Evangelion fashion, EVAwave

Neon Genesis Evangelion got its own fashion line, can we discuss it?

Post your thoughts. What did they fucked up/forgot about? What items would you add?
Here's link:

imo, most of it looks fine; its pretty much just mechandise though

some of the girl stuff are cool, otherwise shit

In my opinion they didn't give enough 90's nostalgia and totally throw away author's first conceptions with these english sentences instead kanji sentences.
-No significant references to "original" evangelion, I mean:
-Hands, "touch" motive
-Questions about feelings
-"Maybe I was born to meet you", no famous quotations like these
But still pretty nice, I loved this series and always thought this could be Veeky Forums as fuck

But can we fix this, Veeky Forums?

Bumping for evawave

The guy in the hat is from Pokémon silver/gold



This shit is old af, you newfag

There was some semi-recent rant about some sweet aesthetic white evangelion hoodie but I can't find it rn

holy shit people still care about evangelion?

>he thinks thats naota
>not red from pokemon

when can u buy some?

Go to the Eva store in Tokyo, you weeb



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can i buy from the west?

Radio EVA is superior

isn't she a porn star that specializes in cosplaying?

Where can i cop something similar? Main thing i like is the looser arm holes, too many longsleeves have the elastic gildan style ones.

What's worth copping?
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Woah this looks good

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>normie Board
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Just buy that one?? Is it out of stock or something?

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I expected this to be overpriced but 990 yen for shirt is making me want to buyy

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