What's the most effay camera?

What's the most effay camera?

I want to learn photography with a mirrorless camera I can swap the lenses out on.
However, since I'll be carrying it around as I learn on it, I want to make sure it doesn't ruin my aesthetic

also, does it need to have a viewfinder? Is is Veeky Forums to look at a screen on the back while I take the picture, or do I need to put my eye in a viewfinder so I don't look like a tourist?

Just buy a Ricoh GR



Fuji X-A[1/2/3/5] is has a very good sensor and is pretty cheap to learn on. Comes in brown and black, no viewfinder. The lenses are good quality and can carry over to better model bodies.

The X-100[S/T/F] is very Veeky Forums and has a viewfinder, but the lens is fixed.

I have an X-T[10/20]. People mistake it for a film camera all the time, it looks very cool imo.

What I really like about the Fuji cameras though is the ease of use of the dials and buttons and firmware menus. Much more intuitive than Canons and Nikons I've tried.



Film is ultimately more Veeky Forums than digital

Get a cheap full manual 35mm slr with a prime lens(preferably 50mm) as a learning camera. This will teach you how aperature/shutter/iso works together much better than any digital camera.

Starting out with a mirrorless camera is retarded, chimping is a natural(and wonderful) part of starting out as a photographer. If you really want digital, then pick up a used fullframe canon dslr and a decent lens.

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I wish they'd stop putting that plastic "leather" texture on cameras. They should either use proper leather or texture the plastic in a more honest synthetic pattern like pic related.

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also, see pic. cameras confirmed goat reason to accessorize


Pentax q7

I’m a professional photojournalist and I only use Fuji x100T/F.

Chomping is only natural if you’re insecure about your shot

I don't think it's supposed to be leather, it's supposed to be just textured for grip. Old binoculars and thermoses use that as well, usually in an olive color.

leicas I guess
fuji's are nice too. I'm using black xt10. looks pretty fa imo

I've always been partial to rangefinders for aesthetics and simplicity.

Soviets did it best





Epson R-d1
>Accepts M mount
>Muh CCD sensor




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You can't learn photography with digital, all you do is press buttons without actually having to commit the knowledge to your brain. Buy a 35mm camera (preferably not an SLR) and a 120 camera. That way there's an actual consequence to mistakes and you have to genuinely learn how to guess-focus and calculate exposure

I love my X100S, low light performance is kinda wishy washy and the autofocus is slow as fuck even in high contrast but its okay, manual focus is easy with focus peaking and the camera is real light weight. I wish Fuji had a full frame mirrorless though.

cont. Kodak Brownie No. 2 is the best 120 camera, the Beaux Brownie (pic related) is the most effay version



They skipped right to a medium format 1.7x as big as 35mm.
Also the newer models do much better clarity at high iso in low light, and the newer lenses have faster autofocus.

My 1 Dollar T2

> rangefinder
It says reflex right there!

if you just want to take pictures, get a Fuji X100 normal/S/T/F based on your budget. I'm still shooting with the basic model and besides the battery runtime it still works perfectly and the picture quality is decent, build quality is great. Also one of the prettiest mirrorless cameras out there, but you're stuck with the build in lense, wich is a great piece of glas though. starting point for a x100 is around 300$

If you really want to learn photography, get yourself an old slr. Like Olympus OM-20 (or OM-G if you're in the US). it's fun and easy to use, provides enough assistance, so that you can learn effectively without fucking up you pictures by using the wrong settings. They are fairly cheap, like 30 bucks and the Olympus OM lenses are really great and fairly cheap. Try to get a 50mm f1.4 Zuiko with it and you've got a perfect camera to learn with, that takes nice pictures.

pic related

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This body is a piece of shit

started photography with polaroids. Great for parties, but expensive.

X100 series is the GOAT.
Undisputed most effay digital compact on the market. Best in black, with matching leather case.
A good runner up is the Ricoh GR, but that's more of a pocket camera.

Absolutely not effay to look at the screen. Viewfinder always.

The alpha and the omega.

Was thinking of buying this for my girlfriend, thoughts?

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Taken many nice pictures on this guy

Suprised to see the Xpro 1/2 not mentioned at all despite all the x100 fans. I just bought a used xpro 1 off ebay, intending to use it with legacy lenses.

Have you ever got any complain?

The x pro series is dope as shit for a street camera - People don't suspect a thing since it looks so old.


Somehow i really like Lumix GX8

Not really. I only cover military operations, exercises and war games and potentially combat (if we ever go full boots on the ground).

Hey you had those awesome osprey pics on /p/

Thanks man. Kind of surprised you remembered but honored that you did. Glad they had just enough impact on you.

Hasselblads are beauties to this day.

Another user here, I remember your stuff too, really great work.

>What's the most effay camera?

only if you want your cameras to break from 10 minutes of walking in the street.

thats why they make zenits broken from the factory