Uniqlo u ss18

Anyone getting anything from the drop tomorrow?
Gotta be honest, pretty disappointed with all the pants this season. I love the long sleeve natural shirt though, got a few compliments because of them.

how do the shirts fit? did you size up/down?

I wear mine tts. I think it would fit my body better if I had sized down but then the sleeve will be too short. I returned the jeans and the pants. i love the straight cut jeans the the crop is fucking dumb.

cop? what would i wear this with

Ew, looks so juvenile

I loved this shirt but the longsleeve version looked a bit awkward imo, I agree about the pants with the exception of the ankle length chino. The basic Ts are super nice too, heavier fabric and a good fit and selection of colours

why cant i find this on their site?

mommy dressed me for the first day of second grade-core

Sandals size chart not working, fuck.
UK page that 42 euro size is XL, bretty strange.

sure if you're dewey from malcom in the middle or beans from even stevens


would look better on a girl


I copped pic related

The supima shirts from this drop weren't for me, sleeves were too long. So instead I got one from the first part of the drop in women's

Looks like a concentration camp uniform


looks like a religious garment

Is that effay?

depends if youre religious or not

How was the material though for the supima? Better than their normal supima tees?


Very monk

Hah, I can see it. I think it's the collar that really gives it that look.

I actually don't own any of the non-UU supima tees, and I didn't take the time to compare the regular supima to the UU version. Sorry.

Indeed. Very comfy as well.

Rate my pickups?

are you aus? i cant find them either

Copped the 3 shirts.

Where can I find loose fitting pants/shorts tho? All I have a is a pair of light jeans

The color looks real nice on the jacket too, but too pricey.


I also got this one but in black. I thought it was a bit expensive but the cotton feels nice.

>I thought it was a bit expensive but the cotton feels nice.

I hear you. Wouldn't have paid that price if the quality wasn't like it is

I bought one and I have to say the cut is very nice and the material feels high quality, but I'm also having trouble with wearing it without looking like a manchild

no, i dont think aus or us is selling them right now?

I am also in the US and just assumed that they sold out very quickly or something. I would like to buy, I have several long striped shirts like that but no short sleeve. It reminds me of the beach boys

are you from Auschwitz?

where do you get a long sleeve version of it from?


Send back the polos. Everything else is nice

Finally, someone said it.

I like the idea of the polos but when I tried them on in store the material felt very low quality. Like poorer than heir normal polos

Nice, I also copped the blue short sleeve shirt, its quite loose fitting but looks great with high-rise trousers

is uniqlo good only in mutterica or in eu too?

uniqlo is good in eu, their jumpers are good and dont bobble like the other ones. i like the heattech stuff its super soft and comfy to wear under clothes in winter. had a pair of shorts from them which lasted me about 4 summers, theyre too big for me now but still high quality and id be able to wear them again if they still fit me.

just wear it with white sneakers and acid wash denim its not that hard.

I got this shirt in L does anyone know if it fits large?

I normally wear medium and I went down to a small, I know it’s meant to be oversized but I don’t like it TOO big.

I just meant white shirts with vertical stripes. I found them all at thrift stores a few years back.

How do I pull this off?

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i would wear it with black

This design reminds me of something... Auschwitz prisoner shirts maybe.

unbutton it first bro