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- Basic routine, skincare guide, and products tips
- How to pop pimples, remove blackheads and whiteheads
- Why you shouldn't use ordinary soap on your face
- How to improve your skin tone through diet
- Studies on how diary and sugars create acne
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How do I stop skin from peeling from my fingers?!?!?!!! I keep moisturising but they are red and inflamed

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is micellar water better than a facial wash?

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Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, try to keep your routine as simple as minimal as you can. Buying more products won’t help, buying effective ones will

Normal people when they get out of the shower look like they feel refreshed.
For me it's always red skin and 2 min after I'm out of the shower my skin starts to form a layer of grease twice the size of what I washed off.

What am I doing wrong?

Give me some moisturizer recs for oily/sensitive skin, I'm on the fence about buying iceland skyn the antidote, so I have come to you for other suggestions.

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> 2. It is her, idiot. The fact that you can’t recognize her is what indicates your facial blindness.

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I messed up
Was tired of the acne on my face so I started using rubbing alcohol to clean it.
While the acne is mostly gone, my face feels stiff, sore and is red. How long till this passes? I've only been using vasaline and moisturizers now


so around June last year i was using stridex maximum and some other face wash and moisturiser. Anyway, this was terrible for my skin. It gave me at least, 12 pimples all after about a week. I started on a new really easy spot treatment of acne. And its been working flawlessly since then. But i have 2 pimples or cysts, i dont know. That have been the same size on my right cheek even after squeezing, applying the stuff to the exact spot. Pimples for me usually last about a week and are gone.. But these have been here since June. I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Also just searched stuff up, and it said it could be an allergic reaction... But would it really last for 8 months? The spot only hurts if i press on it really hard. It's just a very hard looking pimple.

Nevermind, it's probably just an allergic reaction to those new meds I got, figured that out after puking another 3 times. Which is very ironic as those meds are suppose to prevent allergic reactions.

my skin is so fucking oily. how the fuck do i fix it?

wash face with gentle cleanser 2x a day. use an alcohol free witch hazel toner. moisturize.

I already use oil control face wash and moisturizer. I guess I'll try toner thanks

Hello guys, i am trying to understand my skin and a good routine for it.
During the day its very oily on the sides of my nose( and nose) and a little in the chin. I have big pores in this zone.
After showering or washing or staying a lot under the sun my skin gets very dry and with some kind of little flakes or something if its not properly moisturize.
I am washing with water and soup and moisturizing my face twice in the day. One after shower and one before going to sleep. But i wonder, if my skin its oily during the day i should wash it again or just wait to the night wash? If i sweat i have to wash again to?

why do these never go away
how do i make them go away

My skin has always been pretty much fine, but recently I've been having a lot of problems with my face being dry and itchy after I shower. My dandruff seems to be way worse too. Any ideas?

Sounds like a cyst, which can come back if you lance them yourself and don't get rid of the sack. Go and get them removed properly by a professional.

Stop using soap.

Do you moisturise at all?

Oily skin is typically skin that is dehydrated and needs more moisture. I wouldn't wash it more, I would gradually introduce more moisturising products (like a toner with no alcohol, another moisturiser). Once your skin is rehydrated and your moisture barrier is repaired, then you can go into treatments for your pores, I'd suggest looking into BHAs as an exfolient for them.

I didn't used to moisturise but I have been now that it's been so shit

I don't

Toner withouth alcohol its hard to find?
i found one with "Alcohol Denat"

My lips are always dry and skin on them is peeling
what do i do to stop this quick
i drink a lot of water too


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Have you tried using moisturizer on them?

As fr me I have lots of bumpy skin on my upper chest. Not acne per se, but just mild bumps. Anyone have experience with this? Suggestions for getting rid of it? I already use some acne treatment on the area.

