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Hey Veeky Forums, how do I get this haircut without showing the lady at the salon a picture of a literal white supremacist?

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blur his face? jk i got u user. i think.

---> /pol/

>implying there’s anything to like about Bannon other than his hair

Thanks senpai.

Is that really much of a haircut? Just grow it out and style it like him and you'll be pretty close.

Libural tears

How do I get this haircut without showing the lady at the salon a picture of a literal Jew?

OP, throw off your white guilt. Do not let them shame you for your milky complexion. It is OK to be white.

I don’t think anyone will care
I don’t even recognize him and I spend all my time on the internet

How about the faggot from Uncharted 4?

this man can’t take care of his physical form at all. What part of you thought he had good/original hair it’s so bland

James Murphy is a white supremacist?

>rafe adler


Also likely Jewish

what's wrong with being pro-white, faggot?

I showed my barber two photos of Richard Spencer. He didn't question it, gave me the cut. Now I just ask for a high and tight. Don't be so insecure dude.

Bannon is much more well-known than Spencer, although also less controversial. 90% chance your barber won't recognize either of them.

Just don't show your barber a literal picture of Hitler and you'll probably be fine.

Also a pixelated creation and not real, nigga. You have some real issues.

All pictures are pixels, I'd be fine showing the barber a video game dude, not a Jew though

What’s wrong with being jewish?

t. Mein Kampf-let