What’s on your feet today Veeky Forums?

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>having paddles for feet

ive actually been wanting to get cowboy boots because a pair of chelsea boots i have look kinda like them when pants are tucked over them. I feel like a phony really only wearing ankle chelsea boots.
how are cowboy boots?

dope pants/shoe combination, probably the only good one this thread will produce


I love them so far. Pic related is my first pair and because I wear a US14, the shaft of those boots are really wide, so I have to wear straight legged jeans with them or else I'll look ridiculous. If you're serious about purchasing a pair, I'd recommend I would have gone through shelpers had I not found my pair for a steal on eBay, which is another site I'd recommend for buying cowboy boots.

You're gonna poke somebodys eye out buddy

Adidas NMD R2 Primeknit

This is not the cringe thread you're looking for

Nice try Nike nigger


But NMDs are shit. I never understood why people buy them over any ultra boost. Even gay UBs are better.

ultra boosts are running shoes, nmds are lifestyle shoes. not to mention ultraboosts are almost twice as expensive

i like the looks of NMDs. i think r1 looks better than r2 though

vans are unironically the best shoes a persona can buy

literally everyone wears these.

why choose vans old skools over converse though? vans logo looks fucking weird.

thanks !!

Converse are uglier and uncomfortable if you have wide feet

Ice ice baby