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that's still alcohol, even though its 'denatured'. alcohol dries out your skin, which damages it (acne, redness, etc) and makes it oilier in the long term

the oil control cleanser could be making you oilier. your skin gets stripped and tries to compensate by making more oil. maybe try something gentler like cetaphil for sensitive skin

How much can my skin improve beyond, moisturising skin twice a day, washing face with foam cleanser and wearing sunscreen?

water too hot and not moisturizing properly

Do you have any specific issues?

My face is clear af but my back and chest are gross. What do I do? Is a dermatologist my only option? Last time it wasn't helpful at all.

i use a benzoyl peroxide maximum strength face cleanser, benzoyl peroxide spot treatment, and moisturizer. the acne that exists takes like 3 weeks to disappear but it doesnt matter because more just come. WHY THE FUCK CANT IT JUST STOP COMING???? im so fucking depressed i should just give up on trying to look good

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you aren't hygenic enough, you dont eat well enough, something is wrong. The majority of people do NOT have this problem. Have a good look at your lifestyle and make a change.

Probs a soap that you are using is causing it.

pockmark scars? your only hope is co2 laser resurfacing, but it is painful and requires perfectionist use of sunscreen for a long time after. you should be doing sunscreen everyday anyway though. have a look at youtube to see what its like.

absolutely not. its never better to leave something on your face when you dont need to. just get a mild wash without fragrance or essential oils.

shower at a lower temp and avoid putting your face in the stream when you dont have to. moisturize right out of the shower, on wet skin, dont dry off first.

Cerave PM or La Roche Posay Toleriane.

cyst. see a derm or your GP.

never ever treat oily skin with products marketed for it. just go for sensitive skin products and wash twice a day. get blotting papers or a translucent powder such as Innisfree No Sebum if you want a backup quick-fix.

the other user gave good advice, but also: dont use any leave-on BHA, it may exacerbate things. Get a 2% salicylic acid wash that you allow to be in contact with your skin for a couple of minutes while you wash, then rinse off. avoid leaving unnecessary layers on your skin.

fish oil supplements. dont expose your skin and hair to hot water, especially not for prolonged time. go as cold as you can handle.

avoid denatured alcohol. you don't need a toner. if you really want to try one, get Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Toner or Thayer's Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel.

if you wear sunscreen you are miles beyond the average joe already. you can up your sun protection game with a hat and shades, and remember to reapply regularly. If you wear a tenacious sunscreen (water resistant), wash off with an oil emulsion cleanser, the foam won't do the job.

if you have persistent acne you want to talk to a derm about it for treatment. it could be fungal, or a systemic issue.

not pockmark, it's acne scars. the dermatologist says it's hyperpigmentation
i've been using epiduo for 7 months now, and started using tretinoin 0,25mg about 3 weeks. I moisture once a day with an hypoallergenic moisturizer, use eau thermale avéne sunscreen in the morning and again at mid day, and wash my face when i wake up and at night with effaclar concentrated cleansing gel. I've been doing this for months and not only I haven't had any improvement, it feels like it's getting worse. Even my dark circles under the eyes seems like they are getting bigger and darker.

The only dairy I drink is kefir, and recently I switched to doing it with goat milk with is supposed to be less allergenic. I avoid sugar and overly fat food on most days. I really don't know what else I should be doing.

how do I get rid of redness on my nose?
I'm not sure if it was either the sacylic acid or just excessive heat from being too near steam, I had a second degree burn elsewhere recently cooking and I might have touched my nose sometime after washing it off, if that helps.

opinion on idea?
i have really oily skin and ive noticed that out of everything i've tried (both products for oily and products for dry skin because i thought maybe the problem was stripping the skin too much) nothing works the way mild, unfragranced, for-every-skintype products work in calming my cystic acne (down in half)

First time poster in skincare threads here

Kind of unrelated but why does the sticky recommend a Merkur 34C HD safety razor compared to others? any particular reason or does it not really matter.

Someone help, where should I go to get a Vitamin C Serum that has 5%+ sodium ascorbyl phosphate?

