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Prior thread: Where can I find this tweed blazer or similar?

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Anybody know where I can find alternatives to shirts like pic related? I've scoured all my local thrift shops, there's nothing even close to it.

cute or nah

caveman kitsch

Where should I get some high waisted black skinny jeans ? I need a new pair

W2C overcoat preferably wool or a canvas like material?

Are common projects still worth it? Been hearing about different cheaper leather and prices keep going up.

where can i find wide fit pants? theyre really hard to get. uniqlo has those but theyre only limited.

Probably an easy question for you guys but I'm new to fashion and exploring the sticky; What kind of shoes are these?

I might get a job as a waiter if my interview next week goes alright.
Would saving up and wearing a Ferragamo belt to work be too much? Too flashy?

It's a brown leather loafer.

Do these glasses look too mature for a 19 year old? I have no facial hair, strongish features, short hair.

I'm looking for a light windbreaker/parka type deal to wear on those cool spring days where i need a jacket.

Any suggestions? Not looking to break the bank but all my jackets are heavy duty

No, sorry.

Does anyone have recommendations for belts for skeletals with 27 inch waist? I really dont feel like spending alot on one. I need a tan and black one if that makes a difference


Thinking about ordering a pair of these since my ancient cheapo pair of black square faux-leather "dress shoes" finally has visible damage.
Should I rather go with a pair of Oxfords? I really don't know shit about dress shoes. I plan on wearing them with a navy suit for formal occasions like interviews and meetings.


50 year old doctor tier

Just buy a belt you can shorten and cut it to size. It's super easy, doesn't really need any specialized tools and is pretty much impossible to fuck up as long as you pay attention to not affix your buckle piece off center.

Maybe if you’re really short

End.com has a decent collection
Also try Barney’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom (last resort)
There’s nothing wrong with cps but you may want to buy second hand or wait for a sale. The alternatives don’t really nail the look that well (check the archive we had one up a few days ago)
Buy a Ferragamo belt and wear it to the interview
They look okay
Thrift, or go to truevintage.com or try Etsy. They have good selections
Normally I would say “yes” since oxfords are the most basic and safe dress shoe but those derbies aren’t bad at all and actually work. Cop
No clue sorry. Maybe try April 77?

"I put out if you offer me weed"

what should I wear with this?
thinking something milspo or maybe fallout inspired

No, probably not unless it’s some spec ops experimental stuff
No, these are too new looking.
>techwear, health goth, full rick
Those are your options

I was thinking of getting a Big Nep hoodie and pairing it with tracksuit bottoms.
Would Navy UBs or black NBs be best? Which is more versatile?

Can anyone ID these?

I think you’re confusing the word flashy with gaudy. Absolutely do not cop unless you wanna look like a newly hood-rich person with no taste

Edward Snowden tier. Can’t tell without seeing it on your face. If you’re too chicken to post it on your face on the Internet ask a girl friend of yours if you have one

What the other guy said, buy one and hole punch/cut to size

Nah, it’s not awful but it’s not great (unless you’re super cute in which case anything would look good)

Dunno about high waist but A77 has good black skinny jeans

If you want the CP look get CP. They excel in their shape and a lot of shoes that try to knock it off end up looking chunky or just awkward. Dunno about leather quality

Gotta pull out the classic “if you have to ask how to wear this you can’t pull it off” unless you’re just looking for novel ideas and have your own plans, in which case i’d say full rick lmao what else even

vans are cool again lads I repeat vans are now once again cool

fellow skeltal here. Search for big boys belts. They have ones sized for 26-28inch waist. Carhartt, Levis, Dockers, Nautica all make them in this size.

I personally like this one but there are plenty of others on Amazon. Buy one with good reviews.

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is there anywhere can I find a fairly traditional but also louche or even slightly flambouyant checked or tweed suits that will fit a twink?

I want a pair of casual sneakers I'll probably exclusively wear with jeans and like these, convince me not to buy them


What colors go well with these shoes? Any style of pants and tops you would recommend?

Anybody know where I can find a jacket like Mahershala Ali is wearing? I've tried to find it, but with no luck..

They're not durable. Mine only lasted 1year (At a pace of 4-5/7 day a week). Maybe with a higher rotation it xould have lasted longer. Your choice; I personnaly hate when a clothing item doesn't last me.

Basic, but don't like the branding (3 occurences!)

ID on shoes ?

Uniqlo and COS both have ones pretty similar to that I think.

literally vans

I'm looking for a pair of Adidas tracksuit bottoms that have stripes at the side that end halfway, preferably in a black/blue striped colourway.
I saw them before but can't remember the exact name of the trousers

Adidas Tiro 17 pants


What aesthetic should I look into if I wanna look like a chad but have some sort of maturity and humbless about it?

assuming I look attractive ofc

Can you advice me what to wear with 8 holes dr martens at springtime? Without looking like wannabe soldier or goth faggot with black trenchcoat

Can denim vests ever look good? Any exaples/ ideas?

They sort of look like reeboks

A type of loafer called a "Venetian slipper" with some ugly shit on the vamp. It could also be a regular indoor velvet slipper, those often have large gold embroideries there. But that seems unlikely going by the tiny fragment of context you provided in your image for ants.

What to wear to a Orchestral performance,

>middle of the winter
>still 0 to 5 degrees here
>already looking around on sites looking for tees to buy in the summer

goddamnit please climate change hurry up already i want to wear tees

where to Broward a (You) hat?

