So I want to know Veeky Forums's opinions on hats are. Which ones work best with which style. Which do you own? Let's discuss.
>Inb4 fedoras/hipster beanies.

If you want to start a hat collection, I recommend that you base your choices around practicality, as well as style. Do you go out in the sun for a long time to do work? Then, invest in a broad-brimmed style as a work hat, probably a cowboy/western hat or outback/Australian hat would do very nicely. I recommend that you check out the brand Akubra, which is from Australia. They have very durable, good quality rabbit felt hats. For straw hats, there are many good or decent choices, but I would consider Stetson or Sunbody Hats. Stetson for a more dressed-up hat, and Sunbody for a durable working hat, would be good choices. I own around half of the styles pictured in OP, although I wear them pretty infrequently. I couldn't really expect to put a top hat to legitimate usage, such as the British are still able to manage for the horse races and formal events centered around their monarchy, but it may still be nice to have for my collection.

Not op but that was a much more in depth post than I was expecting from Veeky Forums. All of that is good info but obviously you gotta pick a hat that isn't too outlandish in modern society unless you're trying to stick out.

In OP's pic, the newsboy and flat cap are most versatile. Cowboy hats only work if you live in the sticks. Porkpie only works on slim ethnic people. Panama only works when it's really hot out. The rest are for special occasions only.

Just wear a knit skull cap, watch cap, or plain wool baseball cap if you need something for day to day wear.

I've been debating starting to wear hats and I've been eyeing the flat cap. As a guy that primarily wears plaid button ups or just plain tees with blue jeans, would you say yay or nay to the combo?

Ugh. I'd avoid it, but I need more info. How old are you? Do you have a beard? Do you wear glasses? Flat caps are largely the domain of chubby beardo Redditors and you don't wanna look like that. Only person I know to pull one off is a really tall skinny Nordic looking dude who makes it look more like Peaky Blinders than neckbeard.

Skinny with a goatee(petit minus the point), short, red hair, no glasses. I figured I look irish enough to pull it off.

Oh, and 23.

I prefer the Cowboy and the Flat Caps

Also the hats Future wears Veeky Forums af

I mean, you'll definitely look like a hipster.

If that's a look you like and the kind of people you hang around with, then go for it.

Other suggestions then? I don't enjoy that crowd at all.

These hats look nice but I wouldn't wear any of these in public.

I own some cadet caps. Are those considered a decent choice for a casual get-up?

The Panama, or something similar, is a necessity if you're out in hot sun.

Something cowboyish, but without the turned-up sides, makes sense in cool weather with sun.

An alternative for cool with sun might be an actual fedora (not the Trilby mislabeled as such).

Cool and cloudy: any of the shorter-brimmed heavier hats, or a beany, but nobody wears topper or bowler under any conditions these days in burgerland. Trilby was a joke almost from its beginnings in the 1940s and little has changed about it since.

No hats. Ever. A woolen beanie is acceptable, only during cold weather and never anytime else. Anything you could ever wear on the top of your head is some kind of fedora.

> I never go outdoors.

Just picked this bad boy up.

>not wearing a greek fishercap

As somebody that wears an absolute shit ton of hats, I personally think they are currently one of men's most under used/appreciated accessories (though of course, I'm biased).

Some tips:
-Any style is fine (as many people in this thread have shown off different styles), however, how it matches your fit, and more importantly, the quality the hat plays a big factor. Don't buy cheap shit.
-Even if you like the look of a hat online or in a store, always try it on first (or at least try to try on something similar). Body shape, and especially facial shape, play a huge factor in being able to pull of any hat.

I would still go out and try one on, try to stay in neutral colorways, don't get anything plaid or outlandish. For other alternatives, if you're looking for something with a front brim, unstructured ball caps are great. I also think pill boxes are super underrated, though a little harder to find, and painters are always nice as well. Just refer to what I said above.

Oh and also, for painters/cadets, don't wear them too low over yours eyes, you come off as guarded/unsociable/etc. (this applies to as well)

These are very nice, but i always see them worn by pretentious hipster types

really diggin on the caps like these

tricorns are also pretty pimp

bicorns are okay

Some of those are bicornes

i know they are

For Mac Demarco core, would this be fine?

I got a fedora


Nice style, dude! Would love to pull this of too, your boots don't fit at all.

Nice bait.

Seems a little loud for his taste, but it's not a terrible design. Just don't over saturate yourself with plaid while wearing it.

I made this. What do you all think?


going to get a porkpie this summer.
Everyone around me still wears dad caps and I can't see them anymore. SO yeah. My first hat.

Very nice, James Delenay level top hat height

Thank you. Its 11 and a half inch's tall.

What about girth?

24 inches

I exclusively wear bucket hats and bandanas. Is that effay?

be VERY careful now

Thanks. Was planning on wearing this jacket (pic related), light blue jeans, and white Stan Smith's.