They never list the fucking concentration...

hope you're still around, user. hyperpigmentation will go away with time, yours is very mild, I didnt consider it before you pointed it out. you sound like you're being very diligent with your skincare, maybe even too much so. do you have active acne? if not, you really don't need to be using epiduo on top of tret, and you certainly shouldn't combine tret with a harsh cleanser. you've only been on tret for 3 weeks, so you're probably in your period of irritation and skin thinning, which can lead to worsening of pigmentation if you're not careful, and certainly contribute to dark circles. remember not to apply tret around the eyes, but even if you're not, it still migrates there, just in a safer fashion. you need to be an absolute perfectionist with sunscreen while on medication like tret, or your pigmentation will get worse. Go for broad spectrum spf 50, not 30, the reason for this being that the UVA protection often isnt listed on western products as more than "broad spectrum" but can really be quite shit. However, as a rule of thumb, UVA protection is usually around half the spf, so more is more. When you put it on, go it layers like painting a wall, to make sure you get perfect coverage. If it's chemical, remember not to go outside before the 20m mark, and always reapply every 2 hours. It's absolutely fantastic that you are making changes to your diet, but it's still best to avoid dairy. kefir has most of its lactose converted to galactose, but goats milk does not, and either way both can contribute to acne and inflammation, as do all sugary products.

your skin could be over-exfoliated. stop using acid for a couple weeks, then switch to a 2% salicylic acid wash instead of a leave-on product, and remember to use sunscreen. also remember to use moisturizer around your nose.

fragrance and harsh washes can definitely contribute to every kind of skincare concern.

we only have scientific evidence on actual humans for L ascorbic acid, don't be fooled by the alternatives. try Timeless or Paula's Choice. Vit C serums are pricy endeavours, and you should know this: no kind of vit C or vehicle for topical application is as effective as simply ingesting antioxidants where they naturally occur, such as fruit and vegetables. Still, you can try it if you like, see if you think the effects are worthwhile. Keep in mind that it should be with ferulic acid, and that it exfoliates the skin, so you may wants to go easy on other sources of exfoliation.

I didn't read what you said but I found it: Mad Hippies Vit C is 10% SAP.

There are heaps of studies that say it's superior to Benzyl Peroxide 5% and even most oral antibiotics.

I'm getting desperate as it has been over 3 years since i took accutane and those marks didnt get any better since then. I'd really like to use laser treatment as a last resort because of how expensive it is.
Thanks for the advice though, I'll try to stick with just tret and a mild cleanser and focus on sunscreen for a few weeks and see what happens

How do I clear pic related?

I started the pill about 9 months ago and it has really cleared up my acne big time. However I still have these hormonal pimples around my cheek area. I am a 10-stepper and use BHA/AHA masks, glycolic acid toner, etc. but these gross guys still remain. Sometimes they are more prominent, sometimes they fade, but they just never go away completely. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of this type of acne without something like accutane?

It's definitely hormonal, right?

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likely to be cystic which means see a derm

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Give it time and they'll be gone, that's what my derm told me

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Hey guys, just read the sticky and couldn't find too much on nose blackheads. I noticed all of the guys I know, minus one pussy slayer, has tones of blackheads on there nose (me included). Not my acmes almost all gone, but the blackheads still remain. No matter what I've tried, my nose is covered in them. Halp

nothing stops you from trying. not all science is the same, but you probably know this and just want to try something new, and that's fine. in the future, if you want something that is more sure to work, go for peer-reviewed studies and actually read them.

this, but it could also just be something in your diet or lifestyle. All acne is different, if you can't clear it on your own then always see a derm.

BHA can help clear that up, if you're not already using that. Most people have blackheads, especially around their nose, and it's not worth obsessing over. That said, just try a basic skincare routine and stick to it, don't constantly try a new thing advertised as a miracle cure. there's no such thing. except sunscreen and tret.

DUAC solved my acne problems, and I now have a routine so my face doesn't look like trash all the time, that being said I never managed to get rid or reduce the sebaceous filaments on my nose.

