I don't live in the country I'm from...

I don't live in the country I'm from. Would it be stupid to get a small tattoo of my home country's coat of arms on my chest? I honestly don't like tattoos, but I like the design and what it means to me, and I figure the chest is relatively discrete.

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>i like the design and what it means to me
>hey pretentious strangers on a Malaysian sex slave trading website, should I get this tattoo?

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Brenda Song


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>I honestly don't like tattoos
So don't get a tattoo, I like tattoos but it sounds like it would be a terrible decision for you.

>I like the design and what it means to me
So use it as your phone background, or put it on a t-shirt, or frame it on your wall etc

>not posting a pic related of the design

sorry user, here you go

Agreeing with this guy, you can get something other than a permanent mistake on your body, such as a graphic tee, or a jacket.

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it depends. if you’re originally from america or germany or say ussr, you might have some problems

I'm thinking of getting this

>Brenda Song

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I got this, Mayli / Amelia Wang

>Finding out she went to my school


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seems like you want something similar to the guy from bon iver.
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> Feminism


>caring about nationalism

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Tattoos look bad. If you're a girl, a chest tattoo is especially low class and trashy. Go for it if the trailer park look is what you want.

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OP here, I'm from Barbados. Was considering getting pic related on the sternum. Do people really think it will look bad? I shouldn't of said I hate tattoos, I just hate tattoos that look trashy and have no meaning. One of my friends got a giant rabbit tattooed on her leg and I just don't understand why.


you have to go back

Get barbados-slim fron futurama tattooed on you

Personally, I think that pic has way too much going on in it to look nice as a tattoo.

Not all tattoos have to be short and sweet but I'd prefer something that has a significant meaning to me, and isnt something so overly complex in design.

If you really want to get this done, would you consider just getting the tree done on its own? Or maybe the armor piece and some of the decorations behind it. Things like that can still retain the meaning of being from Barbados without it looking like a straight copy paste of the CoA.

Im still thinking of what tattoo to get for this very reason. I dont want something that I think is cool or trendy, but something that really speaks to me and can easily be paired with my personality or who I am as a person.