ITT Functional clothing

All right Veeky Forums enough of you stupid fucking garbage clothing trends. An outfit is supposed to be functional above all else.

Functional clothing only. Points for effay motorcycle and outdoors fits.

cargo pants are functional

Correct, when used for cargo

You took a mirror outside to get a pic in front of your bike? kek


That helmet is awful, and why do you need two goddamn chains? you at most need one for a wallet in the back pocket. And black on black is boring as hell, you could at least mix it up with at least a little touch of color.
Nice Triumph though, is that the bobber?

I guess he listens to 2 CHAIIIINNNNZZZZZ


holy shit I just realised he did that. Just kys yourself now OP

To keep shit from falling out of my pockets? One for my wallet, one for my keys. My car key fob is fucking massive so it goes in my front left by itself so I don’t sit on it and open my trunk or make the alarm go off.

Pic is my regular face shield if it makes a difference.

You just lack dedication to vanity

What's interesting abouy this picture is that in his visor's reflection you can see the mirror he's actually taking a picture of.

Of you disregard the mirror in the picture it looks like he's taking a picture with the forward facing camera.

What a neat picture.


Clothing should have a function to it, yes or we would all be ass naked,

But i fail to see how you make that argument and offer motorcycle gear as fashion? First and foremost that gear has to meet a safety standard before they can even think about aesthetics. Also motorcycle gear isn't really fashion. It doesn't have much to do with what you were talking about.

The fuck are you carrying your car keys around for? You're already on a motorcycle.

Yeah. Pretty cool. Trippin me out.
This could be the front facing camera too.
I think pictures where the source of the capture is ambiguous. Not a lot like that.

post pics without the helmet, macaco

Your helmet looks retarded and it's not even that functional, you can't easily lift the visor and there's no chin protection.
Also Triumph is the soyest of all the motorcycles.
Harley Davidson = midlife crisis/outlaw biker cosplay
Triumph = soyboy transportation

you look like one of those guys Christian Bale kills in Equilibrium

Where do KTM, BMW, Indian, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, Aprilia, and Suzuki fit in?

We get it user, you ride a bike you big juicy alpha you. Now go die in a crash and leave us to dress well.

Same as HD.
>KTM, BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, Aprilia, and Suzuki
Depends on the specific model obviously.

ditch that fag dome and pick up a Shoei helmet and install a mirror visor. You'll thank me when you crash and don't break your jaw.

>Wallet chain

>functional clothing
>a hipster helmet that doesn't even have DOT or ACU certification

at least one bright side is when you crash you'll be left dribbling to yourself with severe brain damage and won't ever have to realise that your face has been turned to mutton because your #vintage dome visor came off instantly when you crashed

also 1980s racing leathers(and liveries generally) were peak aesthetic. simple not overcrowded designs that all all looked great and unique

Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Gauloises Yamaha
Rothmans, HB, Elf Honda
Pepsi, Skoal Bandit, Heron Suzuki

even the pivateers and small factories like Tech-21-Yamaha, Cabin-Honda, Iberna-Yamaha and Silverstone-Armstrong looked good

Cool helmet what is it?

Christ op, I don't know where to start with this, but the main thing is that visor. Fucking horrifically gay. Honestly looks like you sprayed metallic paint on one side of an anal bead.


The chains and boots say "looking for an ageing leather daddy" but the jacket and helmet say "I like futuristic high tech dildonics".


toppest of keks

Did you just buy that motorcycle, everything you're wearing looks brand new.

w2c helmet