Why do men still wear form fitting clothing? Showing off your curves is not masculine nor fashionable

Why do men still wear form fitting clothing? Showing off your curves is not masculine nor fashionable.

Harsh angles are masculine

>showing off your curves
Don't be effaytee.

>Showing off your curves is not masculine or fashionable
You are retarded. Clothes should compliment the human body.

I don't wear it myself, but if someone feels like they have to there's no one stopping them

Don't be mad your not fit

Why is this dude still wearing H&M biker jeans lmao?

Men don't have curves.

you should have a body worth showing off first

when i wear my super tight jeans, women just cant stop staring at me. as soon as they see me, they look right into my gface and become locked. in the same way as when a guy sees a super hot girl with short ass skirt on, walking toward them, they immediately look at the face, and stay there, because they feel too compelled to just stare at the body but can't because it would be rude.

hamplanet detected

Yes, compliment. Wearing skin tight clothing isn't complimenting.

Frigg of gladys

This is my goal body 2bh lads

Well you got the tiny dick already, now you just need to body

That's not very nice is it user, why do you feel the need to insult/ antagonise people out of nowhere?

it looks good if you are a lanklet but if you have muscle mass skinny jeans look terrible


ok, the problem here is not the pants, its the brown boots and the blue outfit. it's a disaster desu. but not because of the skinny pants, he would just stand out less with normal pants, but still look bad. the skinny pants are actually the only good thing going on here.

>the problem here is not the pants
Are you blind?

I have bigger calves than that and when I wear skinny jeans like that I feel like a whore showing off my big calves.

He can either change the shoes and top or just swap out the skinny jeans for ones with a slim fit.
Either would work to make him more presentable.


>slim fit.
That guy it would work for.
Men with calves more than 30" around are gonna look like they have sausage casing, even if their thighs aren't 36" around.

Sounds like a personal problem. Keep drinking that bottled water, soyboy.

Whoah mama that's a thicc boi

>not masculine nor fashionable

...does this even mean something anymore here?

>tfw girls stare at your butt that looks delicious in gurl jeans
You'll never know this feel bitch

>having to detect a hamplanet

>americans think this is skinny

It can go a lot worse buddy

Look at the pant leg opening

Oh God, you poor deluded fool. I really hope you were being facetious.

>sees hundreds of cans

Nice stacks in the knee
Wish there were more on the shin

>TFW the best pair of jeans I've EVER worn were basic black and dark wash girls jeans I got at Wal-Mart for cheap...

No more wasting shittons of money for nice fitting pantaloonz m88.. B^)

> flaccid correlates with erect

I wear girls jeans.

My ass
>and dick bulge
look so good in them.

Fight me.


Have a body worth showing off first you idiot. Obviously you shouldn’t wear form fitting clothes if you’re overweight or have wide hips
Only should wear skinnies if you’re legitemetly underweight, looks trash otherwise desu


>clothes should be form fitting
>posts someone who wore a fucking toga

Don't tell anybody, but I wear my girlfriends jeans a lot..