How/where could I get a scifi fantasy hat?

how/where could I get a scifi fantasy hat?

Y? You a nerd? Fuckin lmao bro

i just want the hat man

looks like some gay shit undercover would make

i just want the hat man

Looks like something Braindead might make

i just want the hat man

they're sold at some shop in Brooklyn; you got this from OPN?

lol looks like some gay shit that rip n dip would make lol

I just want the hat man

I'll make you one. How much is it worth to you?

i would say $25-$30

would you be able to replicate the inside too though?

Your local skate shop. Faggot.

they're always sold out

Then get good.

I've personally have called Jerry and asked for one and he just hung up on me


yeah what a dick move, a nigga just wants a hat

I can imagine this being true and I find that fucking hilarious. Jerry is a cool guy for the 30 seconds that I met him.

why's he so private with his brand

>I’m a be real with you chief
Nigga you gay

I don’t think that he’s being private, just doesn’t want a huge operation. Especially after leaving chocolate.

yeah but literally every time he gives product to a shop it sells out in a day or two. the brand doesnt even seem that popular, so is it a low supply or just jerry being exclusive?

The cool thing now is to run a smaller more exclusive operation like GX1000 or Bronze. That way only people in the know can get into the culture, basically the opposite of Thrasher.

GX1000 is pretty rare shit, but some of these brands just feel like small fry getting too big. Prime example: welcome skateboards

I’ve never really followed Welcome, i just think there products are decent. But then again its like anyone can walk into an Active R/S and buy a Welcome tee, not the same for Jerry or GX