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Featuring the legend himself

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Is this a real fa meetup?

yeah dylan roof was there, pretty crazy


This child looks like EVERY SINGLE HYPEBEAST.
>Why the heck

>blocks your path
>does your phone have games on it

its bad when dylan looks the best style and body wise lol

>Me and the squad

That picture's been edited. I don't just mean Roof, all their bodies have been taken out of proportion. 1, 3, 4 in from far right look good irl.


pensive spiffy?

unirionically want the one on the far right

anyone got the fat kid with sunglasses about to go to prom with friends? the anti-cringe

they're ok, but that neck..

he wears 3 ties at once the absolute madman

is it a neanderthal?

i would love to see tie knots even larger than that if they exist

no fucking way. the legend continues


he's just a casual guy, he loves to chill out

Belongs in the inspo thread, stop posting him here

Is that the rap legend himself?




i know its edited, i've seen the unedited version. point still stands

How the fuck does it stand if it’s on the internet?

>wearing two ties at once
>ANOTHER tie in the pocket

I'm fucking dead

He pulls off his own style very well. I wonder where he learned to dress that way

good joke

another classic

t. common projects bab in uni

Are you intimidated that a single man has conquered both formal wear and casual fashion?

His worst fit is still better than 90% of our waywt. His color palette is impeccable

'Martial industrial' actually has potential to look good


the neck gets longer everytime this picture is posted

He was known for wearing upwards of three and four ties at once, even using heavy scarves instead. The manner in which he dressed was sincere too.

Can't recall; what forum did spatula shoes originate in? He was really very prolific way back when and I think I recall him being running joke outside this site before this board was founded.

Maybe he was a fedoralounge reject. That wouldn't surprise.

Not cringe, just a bit dated

I wonder if that guy could get into the opera houses with that suit.

yea can i get a number five with large fries

The asian boy looks like "The Mom" of the group

This is how drake fans dress

Is this really cringe? Just a guy in a t-shirt. It's not fashionable but it's not remarkable either.

Look at those knees buckle.

this is dope

What makes it cringe?
>awkward posturing
>retarded fashion illiterate roastie thinking that it looks good
>tacky jeans and I’ll fitting, cheap shirt
You may not be able to tell but the fit of those jeans tell me they’re extremely embellished and gaudy. Probably 150$

>sockless in leather shoes
Also, why in the world would you wear your watch that high up your arm, facing outwards? At least he doesnt have his sleeves rolled up

can we have more cringe please

I thought the cringe was the caption, kinda like someone saying that all movies should take notes from transformers 2

only one that doesnt work is death industrial, but leather jackets hardly look good on anyone not in good shape

1. Martial Industrial
2. Power Electronics
3. Neo-folk
4. Post Punk
5. Harsh Noise
6. Death Industrial

Shirt is pretty sweet, considering how shit everything else is

harsh noise is ironically a beautiful fit

Posted in the hat thread


Not cringe. Sweater is awesome, jeans are normal. Just change the shoes and the outfit would be nice.

Pajeetiana Jones


>awkward posturing
It's called t-posing you wouldn't get it he doesn't have his rig loaded yet

not cringe

center and crouching tiger are only decent fits, don't care for left and right fits.

the edit was funny, last 4 dudes are actually good

actual cringe nice.

those tie skills lmfao

it just keeps on growing

>no show socks

Post more. He's god here not fucking cringe


hes right tho. Hating on SI is for broke people only


oi bruv can u spot me a tenner?

Is this chumlee from pawn stars?

Answered my own question, turns out chum is a very fashionable man

name my band /b/


Wing Da Wong # & tha Supremettes

Kys my man

All these fits are pretty great and I wonder where did he get the pants and suit jackets in those perfect early 90's cuts.

That watch is probably just loose because he never took it to his uncle's kiosk in the mall to get resized.

This is the logical conclusion to Veeky Forums

5d chess

what are you hoping to do to him?

I dont get it, he looks ok



chart sucks

should have made one of them normal size kek. the manlet 3rd from the right

u can tell the little asian boy found and sent them all the aliexpress link

Delete roof

Me on the right

how do you fuck up this bad

Furthest right that is not roof is okay kemosabe

Mirin sleazecore

>Sweater is awesome
This is a basic grey cotton sweater with some obnoxious branding on it. You are easy to impress.

Manlets lul, also bad photoshop


not cringe

>crouching tiger