What is the most Veeky Forums way to smoke?

Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or vaping?

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none, but definitely not pipes.

Cigarettes and tuscan cigars are effay

>haha there's no reason to smoke a pipe other than to look cool
Gas yourself. If you're in your 20s: cigarettes > cigars (only on special occasions) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sucking cock > vaping
Don't smoke pipes except in private, because you'll look like a faggot

Is that you in the pic OP? Image search is coming back with nothing. If so then you look like complete shit.

It will come back, i promise you. Don't listen to the rick owens shills.




Clean your fingernails it be nasty.

Cigarettes. Especially if you rolled your own

Gtfo faggots

When the big faces in fashion all start smoking pipes in a year all of you will claim you smoked them before that

Vaping, because it doesn’t make my expensive clothes smell like shit and destroy the aroma of my designer cologne.

cheap cigarette packs or roll your own

why is vaping even included in this thread topic lmfao faggot

>Americano "snus"
gtfo faggot

Epok or you lose

are dunhills effay? currently smokin' through pack of king size dunhills and 1.4mg making me dizzy because of fasting

Rollies, every time


Is losing your teeth like a fucking degenerate Veeky Forums?


>What is the most Veeky Forums way to kill yourself?

smoking is not effay, pipes are for old men, hipsters and autist neckbeards like ops pic related.
the least un-effay way i can think of is long straights for that depressed but stylish look

Yikes, like the south east in here

weed is comfy but it is about the least effay thing you can do

this but never in public or you look like a twat

>having so little self control you cant even do something unenjoyable in moderation

go back to the wild west cowpoke were all city slickers here

>smoking to get thin
now this is effay

Been smoking blunts since the 7th grade. Just do that.

>inb4 hurr durr weed420blazeitfaggot. Drinkings annoying as fuck too.

rollies like a cowboy do.

Veeky Forums? definitely cigarettes, but pipesmoking is extremely pleasurable and relaxing, not-addictive and not nearly as unhealthy as cigarettes. As user pointed out, smoke it in private. Wanna show off? smoke cigarettes

>hurr durr weed420blazeitfaggot


Do cigarettes actually give people a buzz? I feel like I ruined my nicotine tolerance by using snus with ~20mg/portion. I still smoke cigs to be effay of course, but I dont even like it that much

Cigars definitely give me a buzz. Not sure about cigarettes.

Juul master race

hhaha degenerates

tailies are so much more Veeky Forums that rollies you poor fuck


cigs are clearly the most. if that's you in the pic op, reevaluate

>drinkings annoying as fuck too

Odens cold dry is underage tier snus



i carry around a hookah wherever i go. cigtards are constantly intimidated by my master-crafted piece.


>Implying smelling like cancer is effay
Fuck off faglord

not be fat

depends. Smoking near a pack a day, not, but if you don't smoke for a "long" time, like 1~2 days, a cigarette can feel orgasmic

Roll your own is the only answer

Definitely hookah

I love me some cigars but can't really smoke in public because I'm too young and it borders fedoralord territory in people's minds. Sometimes I just say fuck it though


Bro that's literally the worst can you could possibly buy

always carry cigarettes.

theres nothing like having a smoke when youve been drinking too much or need an excuse to slip out for a few minutes.

also easy way to potentially make friends or have some girl start a conversation with you for a smoke

a fuckin juul move on

oh marlboror blacks i mean om, soory

I snus 14mg/portion snus and I still get a buzz when I occationally smoke a cig


This guy knows

can i fuck your sister when youre done with her?

same here. partagas maduro is my fav

snus is sooo 2017, I haven't even thought about buying epok for 6+ months


smoking tobacco from cigarette butts from the street in a glass pipe

>literally putting a fag in your mouth
>not gay


I smoke no more than twice every two weeks and every time it's great

Products like this could make vaporizing products cool
they look really awesome.

Cigars are nice, but they're a bit big to look good. Cigs look the best, but they're fucking disgusting. Go for the middle ground that is cigarillos (smaller cigars, much skinnier).

Smoke a pipe in private with good tobacco, and cigarettes when in public.