Mewing General

Does it work? Post before / after pics.

>hey guys you can magically increase the size of your bones by putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth xDDDD dont forget to donate me xDDDDD

its a muscle thing bot a bone thing brainlet

doesn't matter, since it doesn't work either way

yes if you are 10

Yes if you are 12 years old or younger.
Otherwise you are being scammed by a hack orthodontist

Lol its a meme

You know it's a settled fact that how you hold your tongue in your mouth as a child and adolescent greatly impacts the growth of your face and straightness of your teeth, right?

I'm not saying mewing works. I am saying you aren't aware of how ignorant you are to dismiss it so easily.

mewing is cope

Mewing + hard chewing isn't a meme.

>widens the palate
>moves the face forward
>tightens the skin around the jaw giving you definition
>gives you hollow cheeks (proper swallowing technique)
>no more mouth breathing
>hard chewing trains the masseter muscle giving you a more aesthetic front profile
>doing both (mewing and chewing) will fix overbites/underbites over time

It works in adults. I am a testament to that. It only takes a couple months of total dedication to get used to it, then it becomes second nature (proper tongue posture even when you sleep).

>proper swallowing technique
Tell me more... I never undestood that one

Also, I would like to dispel a myth. Mewing won't give you a Chad jaw if you didn't have it in the first place. It just improves on what you have.

Mike Mew has a bunch of videos about that. Just go to youtube and search "orthotropics swallowing" or something like that

Are you a five-year-old child tho?

You fell for a pseudoscientific meme. Facial aesthetics is 100% genetics

lol sure bud blame your genes for having a recessed chin or crowded teeth

is there any actual evidence for these claims in well past puberty adults or is this just wishful thinking

One thing you should know if you already understand how mewing works on kids is that the facial bones are still "malleable" even way past puberty (Dr. Mew's one example are stroke patients and how they're face changes). That means you can still shape your face as an adult. Results take time.

Honestly, I'm tired of explaining this shit. Just go to Mike Mew's youtube channel if you to learn more about this. Call me a shill or whatever idc.

but what are the actual clinical results with x-ray pictures?

You won't find them. You also won't find a single reputable orthodontist backing Mews claims.

He's a scam artist that has found an audience of incels and lonely social autists.
What type of genuine professional will post Q and A's on a website like Sluthate

>people have to be told to keep their mouth shut and their tongue on the roof of their mouth (where else would it go?)
mouth breather scum

>clinical results

Dude, is this your first time hearing about this meme?
Everyone who started doing it 2 or 3 years ago when it leaked outside of look ism and slut hate are now probably off 4chin for good because mewing changed their life. Some said it even cured their depression.

Do your research. There's this forum called the-great-work .org to help enlighten you.

I don't give a shit about what some retards online think. I want the ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC PAPERS DEMONSTRATING CLEAR RESULTS IN ADULTS ON SKELETAL TISSUES. Fixing jaw deficiencies non-invasively and without as much as braces is practically orthodontic nuclear fusion, so if there are no results despite obvious interest in such it should be clear that it's quackery. Just find one or two clear before and afters and I'll admit that there might be something here.

did you even go to the site I gave you???
looks like your the retard, who wants everything spoonfed to him. baka
you're not on reddit boi


>hurr it's real but I'm not gonna post one iota of proof

That's not how you back up a claim.

There is no proof
All you have is testimonials from mouth breathing adults who have deluded themselves into thinking their face has changed significantly over the course of several months.

It takes years to see results in young children who are getting treatment from orthodontists in person.
It's just a meme, he has found the perfect audience to market to and is taking advantage of it

>your the retard

The thing about scam artists is that they are trying to benefit from their cheating ways. Mikey isn't trying to sell you anything. He is a private practicioner, and an orthodontist in second generation. All his content is presented for free in youtube. He even got disbanded from the British orthodontic society because his material was deemed controversial. All his efforts have gained him no revenue, and have potentially harmed his business.
What would motivate him to make this shit up?


mewing since 12

Bigger fame=more patients

Proof that hair is everything

Where do I start with this?

in your mouth

>Facial aesthetics is 100% genetics

how should I hold the tongue on the roof of my mouth? should i have the tip touch the roof directly or curve my tongue backward so that the underside of my tongue is touching the roof and the tip is facing back

slightly biting your tongue makes you look better

Alright boys I've read articles and videos and i'm a bit confused on how to keep the back of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and how to swallow

>it works guys!
>no i won't post photos

yeah, these people spend a lot of time talking about the positives of it but never explain how to actually do it...

mewing is fake as hell just dont breath through your mouth and you'll be okay

Jaw aesthetics is genetically determined, you’re a gullible brainlet if you think otherwise

pic related, nose got permanently blocked as a teen and his only way to get air was through his mouth. but I guess he was just genetically destined to have bad jaw aesthetics, right?

he looked like a model at age 10

well that is an extremely flattering photograph but he definitely did look much better when his mouth wasnt open 24/7

Hair really is everything, a good haircut can make someone look a million times better

All it does is correct your tongue from pushing on your teeth when you swallow and fucking up your bite alignment. As long as your parents took you off apple sauce and gave you solid food to chew asap you should have a chad jaw. Blame your parents.

I knew a guy who grew up with asthma and was a mouth breather. Still had chad jaw like his father. His secret? He chewed a lot of gum.

100% this, dr mew said so, it only work with kids

>Still had chad jaw like his father
The answer is right there in your post you pseudoscience loving brainlet