Has anyone been following the news with Brotzu lotion...

Has anyone been following the news with Brotzu lotion? It sounds like this is the closest it's come to actually being released.


I'm gonna keep taking fin and maybe start derma-rolling but christ this is promising.

Pic semi-related, it's some guy's finasteride results.

I'm fucking paranoid about losing hair so if this comes out I'm gonna be so fucking hapoy

I'm on fin now and have 0 side effects, so don't rule that out.

Stop promoting shit, I won't buy it.
If you go bald shave it, stop being a puss.

I want to believe

t. guy with a full head of hair

he has no hair transplant scars hmm I'm pretty sure he got hair follicle from someone else and had it implanted into his balding spots

>I'm pretty sure he got hair follicle from someone else
That would require anti-rejection drugs which I'm certain he's not on but okay.

you never know, either way he's a billionaire so he most likely had something that's not known to the public done

In close up pics of his hairline, it looks like a classic FUE hair transplant. Not anything too out of the ordinary, but a pretty good result nonetheless. He seemed to have had a thicker donor area to begin with.

You don't need strip surgery, you can get a transplant where they take out follicle by follicle which leaves no scar.

OP don't ruin your dick taking fin, dut, ru, or any of that shit.

use dermmatch and toppik, if that isn't enough get a wig (a good one. google hair systems)

and wait for Tsuji to clone donor hair. otherwise hair transplants aren't a good long term solution.

it's just a normal FUE. still a NW2.5 and if he keeps losing hair he's fucked. I really hope he's not on finasteride.

I've been on fin for almost 3 months and so far I haven't had any issues. The whole thing with it permanently ruining your dick is vastly overstated.

I'm almost certain Elon takes fin. Wayne Rooney is the only famous HT patient I can think of who probably didn't take fin.

I guess you are right. anyway, I had post finasteride syndrome, a lot of people do.

hairloss forum members want to belive that PFS is "vastly overstated." because there's no other solution than going bald or taking it. but is not overstated. at all.

if you ever cash, and I hope you not, follow the "CDNuts protocol". I got my life back in two years.

I took fin for 6 months before getting sides. I didn’t mind them, but when I couldn’t get hard in bed with a girl I was seeing I realized that I was fucked. Been off of it for almost 2 months now and just now getting my libio back and was able to ejaculate.

Be fucking careful with it. I’d rather be bald than go through that again.

>I really hope he's not on finasteride.
i read that they tell you to go on fin before and after the transplant for best results

>tfw permavirgin
is having a broken dick really that bad? sounds like a blessing to me

If only my dick would break. Been on fin 5 years now and hornier than ever ... just had a 90 minute mega wank and still not satisfied

>That would require anti-rejection drugs which I'm certain he's not on but okay.

How do you know? He might figure it's no big loss to take them since he is going to be having people killed for their organs to replace his soon enough.

>no big loss
They basically shut down your immune system. It's a pretty big deal to take them in any case.

This. If anything my libido went UP after taking fin, like I'm fapping three times a day now.

Hairloss forums believe it is understated because there are tonnes of people on there taking fin without sides. Studies on fin believe it to be irrelevant or not-real because it doesn't come up. Doctors will generally not even know what it is because they don't real quack shit. Considering big forums like the subreddit are notorious for having literally 1 guy making tonnes of accounts to spam and the main community being some incel tier shit its hard to take seriously. I'm sure most people will have noticed but most of the people who go on about PFS also come across as mental cases or at some point will go over something like "yes i have depression" etc.

.t fin no sides apart from initially tingly balls now at 10 months. Read the fear and just went to a doctor who had no fucking idea when i brought that stuff up (embarrassed myself a bit honestly).

I just assume he had himself cloned in China and keeps a few clones locked away in nutrient vats just in case

january 2017 / now

1 year and 2 months of minoxidil and finasteride, what's your excuse?

Results look good but the lighting seems a bit different.

I'm just taking fin, I'm waiting a year before starting minox since it's very high maintenance and I might get good regrowth from fin alone. I am starting dermarolling soon, though, since that's permanent if you keep using a DHT blocker like fin or duta.

Pic related, it's my hairline when starting and at 2 months of fin. Not really too much improvement but too early for that, it hasn't gotten any worse. I don't think I'm too far gone so I'm probably a good candidate for saving it with just fin and dermarolling.

I might switch to Brotzu if it's available in the US soon, but I'm a little reluctant to start an unproven treatment.

If/when it comes out, I want to do RCH-01 so I can keep my hair without any pills/topicals.

Looks better though, your front looks a bit wider than before and the corners seem a bit fuller.

