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Post the manliest shit that screams bourbon and cigars

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This is the most Korean face I have ever seen

his eyes are slits

Milspo too


ID on jacket btw:

Nice jacket

THese jackets are so expensive...

Wew soy.

It’s not soy it’s literally rugged men’s fashion. Plaid, leather, fur, denim and darker colors all attribute to this. It would be soy if it was shit like tight fitting clothes. Also there’s a difference between a man’s beard and hair and a soyboy’s beard and hair


i bet you browse

>detected the feminist artwhore or tranny

oh boyo you're missing the point here bigtime

You're both right. If someone is actually manly, it accentuates that. If someone is actually a soyboy who is appropriating the trappings of manliness then you will appear as a soyboy. Beards are the same way. You can't buy clothes to escape from faggotry, that comes from within.




I feel it takes away some of the "manliness" when you know these people were dressed by a professional stylist and told to stare mysteriously into the middle distance and furrow their brow on command while someone photographs them.

except maybe Bowie, but the cool thing about Bowie is that he looked just as natural dressed in boots and suspenders as in brightly colored spandex. Gender completely irrelevant.

>all of these people desperately trying to recompensate lack of manliness with beards and "manly" clothes

being a man isnt about eating steaks, going at the shooting range and doing all of these reddit-tier shit stuff, its more about having a certain attitude and your own opinions, being mentally strong, taking challenges, being productive and valuable member of society. no clothes can recompensate lack of these things

I've never seen that photo before. Is that really Bowie? Holy shit he looks great. What era?

agreed user, it takes away some manliness to be photographed, but we can't exactly post non-photographed manly men can we senpai

varg is just a whiny mental patient who made music once

People have been enjoying whiskey and cigars and so on for centuries, there's nothing soy or unsoy about them, they're just innocent objects that are fun to consume. Trouble is that people like OP are constructing images around them. It's the same as all that fedora shit.
>man A becomes successful because of his talents of charisma, leadership, wisdom, artistry, whatever
>man B is inspired by these feats and wants to be similar
>developing talents of charisma, leadership, wisdom, artistry, etc is hard, see:
>buying objects associated with man A is easy
And so you get the ebin Ron Swanson bacon-wrapped-shrimp art of memeliness red buffalo flannel beard oil craze, carried by lads that work in coffee shops and are terrified of scuffing their $300 "work boots." They exist in a world of concept and imagery, entirely dissociated from the material basis of their belongings. It's easy to understand and we should sympathize. Comfort and security are so easily acquired through submission to - and I use this term hesitantly because I have nothing better - the "bugman" ecosystem... that by the time these poor men realize what part of themselves they've given up to buy that comfort and security, it's often too late. Or maybe it's too late for all of us, look where we are after all

Er, maybe I meant empathize. Whichever one means pity the poor fucks.

Good post

I actually have no idea, but my guess would be mid-90's since the aesthetic is kinda similar to the "Heart's Filthy Lesson" video.

sympathize was correct here
sympathy is to feel bad for someone
empathy is to understand what someone goes thru and imagine yourself in their situation

thanks. it's so fucking awkward when numales try to buy their way to character traits

>posts Varg

Anonymous person on the internet thinks empathy is weakness. Here's Tom with the weather.

>post deleted
What did it say?

My phone played me, here's the same post

Weak superfluous people mistake the effect for the cause, more news at ten

>They exist in a world of concept and imagery, entirely dissociated from the material basis of their belongings. It's easy to understand and we should sympathize.
>Er, maybe I meant empathize. Whichever one means pity the poor fucks.
If you pity them neither you nor them are better off. The appropriate feeling to have towards them is "contempt".

>Anonymous person on the internet
What did he mean by this?

>thinks empathy is weakness
Nope. Way to completely miss the point

Such a good post. You don't belong here.

>Still trying to defend shit opinion.
Go back to r/eddit little girl you are not welcome here

Just be Veeky Forums and wear whatever you want. That's about as manly as it gets

this, if you wear something because you think it's "manly" then you are nothing more than a faggot

Fucking hideous.

Oh shit I was going to post this same thing--buying and displaying the trappings of an image (the signifiers) rather than developing the qualities those things signify (the signified)--but decided it'd be a waste of time because no one would be receptive to it. Thanks for proving me wrong, and please post more.

asking for fashion advice on the internet is the opposite of being manly and youre a faggot for making this retarded thread.
>bourbon and cigars
haha so manly right?? you are the same as soyboys, acutally you're even worse since you deny being unmanly and think you can be manly by consuming certain things. off yourself

Your kneejerk assumptions and feral hostility aren't very manly.

>posts photo of Hollywood studio-designed facsimile of masculinity
Also Cary Grant was gay.

