How old is too old for skinny jeans Veeky Forums?

How old is too old for skinny jeans Veeky Forums?

Justin Theroux is like 44.

im 26 and i've looooong stopped wearing skinny jeans.

>when you’re waiting for top bodymass to trickle down...

What kind of shirt is that, btw?

Looks like a henley he buttoned up.

Form-fitting pants are not confined to a certain age group despite what your adolescent self-importance tells you.

I'd you have the body, you can wear them at any age.

when your legs get fat thats when

You will see me one more time if you do good, you will see me two more times if you do bad.

Are you in "la vielle garde"? No, so stfu

I wouldn't mind wearing skinny or slim pants from time to time, but they seriously break my balls

upsize on waist size
t. yuro and have no ballache issues

i’d say 18-20

post straight jean inspo then, 99% of men's pants look bad imo

and that looks ok to you? he looks like an upside down pear

this man wears these better than half the posters on this board, i suspect you cannot pull off skinny jeans and trying to say its your age and not your shitty body

ever heard of carrot fit bro?

don't want to look like dressed in a potato sack. i'm fine with keeping my pants wide tho. pleats ftw

Never too old. It depends on your body type and how the jeans fit. I have a customer who is probably in his late 60s early 70s and he is a very thin man. He wears skinny cut jeans and they arent even close to hugging his legs. If he were to wear regular cut jeans it would look like he was swimming in them

as soon as your mum stops dressing you


that nigga always wear some old dirty shoes? is that a fa?

>tfw when too skinny for even SLP jeans

ITT: fatties seeking validation from other fatties who can't fit into slim jeans.

>Justin Theroux is like 44.

He is a God amongst

Eventually, you fags will be 30, 40, 50 years old.
Wear whatever the hell you want, it's confidence that matters. Though confidence only takes you so far - if you're wearing a clown suit I'm going to assume you're retarded no matter how confident you are.

hope you all kill yourselves when you hit 30, since you no longer could wear your meme clothes

its a ridiculously tight polo you tard

these are much cooler than skinny jeans however


most actors actually have really weird bodies, they just have very aesthetically pleasing faces. faces that can evoke alot of emotions from the audience. like Christian Bale, those legs are not very appealing, from an aesthetic pov.

him wearing skinny jeans would be a disaster. he has a naturally Fat Man's body, no matter how much weight he loses it will still have those bulbous massive calves down below.

Wow is that Rob Lowe?