Why do fatsos and muscular legs wear skinnies?

Of course i'm referring to dudes here. But god damn why do you wear skinny jeans, you look ridiculous...

mmmmm thicc bby

I have the same bodytype as picrelated center. It's damned hard to find clothes that fit well. I am short. My pant size is 34/30. I end up wearing slimmer pants because they're the only ones with enough taper that I don't feel like I'm swimming in them. Normal jeans almost cover my small ass shoes. I'm basically fucked from a fashion standpoint.

hate seeing these fat fucks when i'm browsing asos

you can be muscular and wear skinnies. you just have to be lean. so essentially just fat people cant.


i mean it's all about the actual circumference of your thighs (and calves in some odd cases but thighs usually). there are definitely shredded guys who absolutely cant wear skinnies. see: those Veeky Forums meme instagram guys that get posted here as cringe sometimes

guy on the right is just mr incredible at his day job

this, it's fucking disgusting

it's cause they're trying to follow trends the fat fucks. skinnies should be reserved for /thinspo/ only

I'm on the verge of having too-huge thighs. I don't know what I'm going to do.

You know you can filter out the plus size items

same bodytype and size here

Slim fit 511's fit me just fine and look normal on me. Normal jeans(straight leg) too. Maybe your inseam is super short? try cuffing your jeans more. 502's have room in the waist and a tapered leg below the knee. They're a great fit for us overweight people

They look so damn disgusting, especially the black guy, he looks like an ultra camp adult baby.

Here is an insane solution, why don't you try and get in shape? I always had skinny arms and hated them in a t shirt, they were 13 inches. A year later my arms were 16 inches and look great in a t shirt.

I'm in shape dude. Where did I say anything about my arms? My ass and legs are big from squatting/ running/ hiking etc.

Your reading comprehension sucks. I never said you said anything about arms.

You stated:

>I have the same bodytype as picrelated center.

The guy in the center is a chubby out of shape man. He's not in shape. If you think being chubby is in shape, then nobody can really help.

I was thinking about this the other day. It's an oxymoron isn't it?

Levi's 541 jeans. They're the "athletic" fit, but that just means the seat is roomier but the legs are tapered slightly so that even thiccbois like us can wear decent jeans without being forced into wide-leg dad pants. That or you could just buy the 505s. Either one is a good option. You don't have to get jeggings made for skeles.

fat people do look like babys, newborn babies have that puffy round belly and soft pudgy limbs. lol

you could try taking a pair of relaxed or regular cut jeans to a tailor and asking them to get it tightened up in the calves without looking like a 2006-era nigger

Post pic of 2006 era African American pls

Is it okay to wear slim fit jeans when my calves are almost stretching it? Not quite, just almost.
It's not that I'm fat, I just run.

how about you take a photo and show us
also showing off muscular legs > showing off fat legs