Over 6’

>over 6’
>under 150 lbs



try me

Acceptable for a anime board but not in real life

1,88 cm and Ive been struggling getting past 67kg for a long while

tfw when i swim in skinny jeans

What the fuck. What does that even look like.

Hahahahhaa post body pls

not great, tryin' to gain weight lads.

Stay safe tallbro.

thanks bud, trying to find food that's relatively healthy and full of calories and is a pain.

If you're not vegan, chicken and eggs are obviously a good choice.

Being healthy is relative. Just buy 6 bucks worth of pork belly from the butcher, eat that everyday with broccoli and with a good exercise regimen you’ll be a fucking chad mogging sub 6’ lets

When you reach a healthy weight then you can go back to watching your calorie intake but also watch ur macros

Appreciate the advice guys, far from the oven these days so anything already prepared would be ideal but as far as nutrition, yeah I'm aiming for at least 165lb for a start

I lost 22 kg and went from fat power lifter physique to model physique in about 8 months. Here's my tips for a true fa body. 1. Calisthenics everyday and only calisthenics. No weights period. 2. Only eat fish vegetables and fruit. No dairy, eggs, processed food or complex carbs. I lost most of the fat in the first 3 months. Then was a gradual slimming towards leaner muscle mass and gradual loss of problem areas like stomach and lower back. If you do this you will be a rake but still shredded when you take your shirt off

keep at it bro. i'm 188 too and just hit 70kg after 6 months of bodybuilding (was 65 ish before)

Prepared only? That's a bit more tricky. Peanut butter maybe? lol


Yea! Gain tons of weight bro! So u constantly have to be eating just to not feel hungry


Get at me OP

fuck off you fat piece of shit

>74 kg
kek, have I been blessed?

I'm just slightly underweight according to the BMI. My goal is to bulk up to at least 150.

Embarrassing. I'm 6'3 and 175 and look like a lanklet.

are they in the basement of a haunted mansion? I would be afraid to go there, i bet they all got murdered after that picture was taken

Physician here. I hate it when you people use BMI like some sort of indicator of health. BMI literally doesnt mean anything.

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Sorry kiddo but its true. Muscle is much denser than fat. You could be technically obese if you lift and do exercise but you’ll always look better than the chuml who doesnt lift

>m-muh BMI says im healthy!

Post ur disgusting body pls

>tfw 6'4" and hovering between 195 - 200 lbs
I'm not fat yet according to bmi but i sure feel fucking fat

195 lbs of muscle is different from 195 lbs of fat user

good call

And I thought I was skinny at 6'3, 135 lbs.

Dont eat peanut butter user. Its what bodybuilders use to gain mass in the off seasons. Its NOTORIOUS for weight gainz. It has sugar, carbs and fat in a dense paste. Just eat lean meats user. Seriously it takes like 5 mins to fry up an entire porkbelly serving.

If you gain too much mass too quick youll end up becoming BLOATMAXXED. You’re better off gaining it as quick as ur lifting

6'1" and 155lbs reporting in

I'd only be bloating myself out until I got to 160lbs
which is still underweight. But I appreciate your advice, I'm still quite naive to nutrition despite now looking it up for a year, mostly only ate the basic TV dinners once a day two years ago.

Except 95% of people above a bmi of 25 are just fat and not muscular

eat unsweetened pb you american

Peanut butter with no sugar is still very fattening. Per gram peanuts are THE most fattening unprocessed foods.

Gonna need a source for that. Otherwise youre just another skinnyfat soyboy trying to justify his disgusting body and lack of exercise

>still breathing

I dont know why I do this to myself

>Peanut butter without sugar is still very fattening
What's wrong with that?

>whats wrong with extremely fattening foods

In our context i guess nothing. But a normal person probably wouldnt BLOATMAXX either

I know that feeling, just got out of that pit a few months ago. Went from 132 to 175. Being broke and jobless fucking sucked.

Pic related, 6'3" (and those are 32 waist + 34 inseam for reference)

How did you gain weight that fast?
I still find it difficult to have more than one meal a day desu.

Got a job in manual labor, started eating normally again when I wasn't broke af, put on some muscle mass from swinging a 22oz. hammer and throwing trusses all day. Also coffee is not your friend when wanting to gain weight. (Also I gained that weight in a 4 month period, it wasn't over-night.) Still fairly thin for 6'4" but not nearly as much as I was.

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For a few weeks you just have to force yourself to go the gym and eat as much (protein, good carbs, and fat) as possible, and then after that it will become normal for your body. Getting into a rhythm is always tough.


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that is objectively /fa tho? what's your point?

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FYI for bulking I use daily:
> 6 tbsp peanut butter
> 8 cups milk
> 1 cup yogurt
> whatever my wife makes for dinner, usually high in fat and carbs
> fill the rest of my calories with lean proteins and then complex carbs
Could never gain weight until I started eating like this, when I started (while lifting) I out on 15 lbs of muscle in 2 months. Gotta lift or it'll just be fat....

Is 5'9 an Veeky Forums height lol

no, that's just some baguette man's heated homosexual fantasies

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Careful with the eggs, you can soar past your daily recommended with cholesterol super easy.


I'm 6'1" started at 135, 6 months later weighed at 165 same BF %. TDI 3000 calories daily while lifting heavy 5 days a week.

I'm glad I'm exactly 6'0" 150lbs so I don't upset you, OP.

no but it's a fine height. literally average in most countries (inb4 nordic/dutch masterrace comments).
as long as you're not insecure about it, 5'9 is fine and not a big deal

>literally average in most countries

you realize that's only true because white people are a minority right?

6'3" 145lbs reporting, tall and skinny is objectively the most effay body type, as long as youre not getting into giraffe (6'5 and above) territory

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you are already in awkward lanklet territory

not really, as long as I don't stand out in a crowd it's fine.


you're objectively not effay at 6'3 145, take off 2-3 inches or gain some weight

‘Skinny’ is a meme lol. Ottermode is skinny but will always be better than ur skinny fat bod

Jesus that is disgusting

>when you're such a fucking pleb you think SLP runway models are "disgusting"

>when you’re a societal reject and havent talked to normal people in years and think being a greasy emaciated crackhead is a good look

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>15lbs of muscle
>2 months
You severely overestimate how much of that is muscle

user, I'm the same weight and it's not great.
Far from it.

The manlet meme has got to your head. I'm 5'5 and fine with it. It's not bad to want to be taller, but don't let these virgins get to you.

>It's not bad to want to be taller, but don't let these virgins get to you.
This is the right mentality. Dont let your height define you, whether you 5'1 or 6'1 (like me), people will quickly see past your height and care more about your character.

>like me
why exactly did you felt a need to tell us that?

eat lots of whole grain or seeded bread :-)

>I'm 5'5 and fine with it.

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6’3” and 170lbs, fairly average build. I have a decent amount of muscle with a tiny bit of flab. I’m trying to build more muscle and lower bodyfat.

>be me
>17 year old
>live in Czech republic average height 180
>all my friends over 185 cm
>my dad 178 cm
>my mom 163 cm
>me 170 cm
Veeky Forums what do?

move to mexico