Which one should I cop?

Which one should I cop?
>No "both are bad" arguments.

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this one........ store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/converse-chuck-70-low-top-unisex-shoe/pid-11214024/pgid-11593180


The Meme Skools or the Cuck Taylor Meme Stars? Both of them, faggot.

Just get soul cals for $20 man
or are you a brand cuck?

Skools. Get chuck hi tops if you want converse


Guys is it bad that I am disgusted by everyone wearing these? I feel like I'm entering superautism, a 10/10 qt could be wearing them during lecture but when I scan the fit and see the old skools I will be instantly disgusted by her and actually implode laughing.
I really feel like an autist. Especially during the laugh riot I'm having. How do I stop this?

Would black gazelles be better?

PF Flyers for a shoe that will last.

nigger tier streetwear

haven't seen a single nigger or person in general wearing pf flyers ever irl, yet I see at least 3 niggers a week wearing Converse.

since you're clearly a pleb, at least be ever so slightly original and get some Jack Purcells

Not gonna lie, that's pretty fucking stupid, my dude. This board has clearly had a bad influence on you. Stop being so impressionable or stop coming here (preferably both).


specifically these desu

While I'm at it, can someone rec me a new black sneaker since I want to move on from Jack Purcells?

I'm bordering on 23 and out of school now for reference.

the recent hate on the old skool is weird, they are very aestethic even though they are common. I would get them if youre getting lows, get converse if you want hi tops


Vans are much more confortable.



Can someone explain the hate for vans old skools to a newfag?

Way overused in fit

Every normie in the world has them.

they are trendy shoes that normies grasped


So they get hate because they're popular? I see people wearing stans all the time but they don't get nearly as much hate here on Veeky Forums as the vans

I mean, I hate them because they're normie fashion. Something thats not actually interesting and doesn't feature a groundbreaking aesthetic. Even if I was the only one who could wear them I wouldn't because they're just so fucking dull.

I imagine a lot of Veeky Forumss hate does stem from just total normies and LITERALLY their moms wearing them. If moms wear something can it in any meaningful way be called Veeky Forums?

the left one.

Look at this again, idiot. Stans’ were memes too that everyone hates. Do you not get that the masses are actual sheeple?

Those are superstars but w/e.

>Stans’ were memes too that everyone hates
In my time lurking here, I've see them consistenly recommended. The fact that you unironically use the word ''sheeple'' just makes me think you're just an insufferable contrarian faggot.

don't be an elitist dick


same here bro
feel like a fuck whenever i judge someone ridiculously harshly for wearing them but i just cant help it
friends girlfriend recently copped a new pair of old skools and i lost my shit

I plan to order these but hi tops. Are they comfy?

low top converse are for vaginas

They're converse so, no

they’re actually really uncomfortable

dont wear them if you’re going to be standing up all day

low top converse are really bad, diverse but uninteresting. Same thing with the vans but they're better imo, so go with the vans.

It sounds like you are literally retarded.

The only person that I've ever seen wearing Flyers IRL was a nigger. Literally everybody wears Converse, though.

the vans logo looks fucked up imo, get converse instead.

The random stripe looks bad imo

You're one of those who think Veeky Forums as a seers stone.
>That's hilarious.