I've seen people who clearly managed to get rid of it because I can see their clean pores, and my huge fucking nose is filled with that shit, what's the secret potion?

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I'm excited to try out The Ordinary's 10% Niacinamide. I do double cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen, and tret once per week, but I keep having pimples on the cheek due to the sunscreen I'm using. I don't prick the thing. However, they still leave pigmentation marks that takes weeks to months to go away, so it's kinda annoying. I hope it works since the shipping sucks.

Also, for some reasons, I've also stopped shedding skin on the face even though I'm still doing the pea-sized tretinoin thing once to twice per week. I dont know if I should just continue with what I have (.50) or go stronger. I've been on tret for almost a year now.

*I meant to say I do tret atleast once per week. Not "I wash my face atleast once per week"

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>if you want something that is more sure to work, go for peer-reviewed studies and actually read them.

Just so you know I never asked for you advice in the first place, just where to get a product. I literally have two stem degrees, go eat shit you self important autist.

I'm also using that Niacinamide 10% + Zinc. It's been over a week now an I'm pretty sure my hyperpigmentation has faded some. And my skin feels so soft! No new spots either, though that coud be from my keto diet.

Very good. The product is very cheap too.

My friends, how long do you leave your chemical exfoliator on? I've noticed that leaving it for 25-30 minutes before putting on some moisturizer gives me cystic acne.

That's what mine told me too. But i've been waiting for a long time already.

Can you really use moisturizer to style your hair? Like if I have some left on my hands after doing my face

does zinc really help? how much should you take?

I use face wash and moisturizer but my skin is still constantly greasy. how the fuck do i fix it?

you may have overexfoliated which can cause cysts. how often were you using the stridex? you should start at 1 - 2x a week and build up from there. most people don't need to exfoliate more than every other day or a few times a week

youre not supposed to rinse treatments or exfoliants off. just add mosturizer on top

less moisturizer?

Yeah, I know. I guess I wasn't clear enough. I meant how long do you wait until you add in your moisturizer after exfoliating.

I bought some benzoyl peroxide but like an idiot I got 10% and it's way too strong. is there any way I can use it to stop my skin from being so dry?

I bought this and it arrived yesterday. My first Asian sunscreen. I'm excited.

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Use it less often, day on day off, or 3x times a week, find if anything works

can someone give me a hand with this? i've had acne for ages now. I started using cleaners, exfoliators and moisturizers for a few months now, but there are no noticeable changes.

Also i've tried with Benzoyl Peroxide but it didnt do much either.

What should i do? pic related, it's me.

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do you need to use moisturizer with toner?

>drink lots of water
>shower every morning
>use face wash and moisturizer every morning and night
>wash bed sheets for every fortnight and put a clean towel on top of pillow every night
>still have bad acne
fml, what am I doing wrong?

I've completed my accutane treatment in May last year.
How do I get rid of acne MARKS (not scars) on my back? The skin generally smooth to the touch.
I also apply moisturizer to my back 2 times a week.

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I have loads of closed comedones. how the fuck do i get rid of them?

Laser is probably the only option if you don't want to wait years until they fade on their own

Could have something to do with what you're using to shave

Yeah, they're not the same thing. Toners are used as astringents or to remove oil and dirt before moisturizing.

Get a facial

See a doctor/dermatologist

Where'd you order The Ordinary from/to that shipping sucks?

From a local reseller. They buy the products in bulk to get discounts and then resell in Asia. I ordered March 3, only got it today. Wish I bought more after reading online that Niacinamide actually takes like 3-4 months/12 weeks to work

i've considered that, i use disposable razors, im not sure if anything else can help with my beard (i can only grow so little)

Any suggestion?

I think you’re using products that are too harsh for your skin

do zinc supplements actually help? how much should you take?

Are products of better than that listened in the OP FAQ when it comes to oily skin with acne?

Can people reply with their daily routine so I know if I'm in the right kind of ballpark? thank