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Post your inspiration :3

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Am I doing this right?

What's non-binary about any of that?
>men in typically female clothing
Seems rather binary to me.

who else /mentallyillcore/ in here?

*breathes in*


OH my God

Holy shit

Holy. Fucking. Shit.


How could anyone even think for 0.000001 seconds that this looks good, attractive, respectable, or fashionable????

How could someone think "this is who I really am, this is my best version of myself??????????"


im biologically male but dont see myself as gendered (call me mentally ill i dont care because i am in a lot of ways)

i just wear the same 'mens' clothes because clothes aren't gendered and these look good and are comfortable


Fuck these dumbass shill threads

> call me mentally ill but I don’t care cause I am in a lot of ways


These are straight up gay tho

>but dont see myself as gendered
You're assuming that you actually know what it's like to be "gendered"
You're assuming that being "gendered" is something you need to feel anyways
You're assuming that every single "man" out there doesn't feel the exact same as you but just has more masculine tastes and doesn't worry about their identity
I grew up in the Bay Area right as this shit was really taking off and it convinced me I was genderqueer for two years of my life. The way that gender was talked about made it seem that to be a man you have to be thinking "I AM A MAN, I AM A MAN, I AM A MAN" at all hours of the day, which I of course didn't. It wasn't until later that I realized I am a man, and whatever I feel like is what a man can feel like.
Gender theory makes gender an active component of yourself that you have to consciously acknowledge and verify. It isn't. It isn't at all

nigga that's gay



>wearing 100% femme clothes

>mental illness fashion

If you people were never on the internet you wouldn't say these things. You are mainly young people who have got led into an ideology. Gender this, binary that. Yet you're too stupid to understand that.

>things i don't like are mental illness

The thing that splits my sides with these kinda people is that they always attack conservative right wingers and defend Islam.

Yeah, I think you look pretty gay (scrap that; a raging homo) but whatever, that's your choice and i would let you do that, just don't teach it to 5 year olds in schools.

Islam though.. would have you stoned in an instant.
So it's not necessarily that I think these people are mentally screwed up for how thy look but because of the above.

It's like homosexuals. The right wing should be your heroes and are the only thing standing between you and Muslims pushing you off a building. You support Islam in non-Islamic countries because once they become Islamic countries you can't exist. It's like you don't really support Islam you just want tolerance points and you are going to risk the country turning Islamic (and losing your life) for said tolerance points.

That's just crazy.

What I do or don't like is irrelevant considering mental illness. I don't like obese people. Are they mentally ill? Nope. You really shouldn't strawman so hard.

The fact is all this gender stuff, pronouns, binary etc. are not separate things, they are all part of the same ideology.

It's like listing words from the communist ideology and thinking they are unique and different things when they all stem from the same ideology.

You are not some unique "non-binary demi-gender" you took those words from an ideology you learned about (and got brainwashed) with online. It's almost fashion for you.

Obese people come in all ages and cultures. This gender stuff is mainly under 25 year olds from the Western world. It's a damn ideology!

I'm not strawmanning, you literally called enby people mentally ill?
>You are not some unique "non-binary demi-gender" you took those words from an ideology you learned about (and got brainwashed) with online. It's almost fashion for you.
Now that's strawmanning :)

People with eating disorders aren't mentally ill, but a dude in a dress is a danger to society.

Yes, because they are. Not because I dislike them. Anorexia is a mental illness. Do I hate people with anorexia? Of course not. Can you even read?

The suicide rate of these people isn't falling. They need help, not to be embraced in their mental illness and told it's all completely normal. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness.


>Now that's strawmanning :)

Non-binary and so on are from the same ideology. That's not a strawman. I appreciate English is probably not your first language but please think a little before you post.

Nonbinary people don't have gender dysphoria, you fucking autist.
You're embarrassing yourself.
All you're doing is pushing your ideology without any regard for facts.

