What core is this and how do I get started?

What core is this and how do I get started?

o look another one of these fucking threads

mediocre tween netflix series nobody else watches core

Butthurt pseudo-patrician that can't enjoy things core

>Butthurt pseudo-patrician

lol wow just like that i can tell u spend too much time on Veeky Forums reading "board approved" charts

praying for u, hope u get some taste etc eventually

all the hipsters in ATL dress like this

Boy the only thing I read is your mother's negative pregnancy tests

2 bad ya moms just showed up double pink guess i been pumping that pussy 2 good but imma bout to gap it

Excellent thread everyone nice!

As for the name of the "core" idk dude make something up

As for where to get started...I know everyone loves to hate this brand, but represent is using this kind of vibe for ss18 and i actually dig it

holy shit, this fucking shill again. i've seen you post on tv as well. your show is edgy tween bait and nobody wants to watch it, i hope it doesnt get renewed faggot.

>thinking this is black twitter and that being "sassy" will get you somewhere




oxfam/salvation army core

Blatant True Romance homage surely. So whatever you want to call that.


I genuinely laughed a bit at this

Mad af tbqh

It would be much better if it fit, was tucked in, and he was wearing linen pants, preferably in white or cream.
And yes, you can get away with tucking in a Hawaiian short sleeve with the right trousers. Fight me about it.

do you tuck in your sweaters too bruv?

Naw. Long henleys I will, and t-shirts, but that's just a personal preference; it doesn't work for everyone. Hell, some people might think it doesn't work for me but I love the crispness in dividing the torso and legs that comes with it.

It's hipsters circa 2009 core

Mom-went-to-old-navy-and-picked-out-all-my-clothes core

Are you 15?

How to get her hair?

>pseudo patrician
It’s called a “dilettante”

Alot of "indie kids" dress like this. Just look round a charity shop or vintage clothes shop you can but something together like this or better

i made it through five minutes and realized it the most predictable, cookie cutter bullshit show about being "different and omg so unique"
fucking bullshit