Stop wearing this pattern

Stop wearing this pattern.

No and fuck you also

That's called Plaid, user.

I mean red and black buffalo plaid specifically, that shit is everywhere

This and it's yellow variant should be deleted from culture.

Buffalo check looks like shit but it must sell well because companies like Filson put that ugly mess out by default and only release nice patterns as limited edition.

Every fuckboy I see has this flannel over a gray hoodie in the winter

Reminds me of Anthony Fantano

Fuck you it's a comfy-looking pattern.


post patrician patterns

My God-tier shirt will destroy your pleb-tier squares.





What are you tryna make Melon's life worthless?

>tfw I wear a ~50s-60s LL bean mackinaw coat that belonged to my grandfather
>not sure if I am the memer or the memed

start wearing this pattern everyday with blue superskinny jeans

Because that's ultimately why this thread was made.


This is the worst shirt pattern ever, for many years I hated plaid because of this pattern thinking it was the only one *because everybody sells it no matter what*

the official pattern of Gravity Falls

This is actually really cool.

Remember, never take advice from Veeky Forums, only use it for outfit ideas.


the day Veeky Forums lost all its credibility

Fashion was a mistake.

I agree. Fucking hate it when people try to make me wear slim and skinny jeans here

it looks alright in colors besides the awful red and the awful yellow

I'm felling a light to decent 3 on this thing

SITION! What do you think of plaid shirts? Have you worn them? Do you love them, do you hate them?

so this board is pretty much a bunch of Indians reeeing about the things they see a lot on the internet ? I live in a busy hipster town and I almost never seen old skool vans, this pattern and all the other things yall bitch about. Seems like being on the internet to much makes you think these things are actually played out to the normal person outside of LA

>this triggers the canadian

Those shots are cringe, but they look alright when they aren't soy-posing

that shit looks retarded too

Is plaid the worst pattern one could possibly don?

I think it might be
Even polkadots palein comparison

>Clothing is everywhere, stop wearing clothes
>Skin is everywhere, rip your flesh off like it's a fuckin' Misfits song.

t. soy beans
Only men can wear flannels