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Me and your mom


Diversity is our strength.
Fa is the most pro diversity board from all

Where can I find a poc to fuck my wife?
Max I pay is 2000 bucks to fucker, not a dollar over it, I'm not retarded...

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black user here stop pushing this stupid diversity / race mixing shit it's fucking annoying seeing it on every board, no wonder niggers are the most hated race on the planet. You're literally playing fetch for a kike. Dumb faggot.

for kikes* whoops

lol you aren't black

For real no black person thinks like that

Unkle Tom

Racism isn't cool. I'm gonna call the authorities.

fuck you kike
I think that way
you're a jewish puppet and have an iq of 85

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>black user here

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why are you so mad soynigger?

i replied to myself so what? also what he said

>"you aren't black "
>proves they are
>"u-uh he-heh y-y-y-you mad b-brah?"

>H-he isn't b-black enough, uncle t-tom

>not going inbetween them and educating them about the dangers of racemixing

racemixing should get outlawed.

I agree

I love how pictures like this pop up in response to something like OP's pic. As if it's some sort of cope.

dating outside your race is def Veeky Forums. it shows you're open minded and are critically conscious about our racist white media, and being a rebel is always Veeky Forums.

as a person that works in HR, if I find out the person we interviewed lives a stereotypical white life (white hubby/wife) i make sure they dont get a call back. if i find they own a dog, too, they get blacklisted so their resumes are auto trashed in the future. ending white supremacy starts with starving those that continue to benefit and perpetuate it.

your undoubtedly beautiful mixed kids will thank resisters later