Can masculine looking East Asian guys pull off earrings...

Can masculine looking East Asian guys pull off earrings? I look similar to this dude between the medium slicked back curly hair and square jaw.

What kind of earrings?



pick one
jk you could probably pull these off

What do you think about diamond studs

Sorry bud. East Asian men are naturally either effeminate and goofy looking or ugly flat faced retards. Better luck next life

yes, but dont overdo it unless you're trying to look like a wannabe triad

nice b8 m8

Studs would probably look really good.
Hoops would fail unless you're a complete gaylord

I get that you're a racist jawlet, but you'd have to be plain stupid to say this isn't masculine as fuck with the square jaw and all

Diamonds are feminime imo, go for something that doesn't sparkle.

This guy is indeed very masculine and handsome but i kinda doubt that you are like him


Do you have neck tattoos?
If the answer is "no," then you'll probably look gay.

Thicker eyebrows, rounder nose tip, jawline less defined (I'd say about 5% more body fat overall), and more asymmetrical overall. But I'm still masculine looking nonetheless.

150% resets back to only 50% chance of being gay ;)

Maybe a large torso/arm tattoo several years down the line. But no face/neck/hand tats for me senpai

Same design on an east asian dude


studs i associate with the kind of guys that are featured in ig posts with captions like "guys who know how to dress (heart emoji)" where they wear brown chelseas, ripped skinny jeans, a camel coat, and rocking a long undercut coiffed up. that being said i have earrings too but wear rings instead of earrings and im sure there are bad associations to be made with those as well

>wear rings instead of earrings
oops meant that i wear hoops instead of studs

small hoops

Think about Daniel Dae Kim. Would he look good with earrings? Probably. But he'll look 10x better without them.

ching chong ching chong

That is a woman, though.

im not normally attracted to asian men but he's hot

Are you Asian? Also, I definitely get what you mean about the Asian fuccboi look. That's why I grew out my undercut for the past 1.5 years lol