You know i had to do it to em

>jogging pants
>skinny jeans
>kanye west tour merch
>thin olive bomber jacket
>stan smiths
>dyed hair
>"gang shit"
>face tattoos
>tech wear
>hover board
>undercut w/ tribal art on side
>youtube vlogs
>drop crotch
>face mask
>japanese letters



Low hanging fruit niggga
>Chelsea boots
>cropped trousers
>Reebok sneakers (club c and similar)
>vans old skools

>b-but I bought my yeezus tees at the showI went to 4 years ago


No but thanks for the (you).
I forgot
>any doc martens
>common projects

>t shirts

A bit close minded but ok
>t shirts
Gonna disagree. Even at a basic level, they’re necessary for layering
Mostly agree except for like raf/rick/yohji etc

Fuckin delte this


>cis white males
>middle class and above
>sexual ambiguity
>being gay

I honestly feel bad for most people on this board

idk if hes taking about the jordans or the pants

I was talking about the pants but
>CONCORD air Jordan’s
Fall in the gaudy sneaker category

>Veeky Forums

dont get the skinny jeans hate, is everyone hating on the "spray on" jean or are you all just retarded

>calling pants "trousers"

Beat it, you cock gobbling faggot.

Lmao there's this guy that sits next to me in my Calc AB class that dresses exactly like this it's so fucking cringey. He wears the most expensive jackets too like fucking patagonia and North Face but still thinks he's fashionable. Literally 5 6 face of Jeff goldblum with a nonexistent jaw.

Inb4 underage, I'm 18

>le amerimutt meme.png

Kek he probably browses here
People that hated skinnies when they were fashionable are floating because skinnies are now unfashionable


wrong i loved tight jeans 10 years ago

la creatura...

DIos mío, el innombrable

>whatever i picture the cool kids in high school wearing now
haha had to do it to em hahaha

high school cool kid detected

I think it was (relatively low quality) bait.

Fair observation probably
Why do you hate on it now?