full rick

your mom's mouth on my cock.


i like it


Oblivion elf/10

ended up billowing out the shirt more so i looked like even more of a pirate

usually like your fits but not feeling this one
the pants look a little odd

Pretty gay


maybe it’s the shoes, I couldn’t be arsed to put my boots on this morning so i went with ramones
looking good as always, great legs

Looks good with the coat on but as soon as you take it off your legs look a lot longer. Maybe a blazer?

Cuffs look a little messy but overall decent

I won't pretend like I understand Rick but as a normie this looks weird, especially the disconnect between the aggressive looking jacket and the softer rounder Ramones and pants

I agree : ^ )


is this photoshop? what the fuck?

get those pants hemmed
not your most interesting but still looks good
boots kinda ruin it for me, everything else is cool

thanks! yeah i actually love ramones but boots would have been nicer for your fit here. jacket is fucking sick
will try it out next time, thanks
thanks! i like the jacket and pants but a plain shirt would have looked cleaner. also either sneakers or dif color socks, the greys seem to mesh


el leopardo golbino..

everything so far is boring as fuck and i wouldn't notice any of you in a crowd of people

Hemming would do oyu favors but the shirt drapes very well.
I feel like you're going to pull out a baseball bat and steal a few tins of coffee from my shelves.
Great except for the tuck, it looks far too tight in the front without having military creasing on the side.
What does it look like from the front?
Promo photo.
Not big on the shoes but everything else is nice.

la criatura


Got a pair of af1s off ebay cause I wanted yellowed soles.

The coat looks super good with the shirt. A slight billow at the front would look good too.

The tee might be too busy for this fit.

Just found this board. Made do with what I have

I'd fuck your boipussy
cuffing looks sloppy but overall good fit
Don't post until you think what you're posting contributes to making the board better Not a big fan of the jacket or sandals but the pants fit you very well.
Really cool jacket but like the other guy said I'm not a fan of the boots.
You're perfect, i love you

thanks, yeah i did do one but the shirt slipped out a little and i had to readjust. is.. is really you?
yeah i was debating pulling it out a little but looked too summery. i like this a lot, a little basic but the jeans are perfect for tucking and the blue top looks good on you. cuffs look a little chunky and maybe a cooler belt would be great
i love you too bro thanks

I'd roll the sleeves up to make it more masculine desu.

I’ll post again

why do you have a mirror outside?

The jeans are stiff so the cuff must've gotten creased while i was walking.
Idk how to get a cooler belt, thinking the double hole ones but doesnt fit my style.
Lmao, i dont really care about that desu but here's a photo I took when I had different shoes on.

not a fan of boots but i like the fit anyways
gf said she'd run away from u
ya i like it as usual
looks fine 2 me but not usually my style
lil much if i saw it in public
nice pants don't like the shoes tho
i like it better w/out jacket
not a fan personally
nah senpai

i like this

it’s a vibe

no it's boring and shit, also rate fits if you dont wanna just be ignored chubby crimson chin

ur gf is lame


boring but your charger looks like a tail so you've got that going for you
cant see anything
low rise tuck, can't see bottom half/shoes
tuck seems unnecessary here and the fit overall is eh
cuffs look weird and i don't like the shoes, top half seems okay though


wait u dont?


Not a fan of the shoes with the side fits, but other than that lookin good.

>rick and morty poster

you are really gay

get your mattress off the fucking floor that's how you get MOLD fuck

it isn't on the floor it has a wood frame stinky

kinda cool

i dont dig on rick but not all that offensive

cool. You wear it well. you're not really bulky so it actually looks cool on you.

>pretty gay
acceptance is the first step.

its kind of forgettable. If I saw you in public, I wouldn't really take notice. Unoffensive overall.

Unoffensive & unoriginal. Having seen that jacket everywhere, my first reaction is to dislike it.

cool if you're wearing this at home. I'd be confused if I saw you wearing sandles in public with the jacket.


I don't like preppy style but you wear it well.

too seinfeld

forgettable. Just looks like the average person on the street

that jacket does not look good. You have to look like brad pitt in seven or you just look like a creep... or wicked autistic

reminds me of James Iha during the 90s. Think whatever you want of the music, but his style was pretty cool imo. Although I'm not sure if it's his personality that made it cool, or if it just is. Either way, I like it.

You look really young and dressing like that makes you look like you want to play grow up. That shirts way too long. Few people can pull off a necklace under the collar. You cannot.

unoffensive, forgettable.

I never like shoes that have eyelets but are sealed making them useless. Other then that, you wear it well.

Dislike most of them. Could like the middle one maybe if you seemed like a Dean Ween kinda character, making it look like you didnt think about it and generally dgaf what people think.

Males don't have pussies you sick fuck. And if u think of a guys asshole as a "pussy" then you aren't even gay u r some fd up kind of straight

i'm getting secondhand embarrassment from this picture

bruh, yyou look like you smell like straight cow shit



cool shoes!
omg the jacket is so bright i love it!
cool watch and black outfit!
the shoes look cool!
nice fit!
cool coat!
nice posing! cool shoes!
lol nice shirt!

worse trip than the fag who speaks in all caps

AdultsLondon.com shirt
Ross pants
Prada crepes

good but you need to iron your shit senpai

what's yr ig handle, qt?

this pls post

shoe id?

