New here. Trying to get some basics on how to match tops/bottoms/shoes/outerwear - using pieces from Uniqlo.

I've read the sticky and know about color matching. I quite like the rare hues and Earth colours but I still don't really know how to make good matches.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

if you're new i'd just stray away with conversing for a bit. nobody agrees on anything on here and everything is either a meme or you have to be an 11/10 to pull off. every aspect of your life must be dictated by this board, don't fall for it. lurk around some inspo pics, see what you like, go from there

Any advice for a really autistic person with no personality on how to dress without looking retarded?


this is gonna sound like a criticism but i promise it isnt

i like this guide because everything it recommends is shitty enough that normies will like it. it's really good for people who dont actually want to be fashionable but want to look ok in real life.

I'm sold. Do I buy this shit at Uniqlo or what?

uniqlo supima tees are pretty much the best in the price range. way better than any h&m or big box store garbage. as for jeans get some levi's honestly, always works out well. you could maybe cash out on some pricier jeans if you want a long-lasting pair. hoodies/sweaters/casual shirts are good at uniqlo as well. shoes just explore, find things that you like.

>Shoes just explore, find things you like

If you were choosing shoes for a soulless automaton in his mid twenties for less than $100 to go with his Uniqlo shirts and Levi's, what would you buy?

Basically, my goal is to look just not shitty enough that someone doesn't look at me in public and instantly know I don't have sex.

Probably Adidas Stan Smiths

To Veeky Forums they're boring and basic (I have to agree, but I like them for that reason) but they're one of the items I've been complimented on the most and they're pretty reasonably priced

stan smiths are the meme choice, clean yet common. black old skools are nice as well. based on your tone you aren't expecting to turn heads so go with classics.

The guide doesnt mention that you need to wear clothes that FIT you. So buy shirts and jeans that arent too baggy or too tight. The fit of your clothes is what makes or breaks the outfit.

Thanks for the help anons. I appreciate it.

Well I don't have a Uniqlo near me so where is a good place to go for t-shirts so I can try them on?

Either measure yourself and buy according to that or just order a bunch in different sizes you think could be coming close and send the ones that don't fit back.
I'd recommend getting a nice dark blue or grey cardigan too if you are looking for essentials by the way. They are super useful since they are considered kinda semi business casual but can easily be worn to super casual get togethers too. They are easily one of the most versatile pieces of clothes you can possibly own.

Also if you use their online store make sure to sign up to the newsletter, they send you a 10$ promo code if you are a new customer.

if i were starting from scratch right now my entire wardrobe would be uniqlo

old skool pro
gel lyte v

That is the situation I find myself in. I literally have zero presentable clothes right now. I'm fucking clueless about fashion and also broke so I'm just trying to get some basic, functional clothing. Just good enough to not look like a retard.


Literally just replaced all my basics with Uniqlo because the quality and fit are so nice.


Listen man, forget about colour matching and shit, it looks gay and you will grow to hate your clothes. Just buy some supima cotton tees in black/grey/white and get some of their selvedge jeans and you'll have a much better starting point to dress how you actually want.

Dress monochrome and don't wear any of the shoes that picture recommends. Get some GATs or something.