I'm wondering if you're trying to get a rise out of me or someone else; it doesn't matter very much either way. Being overly aggressive and hostile with your points isn't manly since it displays very unmanly traits. Boyish traits, so within the masculine framework, but very much unmanly traits.
Latching onto the superficial and keeping your mind closed from the stances and understandings of others, so as to be so readily influenced by those stances and understandings when they clash with yours, is the mark of childishness. A man who isn't grown yet is a boy, so it's boyish.
At the same time, if we're to assume that you're correct that Cary Grant was a homosexual, then why did his style resonate so well as a debonair, relaxed expression of a refined man? If it's facsimile, then why not analyze it for what it expresses rather than its origin? That it resonates so isn't false, even if it's been constructed in such a way.
And to go back to the original issue: bourbon and cigars. Those are traditional trappings of rugged men and their evocation was simply to provide a framework for subsequent posters to work from. It was not a statement that: True men drink bourbon and enjoy a good cigar! True men have such active traits as are described by
If you came from a position of benefit of the doubt and understanding, then you would realize that OP is looking for things that resonate as traditionally manly. It was not an attempt to begin a discussion of what is manly and what isn't. Shifting the issue into the debate of masculinity - while not an ignoble goal - is a misuse of the thread's original purpose. Nothing wrong with it but much can be read from how people react and respond in kind.
Safe to say, and I've gone off on a tangent here, there are plenty of men who aren't manly responding and describing what "manly" is, while entirely missing the point. A man is calm, refined, and capable; he acts when he needs to, not to prove something.

Is Numen your first name or your last name? Is it your christian name? Is it what your mother calls you?

Anonymity is kind of the whole point of this website.

Having sex with other men is the manliest thing there is.


Understandable. Have some nice, manly threads as a parting gift.


>fuck nu-male FAGS am I right boys? Let's get a REAL MEN thread going nevermind fashion, just post some manly dudes' faces mmmh yeah fuck fags hahaha yeah keep posting these dudes please post more mmmmh



What heat is he possibly dressing for?

in almost all situations he is either way too hot or way too cold, and it's very difficult to change things because if you are a bit too hot, you then drop down to a tshirt.

It's my name in a community where it is incumbent upon individuals to be able to verify a poster's expertise by referring to their identity if the desired end is to receive continuous productive insight in their object of interest rather than fleeting impressions from discontinued random opinions in anonymous posts that get forgotten in roughly 20 minutes. Not to mention it is conducive to maintaining the health and spirit of a community proper.

still they became the role models for greek military homosexuality, like famously the sacred band of thebes




>Anonymity is kind of the whole point of this website.
That would be crowd psychology and conforming to herd behaviour which is not the whole point of this website.





>Platon did not fuck little boys
user, I...

he's talking about non sexual love as it appears in platon's work, today commonly dubbed 'platonic love'. a love between two males that transcends simple physical affection, and reaches toward the divine.

le 20 something hemminway wannabe

wtf that looks dumb as fuck

I responded only to your Cary Grant post. I'm not the user you were engaging previously. I'll bite though.
>why did his style resonate so well as a debonair, relaxed expression of a refined man?
I don't know man, maybe because he was a fucking actor. It's bullshit. You're confusing the signifiers with the signified.


What you're saying is correct, but then you decide to post Varg and make your entire post a joke.

red wing heritage

what else am i missing and what else do you even need? other than pants, i guess.

>post manliest shit
>starts thread with flaming homosexual drinking out of a cup that says 5 guys

>rego man


>Reddit-tier shit
You’re reddit-tier for even mentioning it
I guess dressing like a fruit cake is manly

>shirt that would usually need ironing
>shirt not ironed
>result does not look cringe
what is this magic

>eating fast food and drinking soda
At least he'll make a good trap in a couple years

Unironically this

would look great but there is too much brown going on. not really my color.

everybody should have a good leather jacket. but that shit is overkill with the fur.
just find a reasonably priced one. I still got my Tom Tailor leather jacket from back in middle school and it still looks good.

>wanting to look nostalgic
>turns out like a tragedy

I wanna drive a knife into his neck

jesus, how asian can a nigga look?
that dude is hyperasian.

Is there a reason people don't wear belts nowadays? Empty belt loops looks fucking atrocious.

Minecraft cosplay

>being a fatass at 180

what is this guy like 5'4

Not flannels. Pendleton has more than just flannel and it looks great. Wish they'd put out more jackets


Many people seem to feel like belts are to be worn when pants don't fit. This might have been the case a long time ago, but it's not the case anymore, and people don't really get it, especially the ones who wear ill fitting pants that expose half their ass and still don't wear a belt. I feel naked if I go out without a belt on, whatever I'm wearing always fits fine, but feeling a belt around me looks and feels so much better. idk man people are retarded.


he looks like a fucking faggot though

this and exclusively this
one might call yohji a manlet but he is more of a man than you will ever be, fuccboi

Probably just drinking water, faggot

of course Goose gets dubs

>that picture
What kind of disgusting human keeps that saved?


Great post


I fucking hate Ron Swanson

ID on pants

this is r/asianmasculinity god incarnate
extraordinarily wide jaw and midface for a korean, powerful masseters, near-set frontfacing alpha hunter eyes like an apex predator, STRONG calf genetics
do not underestimate this man.

Trying to achieve something you naturally are not =/= manly. You've failed just by trying. Delete this fucking thread.

why? his whole character is ironic, hyper manliness included

trying to find my manliest inspo pics from my folder