A bunch of rings, bracelets, and something like a wallet chain can be pulled off if curated well

If you're Johnny Depp you can pretty much put the entire store on yourself and still look fly.

Can't even imagine. Fuck that faggot.

I've never wanted any jewelry/tattoos/piercing/hair dye of any kind. Suddenly I am obsessed with lip piercing. I want to pierce left side of my lower lip. I don't want any of that gay emo bullshit. I'm like 5'7 skinny dude. Also I've a small face but a shitty long nose. I wear glasses. I also have fucking of thick hair. What do anons?

Yeah fuck autocorrect. I mean I have really thick hair. What do

Is there anything more degrading for someone caring about their appearance than unironically wearing the democratized gemstone in year 2018