What is the origin of black people shoe culture?

What is the origin of black people shoe culture?

I dont recall black people spending hundreds of dollars on shoes in the 90s

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it definitely began in the 90s with Jordans

Watch the doc Sneaker heads. It will explain all this shit. end thread.

Obviously basketball and Jordan's were the biggest things. Basketball is huge among black people, especially back in the 80s and 90s. It's an extremely popular sport where the biggest stars are black people so it's no wonder they would gravitate to larger than life figures they relate to.

Michael Jordan made the basketball shoe industry a thing and with that people wanted to be Like Mike. It's great marketing.

Anyway, eventually shoes became coveted items and status symbols and here we are today.

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thats just because you didnt have cultural awareness in the 90s. sneakers have been a status item since the early 70s, and before then there are always status symbol shoes in every culture

check it out, vintage nike, adidas and puma on early bboys

man sneakers used to be so much better. what happened

They're perfectly priced so that the black cleans out all the money he has to get them but does not have to save over multiple payments.

they weren't vintage at the time. they were just wearing regular sneakers

black people used in some way to be so much better. what happened



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This. I was surprised by how much I liked the documentary.

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Yes they did. And the answer is basketball. Basically Jordan.

And how is this any different than flexing Rick Raf or SLP?

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