Is balding effay?

is balding effay?

No it's not. For the love of god every male over 18 should have finasteride sprinkled on his breakfast.

of course. No1 actually cares apart from unsecure men.

Its not "effay" but its something you really shouldn't fret over. something like 80% of all men start to undergo some form of hair loss by time they hit 30.

This is a good example of what not to do. Finesteride is a good way to literally give yourself colon cancer, low testosterone (and all the implications which fall from this, so lower bone density, lower muscle mass, receding chin, drooping baggy eyes, thyroid issues, etc etc etc.). Google "famous men receding hairline" and you'll begin to realize just how normal it is. You and maybe a few other self conscious dudes are going to be the only people who really pay attention to this.

I say this as someone who is barely even at norwood scale 1

>No1 actually cares apart from unsecure men.
this is objectively false

>I say this as someone who is barely even at norwood scale 1
It's always you guys who say "just embrace it brah."

That's what I always told myself until I saw it miniaturizing hard.

I'm on fin with absolutely no problems. Also fin RAISES testosterone and goes after ONE TYPE of DHT. The vast majority of users have no side effects.

That's not true it inhibits the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, which produces all 3 types of DHT. It raises testosterone in the short term due to stopping the conversion of test into DHT. The lack of 5ar enzyme ability leads to the increase in aromatization of testosterone into ESTROGEN. Which causes all of the negative side effects of Fin, not your lack of DHT. God you people are fucking stupid. As someone who is starting to lose some hair i respect your decision to get on fin, but for the love of god know what youre signing up for when you take a hormone altering drug.

I actually think i am starting to go bald at 29. Although i had practically the same shitty hair line in my early 20s. Any good haircut ideas? If i grow out my facial hair will it just highlight my terrible hair line?

I was seriously considering getting on fin but then my friend grew tits from it as a side effect

> implying an adult could get a receding chin even if he blasted titty skittles for 20 years straight

Yeah, I know a guy who has permanent impotency now because of fin. All the teenagers here have no idea how drastic of a drug it is. Basically chemical castration.
>t. Balding gracefully
I'll rock the George Carlin ponytail if I ever go bald. Truly effay.

> tfw will never have great cheekbones so I can grow a skullet when I'm old and withered for that crypt keeper look

I like bald and chubby Gener because he's clean and much happier.



He used to be handsome, now he is ugly.

Balding takes away 2 points from looks.

>Basically chemical castration
WRONG. It's absolutely nothing like that. If you want to see chemical castration, look at heavy AAs like Spiro or Cypro.

It blocks 2 of 3 typesof 5ar. Duta blocks all three. It does cause a slight increase in estrogen levels but it's still well within the normal range for an adult male.

I can respect not taking it, but don't spread lies. It's well tolerated for the vast majority of users.

Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.

If a bald dome is good enough for a kpop superstar, it's better for a nobody faggot like 100% of this gay, irrelevant, soy-tittied board.

Keep telling yourself that buddy

>t. someone who lacks critical thought

>t. uggo who has nothing else going for him who will be devastated when he goes bald

My bad you are right about the 2 of 3 thing. I still think fin is a relatively safe drug but honestly its still a bit of a gamble. I'd be lying if i said im not considering taking it. Some peoples hormones are already all out of whack and fin becomes the tipping point that destroys them. Hyper sensitivity to hormones is a thing.

Fair enough, hell balding in the first place is more about androgen sensitivity than test/DHT levels so it makes perfect sense that people can get fucked up by sides.

Yea pretty much. If i decide to jump on it i def have to go to an endocronologist, i suspect my hormones are all kinds of fucked. I don't know what my estrogen levels are but i imagine theyre pretty high bc my test is over 900 ng and i still have alot of symptoms of low test

I've read hormone levels are more about ratios than sheer concentrations.

Might not be low test for you but some other problem like hypothyroidism. My sister has that and it makes her tired and moody all the time.

Yea probably, i gotta go get it checked out ive been putting it off for years desu

When he was younger he was a miserable drug addict. I'm pretty sure he's happy with the added weight. This is coming from a casual poly-drug user.

When I was 17 my mom dragged me to an endo to get checked for Hashimoto's, since she and my sister have it. IIRC one of my hormones was slightly low but still well within the normal range, the doc said I could get a prescription for some thyroid hormone if I wanted it but I said no. That gave me a bad placebo which lasted several months.

Good luck.

thanks bro

I think balding is masculine and should be embraced

being ugly is normal what's your point

early ween is effayest ween

>low test means drooping baggy eyes

source: his ass

Only widow's peak is effay.