No clue, and I'm usually pretty autistically good at shoe IDs

Where can I get Kurt Vile's jacket? I haven't been able to find any that look quite like it.

Forgot pic

Does somebody know what season these are from? Copped them on Yoox.

I used to have a made in Portugal pair in black which didn't have a dust bag. Also, the box looked completely different. I assume the white box in pic related isn't the original one.

best eu online shops to get t-shirts from?


(continued from previous thread)
I don't have any decent high waisted shorts. Pic 1 and 2 show the ones I have. They used to be pants and they used to be too big and I've done a shitty job at sewing them. I don't like them much. They don't have pockets, either. I've decided to invest in some. I think this look could've really been pulled together with a cigarette, but oh well.
Look 3 is my attempt at making the dress less qtsy. Did I end up looking like a tart? It's also a tad too small, and I think it might look amazing if it's loose.
Look 4 is close up to show the detail of the way I buttoned the jackets. It's assymmetrical and I think it could look fine as fuck. Assymmetry is in either way, so...
Look 5 is an attempt at fa's beloved ~navy and brown~. I don't like it, though. Maybe if the jacket and or the pants were a less tight fit.
Look 7 is another way to use the dark blue halterneck. I'm crazy about it. I know it's possibly *too* old school - it could've been a costume and you've done a poor job at making a fit if it's just a costume - but how the fuck could I add a modern element without the fucking meme sneakers?
Look 8 could've used a brighter or no bra, I know.
Look 9 and 10 are a rework of one I got feedback on. The sequin halterneck and the blue silk skirt used to go together, but I think both pieces work much better this way. Still not very fa though... but I don't care much. I like it.
I thought I'd also show my out wear. Not that I'm particularly eager to get feedback on it, I just thought someone might find it interesting. 11 and 12 show my neatest clothes. 13 is what I wear to stay warm and 14 is what I wear to stay dry. I live in Copenhagen btw. USSR dude asked(:

Soo what's the verdict now? Better still? Me, I suspect I'm about as effay as I'll get with my current wardrobe.

hello stinky

Where can i get an oversized/boxy t-shirt with a stripe like this?
Also disregard the mock-neck, it doesn't really matter.

Any alternatives to pants/jeans in pic related which are not over 1k?

where do i cop not-skinny jeans?

im a bit tired of my acne memes, i want something a little wider
not dad jeans but with looser fit

w2c? i have no idea where to start looking


They usually have more styles similar to the one you posted


Huh, they have matching shoes

>no tits
I believe the best solution here would be to neck yourself.

>tfw no snufkin gf

Are tank tops ever acceptable in a fit for men? Or is it a universal symbol of poverty and pseudo-masculine DYELs

It's literally just a field jacket with a higher waistline than usual; often sold as a four-pocket shirt jacket.

How do you store your pleated pants?
If I just fold them together like normal ones is the "crease" going to suffer from it?

i think you can hang pants but im not sure

Are you in a doom metal band?

Biker core. Gang Banger core. Wardrobe prop from the "Outsiders" movie. But you do you, user.

love the look of sambas and I already have a white pair, would it be stupid to buy a black pair as well or should I get some black onitsukas or something instead? are there any similar shoes at a similar price, preferably still leather? suggestions appreciated ;)

Where do I look to buy this RO Cardigan secondhand?

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What colour of tie should I wear with a dark shirt?

I would only want to be seen out in public with you with #9 and that's quite the stretch.

5, 7, 11, and 12 look neat.
3 makes you look like a granny, and what the fuck were you thinking with 4?


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any black/electric blue tracksuit bottoms that would match UBs?


What's the best offline place to buy t-shirts? I'm thinking H&M, Zara, Gap, American Eagle, etc.

black denim jacket, black jeans, black boots. what's under the jacket? thinking some kind of light coloured button up.

A pink hawaiian.

literally anything

No uniqlo in my area

Anyone got any recs for shoes in this colour?

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>No uniqlo in my area
Must suck having no internet and no tailors either.

If Tattoos are tattooed usually 1-2mm below the skin, would using a 2mm-3mm dermaroller be in any way effective at fading the tattoo?

I want to get my tattoo removed, or covered up with another, but it's way too dark currently for a cover up, and laser removal is expensive af. I tried googling it, but there's not much data on the subject.

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I'm trying to wear other pants than jeans because it's not really comfy.
I would like to wear some basic pants similar to pic related (but I'm a straight male) and maybe with a hem, something casual because I'm a student in mathematics (no business pants for traders pls). Chinos are not an option because I find them ugly.
What is the name of these pants?
How to cop similar?
What kind of shoes with these pants?
What is your opinion?


I would like to wear other pants than jeans but i find chinos terrible. I would like to wear something like pic related maybe with a hem (but I'm a straight man). I'm a student in mathematics so i don't want business/trader style.
What is the name of these pants?
Where to cop?
Which shoes with these pants?
What is your opinion?

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Second pic.
Is it really comfier than jeans?

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And a last one

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uniqlo makes some nice straight leg trousers that are comfy.

That smile makes up for any fashion disaster.


Thank you very much user,so many choices!

No one responded so ill ask again where can i buy good wide fit pants except uniqlo?

Did you search more than five seconds? Try searching more than five seconds.

w2c similar trousers with this same sort of fit?

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how do i style a black bomber jacket? I find it a bit tough to style my bomber in general. What type of pants?