Fin doesn’t work on hairlines

who the fuck wants to restore the hairline anyways, hair follicle thickness is way more important

Yeah, and I do see some new, small hairs on the hairline, so I think it will look great when I hit 1 year. I'm planning to dermaroll to make it go faster, plus that will probably help my acne scars.

My crown also needs some work. Pic related is 3 weeks of fin. It looks better in the second pic, but I think that's more longer hair + better styling to cover up thin spots.

It can restore miniaturized areas along the hairline. If you're NW2.5 or better it's honestly not a huge deal as long as you can get full density. Pic related is some guy's results after 2.5 years, he didn't really have his hairline move down at all but the thin spots all filled in.

Thinning can also make things look worse than they actually are. My hairline itself is maybe NW2, but the thinning can make it look NW3 at times (maybe not as much now that I've been on fin for a while).

>zero side effects

I haven't had any, though. My dick still works just fine. Side effects DO happen, but only to a minority of users.

>but the lighting seems a bit different.
you're right, here's a better photo of now

>wanting to have hair
hair is for girls


just get a hair transplant you cheap fucks. Then take fin for preventing even more hair to fall out. Side effects are negligible.

HTs don't always have the best results. Pic related clearly had an FUE transplant on his temples but it's definitely a bit thinner/weaker there.

I'm so I don't think I'm even near the point of needing an HT yet, though once my thin spots are filled in all the way I might get one to go from NW2 to NW0-1 just for the hell of it.

Snake oil. Dermarolling and minox are better and cheaper.

who /slight regression but looking forward to hair cell culture transplants or whatever in 2033/ here

My hairline seems fine, but crown really shows my skin.
Should I go to a doctor and get fin, or just buy minoxidil?

I kept telling myself that, but I just said "fuck it" and hopped on fin. Plus in a year or two there's going to be a preventative measure called RCH-01. It's permanent and will prevent all future hair loss, almost like a vaccine, and you won't need fin after having it done. It'll cost about $1k and be available in Japan.

Get fin. Fin alone can cause good regrowth. Minox makes your hair look all slimy and takes more effort to put on. Add dermarolling too.

>Pic related clearly had an FUE transplant on his temples

OR maybe he has just receding hair at the temples? Transplanted hair typically doesn't fall out unless it's a really shitty job by some Pajeet, which I highly doubt JP would hire from all his Patreon wealth that would grant him a much higher quality. Not that I think that he is the type of guy to get a hair transplant to begin with. You are talking out of your ass.

He definitely had a transplant. In this pic from several years ago he was about an NW3 and now he's like NW1.5.

If you look at newer photos of him, the uniform distribution of follicles along his temples is a telltale sign of an FUE, too. You can see the same thing on Elon Musk.

literally zero hairline difference between those two pictures

left is just slightly shorter hair, unflattering lightning and wet/messy after a shower

right is longer and gel'd up

same hairline

>I kept telling myself that, but I just said "fuck it" and hopped on fin.
I'm nervous about the side effects (plus withdrawal effects, I haven't seen any good info on it) though, plus the need to apply and pay for the shit forever
>Plus in a year or two there's going to be a preventative measure called RCH-01
shit, that's pretty cool just from a technological standpoint, and not very expensive as well, even if it doesn't regrow hair it should let you maintain at decent levels until they figure out how to do that as well
and wow, they have a similar tech coming up for halting/reversing skin aging as well, I could probably use that since shit bone structure and chronic poor sleep has ravaged my skin

dog bless biotechnology for letting me pretend like I'm not getting older

It's wet in both, and it's a huge difference. Also there's another good example of improvement in this thread.

>You can see the same thing on Elon Musk.
Except it is nothing like Elon Musk. The "Post OP" pic you posted is still NW2 as is the before Pic. There is just different lighting and some slight regrowth due to better health. It's not comparable to Elon Musk who went from NW3 to perfect head of hair which is proof that hair transplant fucking work and therefore JP obviously did not do it since his hairline still looks shit.

Do you have some sort of learning disability?

this. There is just some light fluff around the hairline which essentially stayed the same. Reverting balding with fin/minox is a meme

>The "Post OP" pic you posted is still NW2 as is the before Pic
compare pic related to any recent photos of him. HUGE difference.

>slight regrowth due to better health
Not possible. JP had classic male pattern baldness, hair loss due to health problems is patchier and throughout the head.

yeah this has to be a transplant or something

>get good news for looks-improving technology
>immediately start fantasizing about immortal loli cyborg bodies
anyone else?

literally the large majority of users have no sides

t. guy who literally never lifts anything heavier than a full shopping bag.

