Are face tattoos Veeky Forums?

Are face tattoos Veeky Forums?

yes, but when the trend dies no


You're going to look like an idiot when it isn't Veeky Forums anymore.

Do you want to look like the guy in that pic?

being effay is based in trends

trends come and go, tattoos don't

having a job, money, and stability in life are pretty attractive to most people.

Almost never. Your pic is too gutter to be fa.

>supporting yourself

scrim is effay

Just no. No no no. NO.

non suicideboys listener get triggered. if you cant stand yungxwrist being the new face of Veeky Forums then go kill yourself

Hideous. Focus on facial structure


>the future of fashion is looking like some burnt-toast drug dealer who gouges his customers to support his own habit.
Ok. You win. I scheduled my appointment with the tattoo artist.


suicideboys is just boneless juggalo music
Bones > scrim in every aspect you can think off

tfw always read stability and associate it with stabbing someone...
looking like a pirate is effay period


Imo it got super played out the last year or two, it was cool for a little bit though on certain people. If i looked like sasha and was a model then id do it, but now its like if your a rapper you have to have face tats. Cant believe that one dude who got anne frank tatted on his face jesus christ.

imagine getting a tattoo on your face because Veeky Forums said so



yes, do like pic related, but on your face and the loli's mouth lines up with yours

just imagine your about to dick down a hot fine girl and you see this on her vag, if you put it in you might feel weirded out .


how do I achieve this level of Dole Bludger Core?

Such an outlier example.

fucking degenerates on this fashion board

>being effay is based in trends
>trendhopping is dressing well
the absolute state of this board

bro what does he actually do lol

Except that Scrim actually makes good music unlike bones

they arent Veeky Forums because Veeky Forums dresses like shit, but they look good depending on the kind

hes a model

>good music
It's just drug addict hipster icp.

i bet this motherfucker has moss and mushrooms growings under his armpits

Suicideboys is the milenian Insane Clown Posse

it's only Veeky Forums if you're rich and set for life, otherwise it's criminalcore

still wood berry