What does Veeky Forums think of Bad Bunny?

Hes like a spic version of lil peep

I’ve never heard of him but he looks like a faggot

He is either on some faggot ass narco core shit or on some hypebeast shit.
Lived in Mexico City for a long time, people dress like shit there. They all always look towards Europe, but they only look at shitty Spain, even the high classes.
Latin American metropolises are aesthetic but not the people. They lack the shame to lose weight as well, I bet some of them mestizo girls could look nice if they weren’t that big.


looks some faggot buzzfeed told you about

looks cool as fuck dawg

on what planet is that a spic peep
needs some face tats and hes barely flamboyant

I swear these fuckballs look like they're spilling out of a factory

this Veeky Forumsggot is coming to my university to perform


>barely flamboyant




I honestly thinks some of his fits are pretty cool

He effay as fuck.




how the fuck is he like lil peep? you can't compare "rap" to reggaeton. His music is trash and all his fans are fuckin braindead idiots. If you live in a latin american country and hang out with people who unironically enjoy his music then you shouldn't even be here faggot.

This is how I feel about lil peep. Maybe they are similar?

>not liking reggaetón

You are in the wrong side of history my friend, reggaetón is great and fun music to dance to. I'm guessing you've only heard despacito and a few other massive reggaetón-pop hits.

And yeah, you actually *can* compare rap to reggaetón, they literally rap in most reggaetón songs, and reggaeton has is roots in hip hop and afrolatino rythms. Fuck you for thinking your better than other people just because of their taste in music, especially since you clearly don't even know what you're talking about.

Also lil peep and bad bunny both make trap. Yeah bad bunny does have some reggaetón songs but he is mostly known for being arguably the biggest name in the latin trap scene.

I like how he tries to keep it fun and a bit flashy sometimes. I don't care for all of his fits but he does come up with some cool ones every now and then.

>look at Spain
With what kind of retard faggots you hang out nigger?

straight out of jojos

>being this butthurt

you know you gotta be 18 to post here, right?

havent heard of this ugly faggot until i saw this thread but if you have these images saved to your computer delete them and flagellate yourself right now.

You gotta blame centuries of colonization and the forced implementation of capitalism through adversive and usurp means to see what's wrong with latin american society.

Peak consumerism is quite simply a nod from the US' towards latin america.

Nothing like lil peep and his taste in clothes suck like his music

This basic ass ig fashion shit?

Get checked mate

Nigga 2005 called and no one listens to this shit

Bloggers need to stop pushing foreign music in America to seem "cultured" because no one wants to hear some clownshoes ass singer sing or rap in another language.

Shit I used to work with a bunch if latino guys and even they hated that shit, they spent most of the time at work listening to traditional music from wherever the fuck they're from and these dudes were all in their 20s.

I don't want to hear french, spanish, german, some asian language over some shitty beat that western musicians moved pass like a decade ago. Because that just what this trash sounds like.

Same with the south African music push or the so called dancehall revival of 2016. Americans don't wanna hear the bullshit. No wonder why their countries are so shit, that basic ass shit makes American rap and pop sound like Mozart.

Despacito was a good

i like the shirt.

looks like cardi b's lightskin brother.

His eyes are so close lol

lol no one in Latin America looks up to Europe besides the Argentinians, the rest are all American wannabes

Latin America is probably the least fashionable continent on Earth. I swear even obese american beasts on scooters have a better sense of style than we do


>latin trap
nice genre faggot