I run and do indoor climbing regularly, haven't had any issues with those things.

Also fin shouldn't have an affect on muscle development.

neither of which are weightlifting which require intensive muscle recovery. But whatever you want to put in your body man!

It's fucking boring and I don't care about it.

Why did this vecome a fin thread, fucking lame.
I really hope Brotzu is the real deal. From what ive read its supposed to be effective for preventing and replenishing hair growth, especially in younger people for whatever reason.

tfw i fit the ticket perfectly

I'm curious to see what the "5 years of regrowth" claim is. I just turned 23 and I started balding around the time I turned 20, I'd say.

If it's not too much more expensive, and it doesn't make your hair nasty like minox, I might as well switch over to it from fin.

Yea if it works as advertised itll be the best option for alot of people. I feel like the 5 year claim is wishful thinking but who knows desu.
Also fuck the liquid minox use the foam i dont really notice a difference in my hair texture when i use it.

I tried foam minox once, it made my hair extremely greasy. I'm seeing good results on fin alone, though.

I guess if you're gonna do just one thing fin is the way to go since it gets to the root cause instead of "outrunning" it like minox does. Plus fin puts you in the best position for new things like Brotzu, RCH-01, etc.

My end-game is having my NW2 and crown back up to full density through fin/brotzu and dermarolling, and then getting RCH-01 done if/when it comes out so I don't need any more treatments, and if I'm still not happy I'd get a transplant (or hair cloning if it's available) down to an NW0-1.

What exactly is RCH-01? is that the hair cloning thing or the thing that stops the protein that causes minituarization?

The latter. It uses stem cells/cloning but it's kinda like a vaccine for hair loss. It's expected to cost $1k and come out in 2018 or 2019.

I haven't heard any news on it recently but it does seem promising since it'll be released by shiseido.

It's easier just to get on full HRT for hair (like 8mg of estrogen, 50mg of cypro + finasetride) It's not like you're going to magically suddently transition. The worst that might happen is that your doctor might ask you about if you have GID after a physical or seomthing.

Y-you saw my thread on /tttt/ didn't you?

tfw when my hair started to thin around a little less than 5 years ago
if the 5 year claim is true this shit needs to come out this year for me to be at pre-hariloss levels of hair

I'd suggest getting on fin if you haven't already tried it, you can stand your ground until this comes out.

The Norwood Cemetery is full of guys who thought "I won't take fin, I'll just wait for the cure to come out"

What about when HRT inevitably nukes your balls and causes you to grow tits?

I was on fin from about 2014 to mid 2017
Im on Dut now
no side effects im actually battling masturbation addiction if anything

Then it's probably good for five years of hair loss before you started DHT blockers. So you're almost certainly good. Just keep taking dut, and then get on Brotzu when it comes out.

Have you seen any regrowth from fin/dut?

when I initially started fin I noticed regrowth throughout. Not insane growth but I noticed that I couldnt see my scalp through my hair like I could before treatment.
(I'm a diffuse thinner with a bit of recession)
then it kinda turned into very slow loss overtime and I mean very slow
Now that I am on dut Im not really sure if Ive gotten regrowth but I can confidently say that my hairloss has stopped completely

Gimme a quick rundown on the 5 year claim?

This year is my 5th year of hairloss but I've already been using fin and minox for a while

just kys like a normal person

I don't understand why dut would be any different. Isn't dut the exact same thing with a higher concentration of the drug in each tablet? And Don't you cut the dut tablets up to match the amount you would get from a fin tablet? What's the difference?

I got a transplant at 21. On finasteride and minox as well. I know it's not the smartest thing to do (and i don't wanna be on fin for the rest of my life) but I can probably keep it at bay until a cure for baldness comes along. It wasn't a big transplant, just lowered the temples a bit and I'd rather feel good about my hair in my 20's and deal with the consequences in my 40's. Hopefully there won't be any

>I guess if you're gonna do just one thing fin is the way to go since it gets to the root cause instead of "outrunning" it like minox does

the root cause of your balding is that you have genes that have made your hair follicles sensitive to DHT. until you can find a way to literally switch off those genes you will never get to the root cause

both minox and fin outrun the problem, just through different mechanisms of action

the cliche is that there is always a supposed cure for hairloss thats coming out ''within the next 5 years''

Unironically gonna do this, researched for a year and it's honestly the best thing for stopping / regrowing hair loss

Well Korea and Japan are making breakthroughs and are running trials, that's supposed to be released in some way around 2020

yeah i doubt it

literally just looks like his hair is longer

shiseido/tsuji are the only treatments with legit potential