>algebra 2 book
you must be 18 to post. u cute tho

Ok idk how that dirty cloth got there

i just made a new one @cornerstore jesus

sorry @cornerstorejesus

Shit outfit. w2c jeans tho,they look comfy


>it’s a vibe
No its boring and shit

Cant tell if youre an aussie or hill billy

If I saw you outside, I’d call the cops
Decent fit, nothing spectacular
I like the yeezys, you’re definitely underage
Ok fit, the aesthetic works but I do not think socks and sandals work
Nice fit, I don’t like the boots though

Fit from a while ago at LFWW

>I like the yeezys
your opinion is completely invalid. fuck off.

its better than most in this thread but you really need to iron your trousers

ID on crewneck/turtleneck???

>as a normie this looks weird, especially the disconnect between the aggressive looking jacket and the softer rounder Ramones and pants
As someone who is into Rick, this is spot on

too poor for a bigger mirror


lose weight, get pants that fit better

Overall shit outfit but the worst part is your shoes. Why the fuck did you lace them like that? It takes no time to at least insure the laces aren't twisted

top part looks normal, bottom part has nothing that fits

vintage gaultier
cdg shirt
shitty loakes
the sudden urge to review energy drinks


Anything 3/10 or lower is going into cringe tier. 5/10 is a decent fit. 7/10 or above and you are putting together something good.


lol its that ugly faggot from the meet up pic with the huge neck!!!

I dontget it whats wrong with the laces

yeah they came out out of my luggage like that.
ADER Error
Any reason for it bordering cringe tier? I'm the 2.5

I like it.
I like it.
It's okay.
Like it! 8/10
V nice. Although you should just wear that in a city. No idea why you're on an iceburg. Looks dangerous. Not idea clothing for such a harsh environment.
Not crazy about it.
I like it.
It's good.
Don't like the jacket or colour of shirt. But it's fine.
Eh. It's alright. Not really march clothes is it.
It's good if you want to look fashionable while working a physical job.
Good but don't like the shoes/socks.
Change the shoes. Otherwise not too bad.

Overall you're all pretty decent. Keep up the good work.

Here's me. I like black. Need to change the shoes though.

why'd you delete this
dont listen to this guy, he deleted his shit ratings last thread because they didn't make sense. check for yourself

A janitor deleted it, not me. You seem to be suffering from extreme narcissism if you think your whining is having some kind of impact. I am sorry you didn't like my rating either.

>It's good if you want to look fashionable while working a physical job.
but i dont work a physical job. whatever i like this fit

>whatever i like this fit
Oh I wasn't saying otherwise. It's a good fit. But it'd be great if you worked like, a physical job in a warehouse or wherever, minus the watch of course.

It's still fine for everyday wear. Just wouldn't be what I would personally aim for.

thanks for the advice, those pants are from when I was an even fatter ass from 4-5 years ago. Imminent shopping spree and credit card swiping ahead.

>almost everything youve given a 5/10 or higher to has a tucked in shirt
WOaaah analyzer can you teach me how to acquire such exquisite taste

oh riiight i get it. im aiming for an uncle look. like oversized vintage shirts, wide fit high waist pants, etc.

Safe, generic, boring, completely uninspiring

you look like one of those high school aged kids that travels on their own you find at airports. Shit.

Safe is good. I'm not looking to inspire.
I'm not in highschool. What's wrong with travelling on your own?

shall we do this again you little bitches?

The bottom part is a mess 4.7/10
I hate the memepants, 5.1/10
A man with legs 2.5 times his size and the pants still doesn't show ankles. Take notes 6.5/10
Not feeling the pants with that ugly ass jacket, 4/10
I only like the backpack. Show front, 5/10
picture also counts. Fit is nothing to write mom about, the definition of 5/10
Plain white shirt would have been better. Also I dislike the jacket fabric. Nothing speshul, 5/10
are we allowed to post memes now? 2/10
Not big on the watch (I don't like watches on men). Also dirty shoes. Looks innocent enough, 4.8/10
Bottom part in it's entirety is sloppy. Not a fan of the blouse motiff. 4.8/10
I like the boots, hate the entire colouring. picture counts 4/5/10
You forgot your fedora you monkey. All black 2/10
I really likie the shirt. I have a similar one, only it's bleumarin. Nice hair 5.9/10
Don't they teach you how to stand up in school? 3.5/10
Tilt your pic. nothing special, 4/10
Ok, what's up with the keys meme? Not a fan of the jacket, I've seen worse. 6/10
tuck your shirt in, Loose pants look bad for your body 4.9/10
Going fishing Antoine? Can give 4/10 with indulgence if warm climate
Beard looks fine, better than these little fags can grow, lose the hair. Nice colours, 5.9/10
Messy folds, tilt your pic, stand straight you little bitch, 5.5/10
I can forgive the watch because of shirt. Pants look straight up highschool retarded 6/10
at least it's not all black. Never a fan of red upper layer. 5.5/10
those shoes? Has business casual gone too far? Pants don't fit at all, top is nothing. 3/10
Ugly dirty colour, you look like you're trying too hard 4/10
You dress like a highschooler in between classes 2/10

transgirl spotted.

i'm the one that received the boipussy comment and i was flattered

boys definitely do have pussies

>i don't like watches on men

that's a bad opinion bby

Why even post such a generic shit tier fit? You look like turbo normie crossed with transtrender

>broad shoulders
>small waist
GOD damn it if i saw you in real life id kill ya on the spot! now get off this board ya simp

>You dress like a highschooler in between classes 2/10
Rude. I'm 26.
I like your fit though.