Also, you can't decide whether it's an ideology or mental illness, which is fucking hilarious.

the whites want to destroy black masculinity.

Non-binary is believing you are not your actual gender and thus falls into the gender dysphoria category. A mental illness.

A tomboy girl who dresses as a male but still accepts they are a female does not have gender dysphoria and is thus not mentally ill.

I am a clinical psychologist and you are some teenager.

As I posted earlier:


Educate yourself instead of getting educated by a teenager on tumblr.

>All you're doing is pushing your ideology without any regard for facts.

Calling a mental illness for what it is; a mental illness is pushing an ideology? See. You are too far gone. The mind closes down to logical fact and reality.

You're not a clinical psychologist if you're spouting that trash lmao.
Go back to /pol/.

Yes I can, it's a mental illness but the vast majority of people who say they are non-binary and so on are not mentally ill, they simply got involved in an ideology. In 5 years time a high percentage of those "non-binary" wont think like that at all.

If this were 100 years ago there would be a tiny handful of people with gender dysphoria regardless of their circumstances. There would be no non-gender this and that and there wasn't 10 years ago, it's picked up in the past few years like an ideology does. It mainly affects lonely or socially outcast people as a means to fit into a group.

If you are a weak small male it's hard to compete with men so to claim you are gender-fluid puts you into another category of others that are gender-fluid and now you become normal and able to complete and be accepted within the group.

>you're spouting something a teenager who read something online on tumblr doesn't want to hear

What is pol? I only go on fa. You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.

It's there in the website. I guess "psychiatry.org" is a pol website? This is why you have been brainwashed. Facts, logic and reason have no affect on you.

You're only on Veeky Forums for their taste in clothes? Someone unironically made a post asking if they could wear a Chinese farmer hat XD You are in the wrong place, my friend

My wife is a lead fashion designer and we browse here for fun (Lunar core, milspo) etc. and I never want to end up a middle aged fat bald psychologist who looks like someones uncle so I have a keen interest in fashion and more serious sites tend to be rather bland.

I'm sorry, who is your wife?

A guy I met in Barcelona.

10/10 post

Thats a transvestite, he's a dude wearing female clothes.

>following a socialist jackboot manlet
I agree with your sentiments, but you really need to lose the NatSoc imagery. Don't follow dead icons. Forge your own.

there's no point of wearing one of those if you have no tits, applies to females too

Don’t think because we live fashion we won’t make fun of you for liking weenies in your shit hole, fags

literally why did you write this paragraph

but neonazis are totally into wearing womens clothes


No, fuck off.

I almost forgot how awful fashwave is! It's somehow both incredibly boring *and* incredibly irritating! It's both of the basic bitch 4chin aesthetics combined! fuck off.


The JEWS want to destroy masculinity, period.

And no, Jews aren't white just because of their skin color, just like Australian Aboriginals arent African despite having the same skin color.


This is basically just drag

OHHHNO NO NO NO *wheeze*

WHAT is that fade

If these people were just like even remotely attractive they wouldn't seem like such giant fucking faggots

Fucking gross.

So you like the fags and hate Muslims for not liking fags. really

why does "non-binary" always translate to grotesque and disgusting rather than beautiful like androgyny?

Because beautiful people are not drawn to feminism which "non-binary" springs from and it's social outcasts and lonely losers that buy into it.

Androgynous people who are not obese and attractive are usually confident so are not drawn to the above.

OP isn't even trying and he still baited this many.

actual andro can be done well


>miss me with that gay shit

That's straight up cute :3

here's some good inspo

i dont know where this falls

the aesthetic you're aping was developed by a trans woman, gg self owning tho

This is obviously a bait thread. Stop taking it underage anons
No one gives a shit about your trans plight
Wear what you want, but be self aware and ready to accept the consequences. Truly fa people I’ve met are attractive, thin, and wear whatever they want with confidence. Focusing on trans, etc.. is fucking retarded, just all the Americans here I guess


pretty good fit ngl